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They are trying way too hard to make him happen Books vs Audiobooks Jeremiah is a typical delusional narcissist pointless movie with no plot Koalas are going extinct y'all Not very rewatchable basic actress great atmosphere Has social media rendered seeing things in real life pointless elizabeth Holmes is good at selling herself View all posts >


depends on my mood you would need a stable foundation for that, the ocean current would easily wreck a zombie column,storms at sea, cold water temperatures are also factors. how will they climb up to the rig, zombie are dumb Isn't Nitrogen good fertilizer? The human body is mostly carbon and water. I would be hiding out on an abandoned oil rig. Silence BRINGING OUT THE DEAD me too i assume you Don't like violence, sadism, mysogeny, racism, hatefulness etc........ He is the most reliable director working, hasn't made a bad movie, not one. Even Scorsese has had some duds. yep View all replies >