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why are all modern pop songs written by a dozen people how do you train your brain audrey hepburn meets meryl streep know any brands that dont do any all Starting to look like a pale pasty psycho another rehash all the progress obama did was for nothing fvck disney for monopolizing the film industry started out well with some good jokes he would make a good snape View all posts >


i agree, he has some jewish ancestry. there isnt any actual science in this movie, just mumbo jumbo. i agree nerdy asian guys are hard to cast the russians are using the internet to make americans dumb i agree, almost every single one of his movies is iconic. he was very meticulous and picky, hence the small amount of work, he only made movies he believed in. lmao, yeah these bs remakes will bite them in the end. stage parents are fvckin crazy maybe she reminded him of his mom i love this idea, but with the recent critically acclaimed series, it would seem like a rehash. View all replies >