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Dang, Biden impressed me today ... BN is not Israel Brilliant and eye-opening. You know those crime investigation walls they use in TV detective/mystery programs? Watching this on Prime. It started out very interesting and compelling, and then ... Ilya dead Where did these giant floppy double-tentacles from the head come from anyway? Supernatural horror movies? Grow the "F" up. Whenever I hear a rap song Daryl Dixon goes to France, where all the French are speaking English? View all posts >


Invasion got bad real fast. "Trapped" and "Fortitude", and a Russian series "To The Lake" were all good. Australia is just America in the Southern Hemisphere now that some of you are a little bit civilized and can engage in civil discussion ... not you of course. The Hamas attacks of 10-7 uncovered a very ugly streak in a certain faction of the Left that is a very ugly stain on the Left. I for many decades and some others I've seen recently came out strongly against trying to make Hamas and other bad guys sympathetic victims to the Left, yet it continued in weird non-mainstream media ways. I read an article a few days ago about the demographics in Germany. Germany is now about 2% Jews and 12% Muslim, which means that the mainstream politicians are forced by democratic rules to represent Muslims more, and because of their birthrates they will be 30% or so of the population by 2050. I reject the Leftist rhetoric from anyone who makes it about Muslims, or Hamas ... this is a clever frontal assault on the West, an existential threat just as bad as the Right-wing haters. Two poles of undemocratic groups who are ruining it for the rest of the country. Why would they put your online goofball fairy tales in speeches and parades? Republicans do that - Democrats fail to reverse it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrMiSQAGOS4 He has two speeds ... extra-slow and extra loud. Biden is not an inspiring figure that's for sure. He did enough by showing up, and giving some global focus on the truth of the fake claims of the hospital bombing by Islamic Jihad. How much longer is the world going to put up with these barbarians who cannot cope with the modern world? He an be asleep for all that traveling, and he moves like a sloth. Democrats have to come to terms with what Biden is. He is a physically clumsy and weak old man who is mostly unacceptably poor at public communication and trying to appeal to populist sentiment with token gestures, some of which have worked because of how bad America has gotten. But continuing the war and spending money, and failing to raise taxes on the rich put in perspective against what really needs to be done or could be done by an impossible "perfect president" he just fails a little less than the others. On a grand scale that has to be enough for re-election, and is near perfect compared to the alternative. The example of which is playing out in the House with no speaker. Republicans might as well be terrorists, except terrorists are easier to deal with than an internal threat. > President Biden has been anything but "sedentary." But I notice that a lot of people don't really pay attention to his accomplishments and instead like to fixate on his age. As a disappointed Democrat I appreciate your attempt at a Biden pep talk but I've seen this stuff before with selective video. The purposefully dishonest or nasty stuff coming from Democrats does not help, it just makes it seem like they are resigned to playing the game of race to the bottom. Biden "is what he is" as they say, he's passed the test for most Americans with a C when to be fair compared to other Presidents he deserves a B, therefore Republicans have to make visibly ridiculous statements claiming he is an F, not true, but further than Trump is an A. That's caught up with Republicans again as it always does. So, not need to exaggerate. Biden's fatal mistake has been supporting the war on Ukraine. The real story of that is so cognitively dissonant and propagandists bet on it not exploding. These are millions of people's lives at stake. That is not a Democratic value. View all replies >