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Censorsed? Everyone's thoughts on GRRM/The Books/Them being unfinished, etc The reboot seems to be fake Hank "n" Pat's couch Negan's conversation with Maggie, mentioning Hershel (her father) It's disappointing they're all in a bunker instead of out in the chaos Would an original show featuring the rest of the cast work? View all posts >


I felt the same way. (I know this seems unrelated but) It reminded me of that moment in Friends when Emily told Ross she didn't want him to see Rachel anymore. You knew the moment it happened, the relationship was over because nothing was going to come between two characters who've been through it all since the beginning, it was only a matter of time. I've seen people complain that Carol and Ezekiel breaking up at the end of the episode came out of no where but I knew it was over the second he said that to Daryl. I almost expected him to die at the end of the episode (since he didn't die on one of the pikes) but yet he smiles - I mean - he's still alive. For how long, I don't really know. I agree about the Whisperers storyline. Honestly, when I heard about it happening in the comics many years ago, I thought, "God, that sounds so corny and stupid" but I was wrong. It really works on the show. When that hand unlocked the graveyard gate on last night's episode, I got chills. It was definitely creepy. I had been saying for a while that they need to make the walkers scary again and if they aren't going to evolve the walkers themselves, adding this human element to them definitely works instead. Never again will they be having a conversation in the foreground with a bunch of random walkers walking around in the background and them not doing anything about them. Because now, they might not just be walkers. Conversely though, if they had just killed off the B-group of characters, their deaths wouldn't have nearly the impact on the show or viewers and we'd probably be complaining about how a show about a zombie apocalypse is unrealistic, never kills off anyone important and doesn't have any balls. I do agree though, that there should be a balance or at least better writing for the characters that are left behind so that they don't feel like the B-group that's left after all the big characters are killed off. That's what I'm worried about, too. The ratings (while good, comparatively) have steadily gone down all season. It started at 10.4 million viewers and the most recent episode got 5.54 million. [url]https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/manifest-season-one-ratings/[/url] The ratings obviously aren't as good as Roseanne was but The Conners (after an initial drop-off from the season premiere, when everyone tuned in to see how Roseanne's departure was handled) have maintained a pretty steady rating (between 6.6 million to 7.9 million viewers). You can see the ratings for every episode at the link below. The season finale was the highest rated episode since October 30 and it ranked #2 (after This is Us) for the night across all networks, beating new episodes of (and these are in order from biggest ratings to smallest) Ellen's Game of Games (#3), FBI, NCIS: New Orleans, New Amsterdam, Celebrity Big Brother, The Kids Are Alright, The Rookie, Black-ish, Lethal Weapon (a repeat), Splitting Up Together, The Flash, The Gifted and Rosewell New Mexico. There's no reason why ABC wouldn't pick it up with numbers and ratings like that. Sure, it doesn't have gigantic ratings like the Roseanne reboot did, but you also have to take into account that the Roseanne reboot started out really strong (18.4 million viewers) and lost viewers every week (the season finale got 10.6 million viewers), while The Conners, albeit smaller in ratings, has remained pretty much consistent. Roseanne lost 42 percent of its audience over the reboot season; The Conners lost only 27 percent. [url]https://tvseriesfinale.com/tv-show/the-conners-season-one-ratings/[/url] Check out her performance as Sophie in the In Treatment series. She was incredible in that. Yeah, it was in that conversation he had with Maggie about growing up in a group home or whatever it was and he said something about how he's always had trouble getting close to people like "neighbors, friends... boyfriends." Other than that, I don't remember it ever being mentioned again. There's a theory out there (that popped up during the season actually) that those two (Emily and Timothy I think their names were) are or are somehow related to Kit's two children from Asylum (their genders and races fit). Maybe they'll revisit that in the future if they have an Asylum crossover. I think the character - as written, as their cook - didn't really fit in with the premise of the series. It would have made more logical sense had he been their gay best friend/neighbor/brother, etc but him being their cook? No. It didn't make sense that three women (and eventually Sofia) who essentially moved in together because they reached their "golden" years and it seemed more economical to do so would have the money for a personal cook (Was he a live-in as well? I can't remember). Plus, it kind of put a damper on the "strong women" aspect of the show, them overcoming the deaths of their husbands or going through a divorce late in life and surviving by being independent, making it on their own (together) but for some reason needing a personal cook. And one could also argue, once Sofia came along, known for her Italian culinary skills, a personal cook wasn't necessary anymore (assuming it ever was). The character was interesting and would've fit in with the girls, but I think they just doomed the character by having him be their cook. Here are some of my random picks that come to mind: Alias - "Phase One" (the post-Super Bowl episode, where the whole show changes) Friends - "The One Where Everybody Finds Out" (...about Monica and Chandler dating) Breaking Bad - "Ozymandias" (episode that opens with a big death, then later the big family fight) Charmed - "All Hell Breaks Loose" (finale, world finds out they're witches, cliffhanger that killed one) Mama's Family - "The Really Loud Family" (Bubba films the family with a camera with a short in it) Six Feet Under - "Everyone's Waiting" (especially the last scene/montage, best series finale ever) View all replies >