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So did Ingrid vote for Trump or Clinton? Kurt Russell's WYATT EARP vs. Kevin Costner's WYATT EARP? Bonfire of the Vanities - Spoilers - let 'dem spoilers fly Catch me if you can - Airplane restroom door opening Inwards Recent Kevin Smith/Mike Myer's type good comedy flicks So sad Started and aborted 5 minutes in Great, Stupendous, Wonerful lightweight trite Not suprised View all posts >


> What do you see in it? I tell what I DID NOT see in it, gunfights, explosions, car chases nor superheroes. I saw great acting of a suable ironic political drama.. I also saw Steve Buscemi portraying a traditional Jewish Rabbi. Is there any part that guy can't play? George C. Patton in PATTON, he becomes Patton in the one of the overall finest movie of all time. The problem is having to start and stop up to over a dozen unworthy flicks to find one good NEW one worth watching. as a bona fide cine-file I can say I have not watched the Oscars in years. They become more and more irrelevant every day, but the dolts ain't gots a clue. I rarely used the general discussion message boards. I did use the message boards for individual movies and tv shows quite a bit. I'd go so far as to say they were one of my favorite part of the world wide web. Alas, they took it away. They also burned the library in Alexandria. there you have it. Casino Jack and the United States of money One of the best at explaining the real story And is his up on YouTube Woody Allen naturally guys sounds like a jerk I am a classical liberal leaning libertarian. I do watch differing views on YouTube. I do not watch any cable or network news. I also don't watch any late night talk shows with the sole exception being occasionally Bill Maher, even then only the opening and new rules, almost never those disgusting panels. As for racist youtubers, of course I love Joe Rogan and many of the illiberal regressive ilk are constantly labeling him and other members of the Intellectual Dark Web racist. (oh, and Alt-Right to boot) View all replies >