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HAHAHAHA I'm on a month's compulsory unpaid leave as of this week. The country as a whole is not on lockdown, schools and malls still open etc, but the PM is making an announcement this evening and word is that it's coming. How Green Was My Valley Advise & Consent Executive Suite hm: Forbidden Planet, The Bad & the Beautiful The Lost Weekend Easy Living X - The Man with X-Ray Eyes hm: The Major and the Minor, Beau Geste, Dial M for Murder Milland was brilliant in The Lost Weekend, a harrowing and unforgettable portrayal. I have to admit, none of the other films I have seen him in come close to that one. I found him so unbearably obnoxious and unfunny in Parks & Rec that I stopped watching the show a few episodes after he first appeared... I guess I should try again? In the Bedroom Bully Carnivale I love When Harry Met Sally... but have rarely found him more than tolerable in anything else. I don't recall if I ever saw Soap... I was very young during its run. Great, no... but I did enjoy it a lot. Plummer and Mason are smashing as Holmes and Watson, and there's a memorably bizarre cameo by Donald Sutherland. I first watched this as part of a university lecture in around 1994 and disliked it. I finally gave it another look today and was more impressed, although it still feels more of a minor piece and there are quite a few Huston movies I would rank ahead of it. Beautiful work by Huston jr and the two Donals (McCann of course, but I also loved Donnelly as the drunken Freddie, who seemed almost like a prototype for various big part characters who later showed up in TV's Father Ted. The music and photography were beguiling in a low-key way, the anecdotes and speeches mostly held the attention. Nice to find a film which so improves upon my long-standing opinion of it, but I do feel that it's a far cry from the glorious swan song for Huston which many seem to declare it. 6/10 As far as I'm aware, yes. Hunt for the Wilderpeople What We Do in the Shadows Boy Thor: Ragnarok Jojo Rabbit Sweet and Lowdown (1999) Morvern Callar (2002) Synecdoche, New York (2008) Yes, I believe this is the shortest performance ever nominated for an acting Oscar. She's terrific - one gets an idea of this woman's whole life story from her brief moments on screen. Powerful stuff, and kudos to the Academy for noting such a tiny but effective role. Baddeley was always good value. She should perhaps have been nominated for her role in Brighton Rock, too. Road House Pickup on South Street Night and the City hm: No Way Out, Panic in the Streets, Kiss of Death She's 12 years older than Warren Beatty, whose mother she played in All Fall Down. She always had a touch of the matron about her. An absolute joy of a comedy. I love that the actors, some of them best known for dramatic roles, throw themselves into the lunacy so gamely. Everyone is memorable, but Basil Rathbone and Angela Lansbury are simply marvellous in this film. WHEW! My sarcasm has backfired at times, very happy this isn't the case here! :) I had not heard this, thanks for bringing it to my attention. Here’s an account of the incident including a quote from Fonda. I really like Mister Roberts. One issue I have with even some of John Ford’s good films is that the slapstick is so clumsily included (complete with slide whistles and waa-WAAA sound effects) but here the comedy is quite natural and effective (okay, he only co-directed this one). Fonda is good in it, Lemmon is great but my favourite is William Powell in his last role as the doctor. Cagney is another favourite of mine so that’s another bonus for me. I don’t actually remember the line you mentioned but yes, that’s ridiculous. Lovely film, though and the ending hits home.