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There were no blacks and indian pakis in London back then I'm not saying it's aliens Finally its over, no more Star Wars movies Boring as hell Zzzzzzzz Who are the bad guys? There are no wolves in Star Wars but... Since when did Twileks have fangs? Do you consider Chapter 4 a "filler episode" ? So close to popping but it didn't happen View all posts >


drones are susceptible to being hacked and their transmission jammed. yes against third world countries its fine, against china and russia nope. you mean a physics lab? it was ambigious t.millenial gen z 0, but they should. and i remember we were complaining about the prequel trilogy LOL thats a freaking masterpiece compared to this. with roids yes. not true the door squashed him...but he's still alive... i guess i remembered it incorrectly. ya bib had sharp teeth so it fits. my bad. i guess im wrong. View all replies >