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the whole mutation X-men thing just never made sense to me, nor could i ever care about it astronaut goes into space in search of his long-lost father whose experiment threatens the solar system What a horrible movie these wick movies are ridiculous Mirrors the country .... Watching Succession ... wondering if this guy is Eric Bogosian's kid? At least this is a lot better and more wryly comedic than Billions never want to or will see anything with [email protected] in it this was an "if not for the stars, no one would watch it" Funniest moment in Season 3 View all posts >


I really hated The Honeymooners and I Love Lucy, both just irritated the hell out of me. All In The Family was great, something all people could relate to. Seinfeld was great too, but not very real or something that people could personally relate to. > It also aged well by avoiding the scifi trap of going into much detail on how the tech works. Yes, like a lot of British science fiction, it does not concentrate on hardware, it is more concerned with ideas and plot. I loved this movie. I loved this movie, it was great. I think you mean "ridiculous". more information than i want to know, or have to forget. what kind of a person types out a whole BS bio of a movie star ... obviously some kind of troll. It makes me wonder if I was a famous movie star and could do almost any role I wanted, would I choose to make something that was so stupid, or maybe I would be so stupid as to not understand that myself, or maybe I just do whatever pays the most? now "we" all know another fool who pretends to speak for other people. yeah, becuase there is the first show, and the last show, and a bunch of godless moronic braindead entertainment in the middle that didn't really mean anything. i watched it, i got hooked on it ... but I would not have watched it if i could not have binge watched it all the way through at once. most of the characters were disgusting, and it was a big mistake to kill off hank they way they did. it was a nihlistic show that had no soul and just pretended to = like lots of shows today. i read the book when it came out ... it was great. cannot remember it any more though. thought the movie looked hokey and silly. trying to be all things to all people and ending up being a pile of ....... More like space idiots. This has hackneyed nonsense space plot all over it, it looks like shite. View all replies >