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her eyebrows bug me You should thank Napoleon for the modern world Witch burnings in the middle ages Kurt Cobain had low self esteem Are smart women hot? Dating is so pointless Unrequited love is the most painful whose death is the most tragic in your opinion who is the dumbest person you know calorie restriction View all posts >


love hurts or einstein......... He made the modern world......... mysogeny really i used to shoplift as a child, as i have grown older i have realized how meaningless materialism is. ok love spells and potions dont work, look what happened to Voldemort, he was the product of a LOVELESS UNION. yes i am a 500 year old witch. All musicians are talented, it is a matter of personal taste. two sides to every coin......when i was little i really wanted to be pretty, then i hit puberty and i realized being good looking is mostly just creepy dudes checking you out. Being attractive is just a lot of unwanted attention, it has not made my life better. View all replies >