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4>1>3>2>6>5>7>8 this is gonna get cancelled Is there a giant spider in this movie? The "Dad" is a cuckold gay Complete Non-story 90% road trip and dad jokes, 10% interviews about shadows This movie had a lot of believable gadgets B-Movie When i saw the green screen in the bar scene i was out Is this spy school or sex school? View all posts >


i only watched 10min of the first episode because of nina and nope. i can't watch it. dunno. but i think she was also a sword person- he had a minor roll and nina didn't want him around either. not that it matters this show got/will get cancelled. u watch all eps? i liked his short haired slip wearing gf. he looks trashed. but it fits the role. that was in the background mostly, and very brief. Leon her life is in danger. wouldn't u ban somebody if they were using heroin? same thing. i feel like he acknowledges that something bad happened in mosques and pays condolences to the gov that it happened. no sympathy to the muslims. View all replies >