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The "Dad" is a cuckold gay Complete Non-story 90% road trip and dad jokes, 10% interviews about shadows This movie had a lot of believable gadgets B-Movie When i saw the green screen in the bar scene i was out Is this spy school or sex school? Iran or North Korea The Happy Ending ruined it I know what her problem is View all posts >


i feel like he acknowledges that something bad happened in mosques and pays condolences to the gov that it happened. no sympathy to the muslims. he made no sympathetic gesture against the muslims. just paid condolences to the white government. Straight as an arrow and i almost fell off my couch when i heard it. the answer is No. seems like the honeymoon period is over. oh hell no. did you see the 2nd half of season 2. it was SHAIT. and it was all frost. it totally comes off on screen. i was about to say that. john candy is way superior in every way. was she the one that spammed the hyperdrive in everything? it played the clockwork orange theme u sure? im pretty sure it was a miami dolphins jersey View all replies >