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Definitely slept with Harvey Finch abandoned Season 3 of Mind Hunter for this crap? Worst actor on TV Jewish hollywood fat cats jew workers out of pay the movie 30min in bored to death Basically John Wick... Do you still use the same actors? Next movie pls Good movie, but yes its missing something Gogo dancers in east europe are prostitutes without fail View all posts >


sex tape was post-surgery her ass is fake, you can clearly see that fat doesn't distribute that way. her legs and thighs are skinny, also she's never had an ass before go check her out when she was Paris Hiltons PA. Then Tiffany, now 100% Elizabeth. When he was cast in The OC the casting director thought he would be the new James Dean. Wasn't there a volcano movie with tommy lee jones and anne heche? she definitely committed fraud here. but according to SJWs gender is an illusion and there are no biological differences between men and women, therefor Elliot coming out as a man is moot. because its not. learn geography boy. fincher is one of the few directors that has managed to keep a high standard throughout the years. Mind Hunters is a perfect example of this. no that doesn't check out. View all replies >