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It should be Trump - running from his prison cell. That's not true. Her evidence is evidence and completely admissible in a court of law. That's nonsense. You should look up the Why We Fight series of movies from WWII, and specifically the Battle Of Russia. Most Americans should do this especially as regards todays crisis with Russian and Ukraine to understand why Russians think the way they do. The Battle of Russia ( 1943 ) https://smile.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B01613KDVK/ref=atv_hm_hom_1_c_lZOsi7_2_1 I agree with you. The lionization of heroes to bolster a fairy tale narrative is so common in human societies, and it is no doubt where the idea of leaders declaring themselves gods came from and goes thousands maybe tens of thousands of years back. I would like to think humans are ready to give up that crap, but it is so a part of our nature I think it will take a long time ... time that we may not have. And if she didn't make any money off it you'd call her stupid. You've got to be really toxic to spend your days this say, picking on little girls. What a total wuss. There is a lot to talk about here. The first thing is that the world then was nothing like the world today. There was no telephone that people could pick up and talk to someone half the world away. Especially during wartime. No one knew what Stalin was. Hell, no one knew that Germany was going to have mass extermination camps. The point of this movie was the courage and tenacity of the Russian people. It was a brilliant movie. I love that Why We Fight series, and today, the world would do well to look at this movie and think deeply about who is playing what role today in the Ukrainian conflict. Particularly the opening sequence of the movie where it talks about all the times Russia has been invaded. There is a lot to learn even today by watching this movie. good that you said male, and not man, because you are not. Decent points, but Ed is as another commenter mentioned a lot like Mike, and Mike saw the goofball kid in Jesse and knew how to treat him to get him to knock that shit off. That is, Ed, had to be tough on Jesse because if he engages in business with Jesse, he needs Jesse to be serious, and not think he can weasel his way around not keeping his word. Ed was setting bounds with Jesse, and that mimicry of fatherhood is just another meaningful thing to happen to Jesse to set him on the road to adulthood. > He didn’t sell Jesse off to the police probably cause there wouldn’t be any gain for him. I doubt that. I think he doesn't need to attention. Sure, the cops would not take Jesse seriously if Jesse tried to out Ed, but on the other hand Jesse raising one fuss is one fuss closer to disaster for Ed who is at an age where he cannot weather any disasters. Robert Forster was the actor who died in real life around the same time as this hit the screen. He was one of the best underrated character actors there was. TV and movies does these stupid things all the time. Like people getting beat up, shot, stabbed or in an accident and walk away ... and then a few minutes later they are as good as new. Or getting attacked by someone just outside the camera view. They also seem to like to show a lot of open rebelling in places like the military, CIA, FBI where there is a strict chain of authority. Another thing they do is they have to over-hype and dramatize everything. Breaking stuff, punching mirrors, throwing cell phones on the concrete? View all replies >