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That's called capitalism, take the risk, then succeed or fail. Come on ... Breitbart ? > 50 years ago a man could support his wife and kids. What changed? The man got so old and his kids and wife got so big he cannot support them. Keep people from their history and they can never move forward. > That's not debatable That's the problem with you troll soldiers, you come to debates you know already in the long run you are going to lose trying to push everyone to fall in line with a reality that is antiquated and basically against the mores or this country, and yet you are still willing to waste the country's time and resources on a fake oligarch's revolution to put back on top the laziest, criminal class of people and think you can benefit the country that way? No, of course you don't really believe this will benefit the country, and that is why you have no real arguments, and cannot do debate. You lose on facts so you try to make facts irrelevant and bypass debate. You have no vision, it's all like Trump's health care plan ... just talk, and not even thought out thought. You are definitely the enemies of America. Tell it to whomever taught you. Spoken like another buck private in the Punch and Judy army or angst-ridden lower white nationalist denialist trolls. Here's how you do that ... https://youtu.be/SdGc-RJ0_wU?t=19 <b>?t=19</b> gone One more ... Nothing Is Easy - Jethro Tull (cover by Martin Skews) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iHdirAuSSE This guy is amazing, played all the instruments and arranged the song as good as or better than the original. Here is a superb cover of the Chicago song "Make Me Smile" by a Russian Tribute band Chicgovich! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJzlHBN3BT4 View all replies >