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Her sunglasses? which brand? Comically bad ending One Huge Cringefeast The End? The Ending Great Joker, boring movie Horrible movie, copied King of Comedy too much Pulp Fiction ripoff about 20years too late got more shit by the minute They obviously did it View all posts >


he lived in a boarding house? was this mentioned in the movie? dude the guy is like 50, its like impossible to look jacked unless you're taking roids. i suspect he already was during his early his transporter days. his balls are all shriveled up. still a great action actor. that was morgon freeman. His abs are long gone. so is his muscle mass. there is a reason he's wearing a jacket the entire time. there was no climax, thats the point. STFU snowflake. its a great song. separate man from the art. movie was shit im swedish if you're talking about learning about other cultures...are u a retard by chance? you do realize the movie had nothing to do with culture OR swedish culture. what are you talking about? it kinda sucked that there was no ghost spirit thing View all replies >