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Sadly, I agree with this. The Punisher saga had huge potential and ways to build it. Instead they went and made a copy of the young and the restless. I think this is spot on and the keyword there is CG. Many of the audiences/critics are millennials their comparance levels are based on what they grew up with. It all comes down to that example of the Thing remake a few years ago. They created the creatures with props and mechanics like they did in the original, but half way into filming, the producers decided to go CGI because of many focus groups statistics they made and the audience prefered that, rather that the original version, that made the movie great. It was the same thing with season 1. I liked the movie, however the lip syncing at their final performance on Wembley was really, really poor. Out of sync, like a really bad playback band from the 90s. I agree about Cap, however, do you reckon you consider that because of the storyline of that, let's call it trilogy, or for what Chris Evans brings on the table? For me, even if Cap is the best Marvel story that came in the cinema, I would had like it without Evans. I think he gave his role that connection to the comics. Biased? Shyamalan is not even in my top 20 favorite directors of all time, Split and Unbreakable don't reach my top 50 movies, but I enjoyed them enough to watch Glass, expecting the same, but instead I was blown away from what it delivered. Delusional? Dude, we need to stop these nonsense and enjoy movies on what they are. With a reduced number of effects and based only on serious actors: McAvoy (who was indeed in beast mode), Jackson and Willis who reminded people he can still act, this movie delivered big time. All three of them offered so much, most of ala James, that peformed at some amazing level. His take on the beast is something that you rarely saw in the past decade in a mainstream movie. I agree that the movie has some small flaws, they all do, even Rear Window has some, but this one delivers big time. The plot twist was not the train, but what follows and the build up for that moment is, in my opinion, spectacular. Again, you don't see stuff like that these days. You call my statement biased and delusional. Dude, I considered, from my point of view, The Nolan trilogy inferiour to Watchmen, which is, imho, the very best superhero movie ever made, however, I can acknowledge what Nolan did and how he put the bar at a very, very, very high level. Reviews, ha, Imdb? Rotten Tomatoes? hahaha, Are you serious? Those were relevant back at the end of the 2010, now are a full band of PR Based post and reviews. That is biased, fella. Imdb forgot how not to be. Why the hell do you think we don't have the famous boards of discussion there? Remember that those "critics" that you love so much, at some point, said that Avengers is the best superhero movie ever made. Your points and arguments are zero. You wrote half of page to say that I am deluded, biased and critics say. Please, do yourself a favour, next time when you want a debate come with real arguments and details, but I suspect that your movie preferances and opinions are based on imdb. He tracked down those two reporters... No one cared who he was until he put on the mask ... I don't think it was better than Raid 2, to be honest, but a real solid movie. Read somewhere it might be a trilogy. Let's see. Quite a good movie, yes. It was a surprise View all replies >