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Big yawn ... 3/10 Who needs wars, Republicans have made our country so fragile Soon, ... What kind of idiot thinks up this kind of movie? Awesome director ... Deserves an award ... Emmy? for playing Max on Homeland This show is amazingly topical without being partisan, and just plain brilliant Little chit Lennie James was in this for 2 episodes so ... Episode 2 really made me think of Trump. View all posts >


I know children like you. Yeah, and we all know how that Senator voted on impeachment? That's just stupid, impeachment was way into last year. How did this guy vote on shutting down the Pandemic Team. The government is only incompetent to the extent that it is filled for Republicans. You think all these corporations are so brilliant ... if they were they would not have to go begging to the government. Yeah, that post sounds like you did not read my comment, or consider it. What is the motivation. As I say, read some more of the information out there. What did Mia want, revenge and money, what did she get, revenge and money. What did Woody get ... supposedly a one time diddle of 7 year old in an attic that did not exist. Sorry to be crude or blunt, but I'm done with this conversation with you. Yeah, that guy was great. Both of them were great. I guess I'm missing that. He is a good looking guy, which no one would really make a huge case for Woody. I think it is the head and facial bone structure that makes him look exactly like Sinatra. He has his fathers total facial bone structure, or rather Frank Sinatra's. ephebophile ... thanks, I've never heard that word before. I'd have to agree with that. But then so are a huge percentage of parents, maybe so much so as it is the norm. There is so much humanity just doesn't think about of take seriously in pursuit of all the stuff we've been told is important. This show is to make your world seem a bit warmer, think of it as a commercial. Oh, that last finale episode was hard to watch. I like all these characters so much. Melendez and Park. I just finished watching it and I am worn out! Oh, and by the way, what I am "on about" is your assumption, even insistence about the total lack of motives in play on the Farrow side. That is pure naivete or just failure to think about it. Thinking that she has nothing to gain is ... well, I hope you are not a police detective because I don't think you would ever crack a case or get it right. View all replies >