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It was surreal being back in the theater. Maybe I enjoyed it more for it being my first in what feels like forever. Maybe it's just a better movie than most are giving it credit for. I think it helps that it's a Fox film which gives it a unique quality/flavor. Bittersweet that this was their last one. The show reminded me of Hannibal because Schaeffer is a lot like Will Graham. He's someone that can get inside the mind of a murderer but at the risk of their own sanity. Catherine has similar traits as well. They both have a deeper understanding of darkness which makes them better at catching killers than the others. It is one of the better endings in a recent film and in general I liked it better than you did. I dig fantasy stuff and they nailed the brother characters. The start of the movie was alright. I was curious what Egypt was which he needed to take over the world. But then Jobe becomes a caricature of a villain, tries to kill Peter, and the intrigue deflates. Like it was just going through the motions with some decent visual design and the occasional alright scene. That's a good point. You'd get tired of being 15 and getting carded if you want to gamble, drink, etc. I agree. She was phenomenal. As for her offer, I'd have said no if I knew that being one of her group meant killing others to live long, especially since it was mostly children they fed on. It seemed that she kept that information from the prospects until they'd already become whatever they were though. I thought I'd like this movie and I liked it a lot more than I expected. Mike Flanagan really handles characters well here similar to his The Haunting Of Hill House with the difference being that was a show and this was a movie. A longer movie however and a lot of the scenes helped flesh out the protagonists and antagonists so for me it never felt like too much. Probably my favorite part is when Rose astral projects. I loved how they shot that and where the scene goes. Definitely better to me than Pet Semetary and maybe better than It Chapter Two though I did have a good time with that movie. Haven't seen In The Tall Grass. Were you seeing it in 3D? Sometimes 3D can make it darker. I watched it in Imax (non-3D) and didn't notice it being blurry or dark. The movie looked fantastic with all the different creatures. I really liked the other dark faeries and Maleficient's new lore. To me it was better and more balanced than the original and felt like a satisfying conclusion if we don't get a third one. It's pretty decent if you're looking for an over the top action movie with seriously impressive and highly detailed CG animation. It's a real sight on Blu-ray. Having the weapons in the shop once you've acquired them in the world is a smart solution. I can't really think of anything better. View all replies >