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Coldplay hasnt made a decent album in years the best skincare is water why is apple so overpriced What is the deal with vinyls? Do you fear death? Things you really need I am friends with all the neighborhoods dogs i got a vibrator and i actually She is very average looking Music awards have become pointless View all posts >


yeah it has great lyrics, i dont know if it is about NAPOLEON or not. you should check out this directors other "work", his style is super weird and not in a good way like David Lynch. I think it depends on the product........some things are worth the plurge others are not. For instance, expensive foundation is better than cheap foundation whereas all lipgloss are the same. weak minded people are usually insecure.......... Ridley Scott David Fincher Wes Anderson i think the ios system is good but everything else is overpriced. Theres a sucker born every minute. me too............. Canada is relevant? Whitney will get in, she is a legend. View all replies >