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Most obscure movie ever What's in the box? Women in the white firebird.. Cocktail waitress, drives 80k dollar Volvo oh boy When the kid left the hotel room and money was stolen... Who's daughter is she? cause she can't act Don't bother total dud Poor man's pulp fiction How much of an A-hole is he? View all posts >


worse than that is that she has no screen presence. anything can be discussed but when making the outrageous claim that her performance was anything other than abysmal makes it very hard. her acting was objectively horrid. >starwarsrey she's definitely beautiful, that's not the issue. she can't act. she has no screen presence. not sure if there is one, except that she's jewish.. i think hollywood nepotism is more at play here than the casting couch. been meaning to see that movie. point is she's a good actress. but the eyes reveal everything. chillax, she's not running i feel her and josh hartnett just vanished. well to be fair you do need a 200 IQ and a doctorate in theoretical physics to truly enjoy the show. she was famous for being on Firefly. she was never this big star. View all replies >