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What is the name of the genre of TV shows where people play a parody of themselves? Censorsed? Everyone's thoughts on GRRM/The Books/Them being unfinished, etc The reboot seems to be fake Hank "n" Pat's couch Negan's conversation with Maggie, mentioning Hershel (her father) It's disappointing they're all in a bunker instead of out in the chaos View all posts >


I know... But, I couldn't look away, like a train wreck. I did and I wish I hadn't. It's hard to pick one so I'll pick one (or two) from each album: OnlySee: -Tripoutro Healing is Difficult: -Blow it All Away Colour the Small One: -Breathe Me -Sunday Some People Have Real Problems: -Lentil -Death By Chocolate -Beautiful Calm Driving -Lullaby We Are Born: -I'm in Here -Clap Your Hands 1000 Forms of Fear: -Fire Meets Gasoline -Dressed in Black This is Acting: -Bird Set Free Everyday is Christmas: -Everyday is Christmas Others: -Distractions (while she was with Zero 7) -Angel By the Wings (The Eagle Huntress Soundtrack) -Thunderclouds (with Labrinth and Diplo) (This isn't the complete list of her songs I like, just the ones I really love) There are also a lot of songs she's done for other people I love that I wish we could hear her version of. Her version of Celine Dion's Loved Me Back to Life is especially good if you can still find it online. I think you'll like it. When I did the reverse and watched the original after seeing the remake several times, it still affected me the same way. With a film done so brilliantly (twice, even!) it's hard not to feel all that tension, fear, frustration and despair by its end. The remake also has a great cast who deliver perfect performances (even the kid's a great actor). Yeah. They're almost a shot-for-shot carbon copy of one another. Even the house looks the same (the layout and everything). I've seen them both (the remake first) and they're both equally great. Yeah, there has to be a reason why we didn't see the killer's face in the beginning as he was walking away. It's too obvious that it's someone else. My theory is it'll be an unknown character played by Sarah Paulson. Remember she did an interview about this season teasing that she may pop up in it somewhere?. That's just my theory. There IS still a huge market out there for I Love Lucy and Lucille Ball stuff. They have an entire museum dedicated to the show and its stars. There are new collectibles being announced all the time (check out all the stuff available sometime on websites like lucystore dot com). I still buy the calendars every year (2020 is available already). Time Life released a Lucy collection just last year with 12 discs of some of the best episodes from all her sitcoms. Her failed sitcom, Life with Lucy (which lasted 13 episodes, only 8 aired) is getting a DVD release this October. A collection of the colorized episodes (so far) of I Love Lucy was just released a couple weeks ago. There were Lucy Funko POP! figures released last year. The show and Lucy are still very profitable and there's no reason why they couldn't release the rest of I Love Lucy on blu-ray. Watch her in "'night, Mother" sometime. She's incredible. I knew going in that they chose to do that with the animals and honestly, it wasn't much of an issue except in Mufasa's death scene. Simba's voice sounded really upset and emotional but when they showed the close-ups of his face, his eyes were dead and not one tear. I mean, I get they wanted the animals to be more realistic and "live action" but for God's sake, if you're going to make them talk and sing, why not emote a little, too? View all replies >