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michael jackson is next he has a tortured soul She has such an unique style i am super frugal She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn I don't understand people who treat their kids like trophies Why Elizabeth never married Maybe she can pull a Kardashian the president of usc is so screwed Her career is so over View all posts >


good point I am guessing sillicon and fillers. No duh, any moron can figure it out. This stupid family will do whatever it takes for attention. Oh please, the both have problems. Johnny Depp doesn't have a good rep either. Always has been nepotism always will be nepotism. I think these parents just wants to save face, most of their kids are pretty average, they don't want their peers to think that they screwed up. If I were a ceo and my kid was average, my coworkers and underlings might question my abilities. If you are so smart, how come your kid isn't? Ordinary people would not go this far but if you are successful you have to maintain a brand. All athiests know what the purpose of religion is. I used to believe in religion when I was a child, I grew out of it, it hasn't changed my life one bit. Sure...............believe in whatever you want. the catholic church supported the crusades to take back jerusalem from the muslims, it was europeans invading the middle east ew View all replies >