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Is this spy school or sex school? Iran or North Korea The Happy Ending ruined it I know what her problem is FUCK Denis Camp Pulp Fiction wannabe falls flat Garbage If u live in Cali SJ why would u be a Fins fan? Surprisingly good Theory on Meal Ticket (btw best short story) View all posts >


let me know when Iran or NK have attacked usa indians are whiny people, ever work with any of them? ice cold personality all 4!??? yep you think we will have some interesting plotlines intertwining into an amazing story but nah. and the style is not even that impressive how else would somebody naturally lose 4 limbs u dimwit? actually no. its either he was born without arms and legs or liam cut them off. this is significant. condoms? pull out? hot girl. but the tats ruin it View all replies >