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Funny how Fonda's MovieChat picture looks like Jack Nicholson Peter Fonda, last day on Earth, today 2019-08-16 In the trailer he said that all the people he made music with will not talk to him Kind of a trick movie, formulaic. ABC needs to fix this. Interesting but weird movie Ending ... well, what do you think ? Well, it doesn't look terrible. Anyone? View all posts >


I hope the FBI is watching you. I won't be watching it anymore unless they get Afton Williamson back as Talia Bishop ... she was a big part of the show, and if there was someone bothering her on the set, that needed to get resolved by ABC or the show's management or whatever. It's hard enough work NOT being a wingnut scumbag, as your life will attest to. Thanks for trying to explain this. There is something about it I don't like. If I think of the British guy, Ricky Gervais, it's like him. Sometimes I can really appreciate his humor. I though the movie ... The Invention of Lying ... or something like that was really funny, but the Office I see it trying to be funny, or cute, or coming from above ... but it just rubs me the wrong way. I usually like Steve Carrell when he was not over-exposed, but for some reason not so much now. It reminds me of something trying to be like a flat Fawlty Towers. whine, whine. whine It looks like they were going to go away ... right as he was caught. I suppose the idea that she would not be recognized because she was dead officially. That's putting it kind of hard, but it wasn't the greatest movie, that's for sure. I'd do it in a heartbeat ... but Canada is pretty cold, that's my own reservation. I agree ... I was totally boring and unsatisfying, and way too long. No. Why do people make stuff like this up. A movie that relies on fake hallucinations is a crappy movie. View all replies >