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Guess who has the most unprovoked invasions of all time? 1 out of 250 people feel "transgender" ? Best documentary ever on the settling of the American west. RFK Jr. Podcast - Very odd interview with Reagan Era Economist David Stockman With money you can manipulate your image to the world, Ukraine: What Putin should have done instead of starting a war in Russia John Mearsheimer on Ukraine May 2023 International Economist Jeffrey Sachs - evidence that the US had Russia/Ukraine in its sights in 1992. Patrick Lancaster - witness to Crimean referendum in 2014 to join Russia: Diplomatic Expert John Mearsheimer says no way Trump would/could end Ukraine war ... View all posts >


I don't think it would have been any better in color. Perry Mason was a B&W kind of show. Hahahaha ... aren't you in enough trouble and busy enough not to have time for this kind of BS Donald? ;-) You're basically saying you are, and Conservatives are the Vultures. I rather hook up with Liberals than Conservative that spend their whole lives complaining about Liberals when they don't even know what they are complaining about. LOL, I think some women might be tempted. Not even 1/2 of one per-cent. Republicans really know how to focus on the major issues don't they? What is Sus? Republicans drool. They love to rip stuff apart and try to ridicule it ... like the Devil tries to make evil look good. American history is mostly lies these days. What are you actually referring to ... gotta link? For the Republicans? View all replies >