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Dude is great on The Conners So blah ... 4/10 Does anyone watch this or like it ? Not that I have anything against gay people, but didn't Ricardo Montalban's is this show still going? Is there a kind of reverse sexism these days? I don't like Orson Bean since he was a right-wing hack in his later years ... What is the tragedy of Jim Carrey I keep seeing in the lame-o ads on this site? How can this guy be in so many hundreds of tv & movies View all posts >


I kind of enjoyed the season before last season, where Morgan showed up and the whole show changed around. I got so sick of that drug-addict son story. I do miss Kim Dickens, I think she's great in anything she does. I like the Althea story too. But these horse riding thugs are boring and the story is stupid. I doubt he will be, but I hope Morgan is not dead. No, not only, your limited experience and judgement on planet earth is insignificant. She is great as Louise ... I'd like to see her and Dan get together. Most of us white people are not "crusty" ... that might be something that only applies to Trump supporters, along with a few other unsavory adjectives. I remember liking Roseanne when it first debuted, but not really following it. I go out of my way to subscribe to Hulu and watch "The Conners". I think the overall stories are much better and a lot more fun. There is more breathing room for all of the characters. I'm actually surprised I like this show because I don't much care for TV sitcoms. > Liberal shows like The Connors won’t let you forget about real-world politics for even a second. It is so great that Republicans never push themselves of their opinions on America. They just try to cheat and do things out of site that no one sees but that disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of people out of voting, or dumping tax debt on the working class and allows the rich tax breaks to get even richer and more powerful to buy up the government. That was not the best episode, but biased people who come in and try to attack this show are barking up the wrong tree ... this show is really good, and it has something unique that I've not seen in other shows. Tonight for example, I though the contract that Darlene and Ben signed was cute, funny and heartwarming all at the same time. There is a price to pay in setting growth on fire. The two big ones are that to call what we have growth when he blew up the debt and deficit even more is just dishonest. To remove regulations that saves the environment also costs more in money and health effect that it yields back - but Republicans just ignore the costs to workers or soldiers. > Obamacare which was nothing more than a socialist "you pay for someone else's medical care" system. Sounds like any insurance policy, but when you have the whole nation getting healthcare you have the largest pool of people and the most efficiency of scale possible. The thing you Republicans never do is to take your criticisms farther to the point of actually looking at the numbers and trying to prove them - you just look to Trump to tell you what to think. For example you talk about all these regulations, but very few Republicans can even point out one single regulation? I am not an Obama fan either. He has been timid as a President and carried out mostly Republican policies that is not very obvious because the whole time Republicans were attacking him pretending to be mad. Obama seemed clueless to anything but keeping his head down and trying to play nice with Republicans. The Democratic party in general has deserted the people - which means that representation to more than half the American population has been ended and it is only the rich that can get whatever they want done. But I don't understand anyone who is not a multi-millionaire voting Republican. All those things are things Republicans point to conspiracies and witchhunts over, but in reality it is Republicans that are conspiring to bypass the Constitution and take over. View all replies >