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Ho hum, who cares ... Argh ... is Halston Sage as Lt. Alara Kitan off the show for good now? The Fifth Risk book ... Are they going to make a movie/series of the Silo series? On a scale of 1 to 10 ... 10 being the greatest happiness ... why is search so flaky on moviechat The plots of this type of movie are bad if you think about it ... is this really so bad ... my god, below 4 rating Unresolved movies .... Strange that she got so famous ... View all posts >


Just because movies "followed" Star Wars does not make Star Wars responsible for them. The movies you mentioned were all superficial nonsense, so in that case you are saying they changed movies for the better by making them all superficial nonsense vapid special effects movies. I think we just have different ideas about what makes a good movie. Apparently you are still stuck on the movie you loved as a kid. Most of what Star Wars was was a rip-off of all kinds of older movie genre's, same with Indiana Jones. I remember kids love Star Wars, and Transformers and they bought all those toys and clothes ... the main thing Star Wars did to change movies was to invent the whole spin-off toy and memorabilia industry. i'll have to check those out. The ones they made to cash in on his celebrity, others mentioned here are to me not worth watching, but those sound interesting. There was a point there where he was in so many movies ... but then he was upstaged by Michael Caine who is all over the place even still. unwatchable ;-) > Star Wars is far from garbage, it changed movies for the better. Would you care to explain how Star Wars changed movies for the better, or is that too hard for your programmers? Didn't say I'd be paying They are really pushing that sexual harassment lie, and presenting it in dishonest website like Yahoo News ... the real fake-news as if it was Bernie himself who was harassing women. I was online and noticed one of Yahoo's news boxes where they summarize stories, and it had like 7 out of 9 of the same story about this sexual harassment thing with Bernie's picture in it, and slightly different headlines. I did a screen-grab of it, it was so blatant. To bad I cannot post it here. The main thing AOC has pushed has been a return to more progressive taxation. The Founders when they devised taxation first had only the richest Americans and landowners paying taxes at all. That was how they meant to finance the country , but over time now taxes have become regressive, and people who cannot even earn a living wage are still paying taxes, and they also have to pay the fees and fines dumped on them. I don't think the Democrats have changed their rules very much for the primary process. However, no one is going to hide it or let it go by again like they did. The funny thing is that again the media and the trolls tried to spin Bernie's loss like it was Bernie's fault, and then blame Hillary's loss on the "Bernie Bros" whatever they are, which is absurd. Bernie knew the challenges he faced to run as a Democrat, and they did not have to let him into the party at all, and few would have ever known or understood what happened. He did very well, and might have won, and probably would have beat Trump. Hillary certainly would have won if she had been able to get Bernie as the VP candidate instead of the weird Tim Kane who seemed like a candidate deliberately chosen to turn people off. I am very impressed with AOC, as she seems to have a very clear idea of the problems we face, and how to talk about them without this kind of patronizing or boring tone most of the Democrats always have. I think the Trump experience has opened a big gash in what people think about successful and rich people in America. The ones who are politically active are almost all like Trump, ignorant blowhards who think they are gods and don't know or care anything about the rules or the vision of America, they just want more money and power. The corruption of the system is exposed, the racism, sexism, and finally the lie about socialism in the rest of the world that people mindlessly accepted for so long that it was all like Venezuela or Cuba. Rich and powerful Republicans hate the idea of America so much they conspired with Russia to keep Americans down, and have scores of ways to cheat the people out of their lives and keep them down by manipulating the stories and news we all hear, especially in the South. Did you see the 60 Minutes piece? .... I like her even more because of it. Maybe you need to check IMDB for the writing credentials. Sick! just throwing urls out there for me to read doesn't make your point, besides the fact that I'm a student doing a reading assignment you jackass. it's not improvisation ... someone thought up the character and you just can't admit it was larry david. View all replies >