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when ginger died this show should have ended I think Moss should be happy that any man wants her Still think Natalie was his best gf Hogwarts is not ethnically diverse enough Probably the best show that was ever cancelled Underrated? Do we know who the Indian vouched for A perfect example of a movie that "Insists upon itself" Do you think Andy Garcia managed to maintain the family? This movie proves anyone can make a movie View all posts >


simple minds are easily entertained. ur joking? shes 6/10 in her 20s, can't even imagine what she looks like now. good cause TD is garbage now one day you will get the reference my childhood crush. dayum what a babe. in part 1 and part 2 the plot was good enough and had amazing other characters for michael to play the subdue role. Here he's the center piece and the only centerpiece and therefor he needs to overact to compensate. but i agree his character changed. excited for s3? Yes, another asexual. u get a dictionary for xmas? u have a sad life View all replies >