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I saw a documentary on Midway that was fascinating ... The kind of show where the helmets on the spacesuits .... Great as Lisa in the Kominsky Method with Michael Douglas Excellent in The Kominsky Method Freddie Money Alan Arkin's line about how an old man pees .... Cute and funny to watch ... but wow ... Intersection of Magic, Religion and Science Fiction Oct 18 NPR Fresh Air ... great interview aired of Robert Forster How could a walker possible sneak up on someone and bite them like they do ? View all posts >


Dated ... not raped, not abused, not molested ... and 16. One-third of girls in American have had sex at or before age 16. It is not my place to approve or disapprove of this, but it does bug me, but it is not the same thing as pedophilia which he was accused of, once, by Dylan Farrow. I don't like one bit what some people have tried to do to Woody Allen. The knife-in-the-back from some of the Hollywood stars who don't know any more about what happened than anyone else is a disgrace. I would not fault anyone from personally deciding one way or the other, but making a public pronouncement is just a marketing game or a psychological operation. That sounds more like the pop people rhetoric. Hahaha ... true ... this is the kind of crew that would populate an Alien sequel. So many stupid characters making stereotypical stupid mistakes ... like Sasha's father trying to fight a giant ET station with rifles. Ridiculous When they are traveling faster than light with no relativistic effects that says a lot. Sackhoff really is quite difficult to stomach in this series. Oh, do you right wing nuts have to permeate the whole world with your nonsense? You really hate social justice so much ... do you even know what it is? This series is not only ridiculous, but it's just plain bad. That said, I am not sure I don't want to see another season of those totally weird show because the aliens are intriguing. Oh ... I don't have AMC ... I only have the Walking Dead on Amazon.Com. View all replies >