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Is Patricia Arquette meant to be ugly? Naming all the great civilizations except the Persians Who should continue the story Michael's group or El's group? What happened to her career? Surprisingly good The more I think about it the more I realize how awesome S3 was Cell Phone suicide vest Flying Xenomorphs Worst premise and movie this year Heat + Keyser Soze = Garbage View all posts >


Woman. nobody was upset that he would be black. my only grip with idris elba was that he was too old. but he would make a great M. bittersweet endings is the way it works agree he's awesome. just on residuals actors make millions from tv licenses. there are Blu ray sales, TV licensing. netflix stream ect ect. by the end of it. its made a profit. According to boxoffice mojo it only made 85million in the US but it made 320million abroad most of that in china. so a total of 404 million dollars. this movie IS a success. lol LMAO most do. 6th sense, unbreakable, the village did u like the power struggle that spontaneously happened right in the middle of the end.. View all replies >