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It was really bugging me who Althea ( S4 ) was ... Great ... but it took them too long to do it ... (spoilers) Hah .... we don't need monster aliens to destroy the Earth ... I have to wonder if the money Beto is getting is coming from the right wing Just saw this one Amazon Prime 5/5 Do you think DJT has Police, Military support? Let alone biker's support? Weird disjointed kind of movie 3/5 This looks fascinating Why does this horsefaced twit have to be in so many movies? Catastrophe is back .... funnier than ever View all posts >


The fact that Cruz is in there now shows his voters are anything but smart. > It make zero sense Typical of Walking Dead shows ... all of them. Nothing that happens and nothing the characters do makes much sense to me. First, how immature are you to try to tell me what to do online. Please grow the fuck up. Second, did you bother to read and comprehend what I wrote. No, you didn't, so you have no right anyway to respond to it. If you want to impress people with your progressivism, then be a thoughtful, informed and judicious person instead of a leap before you look dufus. West Coast, in Ohio? West coast of what? ;-) I think there may be a lot of older people in certain places on low incomes that do not want to use the internet or cannot afford it, or there is no streaming available so they rent videos while they can. and they all fell into the river and got out at the exact same spot at the exact same time? It depends how and what you say. To consistently oppose any gun safety legislation on the grounds that the Libs want to repeal the 2nd Amendment to me seems silly. I will soon be moving out to the country and intend to own several guns. Pistol, shotgun and rifle. I do not oppose gun rights and most Liberals do not either. Bernie Sanders is one example. I think the discussion on these shootings has to continue with an open mind on both sides. They are horrific. I think there are some places people ought not to be allowed with guns. I don't think the final answer to guns is to have everyone armed ... that is a gun seller's wet dream. But phobic ... no. Why? If Beto or Kamela win the Democratic nomination I'd predict Democrats will lose the election. The problem most people to not see or understand is that today almost all of both sides, the establishment and the opposition are owned, controlled and come from the same class of people. It is totally 1984-ish. The media is not affected by what people want, they are to impose values and ideas on them in the media and make them look bad, and show people all talking bad about Liberals and policy. > "If you want to come to the country, do it legally." I can tell you the problem with that statement is not the statement itself, but who and when it is invoked. For example it is usually directed at Hispanics coming from the Southern border. Very rarely is it directed at Europeans who come here and overstay their visas. I find that a lot of Right-wingers have a problem with how to argue and symbolic logic. The argue from the specific to the general. Such as a lot of terrorists are Muslims, so they must all be Muslims or support terrorism. They seem to care more about forcing an argument into their format than applying truth to the facts. Not always, I agree with some Conservative arguments, but usually not how they are made or how they are supported by falsehoods in large part. Sure ... why not. Ever considered maybe you are ______phobic ? I am about as Liberal as possible, but I understand what Judge Jeanine Pierrot (sp?) meant when she questioned, and it was questioning, Ilhan Omar. Omar seems to deliberately go out of her way to provoke people, much like Donald Trump So here is a Lefty calling another Lefty Anti-Semitic. She stumbles over her comments as bad as Trump does. She should just stay away from certain subjects, but it shows her hatred for Jews and Israel. Egads, I think Orlando Bloom is such a scrawny douchey looking little guy. It's all just personal programming. Keanu is not ugly, but I just think he looks stupid. I guess stupid can be attractive ... certainly in women! ;-) View all replies >