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Real slam and hit piece on John Brennan ... Trump's #1 "deep state" foe. Very good documentary level Has anyone seen this documentary about veganism ... Sounds stupid ... Very hard movie to watch, brilliantly acted. Rene Auberjonois - rest in peace Benson/Odo Totally baffled as to why this guy is a movie star. What the heck was this movie's point? Anyone notice the name of the one of the fast food chains he drove through? Diane Wiest death scene View all posts >


Who was "uplifting" her, and what does uplifting even mean? The thing is that she is not uplifted, except perhaps in the sense that she and Detective Joe Miller humanized the protomolecule so that it did not destroy Earth. I don't know what you mean by uplifting, but if you save Earth, maybe that is justified? The Expanse, last time released all episodes at once to binge watch. It is too complicated to expect people to wait a week between releases and remember what is going on. Can't wait ... they say it might come 1 day early. Look up Richard A. Muller's comments and read his book Energy For Future Presidents. He was a famous physicist and started as a climate change denier until he and some of his well-regarded physicist friends crunched the numbers and had to admit that global warming was real, and that it tracked 100% with human industrial activity. You don't hear about acid rain because pollution control laws were made and enforced - mostly in Europe. It doesn't mean forests are not dying, or ancient ruins are not being dissolved by the rain any more though. How can you be so dense? You look like you need a brain transplant. So, why are you so worried about it that you cannot even write a coherence sentence without including insults and profanity. I would not even attempt to teach you anything, you already know it all. Citing science that you might disagree with is not really lying. Your trollish language is not a reasonable way to discussion this. Obviously you feel personally attacked by people who eat plants. Grow a pair! All In The Family is something that our whole family watched together and laughed about. It was fun and all these years later I still look at it as a really great show. It's sad there is nothing like this on TV today. I never cared for the Honeymooners, I Love Lucy, but I did love Seinfeld ... but it was not as good as All In The Family because it was just not real. Then there as the Jeffersons, and some other shows that came from All In The Family too that were quite funny and good. Not as good as AITF. The point of the movie is not say that eating vegan is a surefire way to be a world champion, just that people who eats vegan are not sickly and weak. For a lot of people eating vegan improves their performance in whatever they do. The real point of the movie is that you can reverse atherosclerosis ... and that can save your life. I used to think the claims of vegans were untrue or overdramatic and exaggerated, but the science is backing them up more and more. If you are so closed-mined about it, why did you watch the documentary ... or did you? The bottom line though is that if you eat animal products you are developing atherosclerosis at some rate ... that is, you are depositing fat in your arteries. To me that qualified as harmful, even though it may be a long time before it causes a problem - it will. You are a typical troll, sounding off obnoxiously about stuff you have not bothered to inform yourself on. View all replies >