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One of my favorite John Wayne movies He and Billy Campbell never speak above a whisper Racist, name-calling CEO fired or quit tech job .... questions .... Such a silly movie about a sort of fake Indian How about this reaction to an obvious just for money movie .... Hated this movie I really like this show because it is clever ... but Somehow ran into the trailer on this ... This needs to read "Battlefield 2025" ( 2020 ) I really wish there was a way to ban posts that ... View all posts >


Go back and look at the previous debates ... all Trump did was name-call. If you call that winning a debate. Rasmussen is a right-wing organization that biases their polls in favor of Republicans. Guess they will be in for a surprise. All Trump can do is to dish out insults. Listen to the nonsense he has just made up his whole life. Biden may not be the best speaker in the world or photogenic ... as if Trump is with that "pelt" on his head and his orange spray paint around the center of his face, but Biden knows the real history and the issues so much better than Trump. One every issue Trump has bungled everything. All he does is blame other people or conspiracy theories like the Democrats want to ruin the economy so he looks bad. That is so stupid. First, look at what happens every time a Republican takes office ... huge tax cuts leading to even larger debt, and deficits. It is Republicans who want to ruin the economy so their buddies with all the stored up money can buy up more and more of the economy when it has gotten wrecks ... and there is precedent for this, in the Great Depression the big money interests started to buy up half the farmland east of the Mississippi. I think Biden will do fine in the debates, but even if he didn't he would do much better at putting the country back together and being President. My three favorite John Wayne movies are Circus World Hatari Donovan's Reef They are all good movies and a lot of fun. The shucker? > defensive little sprays like that are not my jam. Don't give me that crap. You're the one who chose to make the comment here. If you were not "spraying", whatever that means, you could have just gone on to the next subject. Hard for me to call which movie is worse. The really rich pay no taxes and observe no laws. That photo makes him look that way, but not really. I think Yuen looks better because Sanada is more ethnically Japanese where Yuen is more Korean who are noted for their their milder features. That's only how Woody thinks he looks in his own head. LOL! > David is in a race to save Weyland so he went straight to human trials. The point is doing trials methodically is to get understandable and valid results, not to slow the process down. This sounds like Trump logic. Dropping something you know nothing about is someone's drink is hardly an experiment or a trial - it's just homicidal hatred for humanity. > being kicked out of bed by someone demanding immortality isn't exactly diplomatic. Stupid to murder someone who may beholding your life in their hands because you got up on the wrong side of the bed. > There's no other explanation of what the base is used for True, you cannot make the conclusion that this places was a military base without any evidence. On Earth anthropologists and archeologists have been studying certain cultures for decades if no centuries and we still do not know what was going on with many of the ruins left on planet Earth by human beings. > His motivation to bomb Earth is not explained, especially when you realize he's 2000 years behind schedule. His motivation to bomb Earth is to keep the viewers in the theater awake because otherwise they would not care about who the hell he bombed. The whole idea that they needed all of that stuff to take over Earth was kind of funny since they have much more developed technology. I've already faced the realization that everything in this movie was just for confusion and to get people to see it again and again to try to make more money. The concepts and behavior of people in these movies has been so irrational and stupid it ruins the whole movie, and poisons any follow-n sequels. View all replies >