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What was Skynet's plan? Happend to anyone else? Heartbreaking Why the hate? Why do people hate it so much? Where it all went wrong for the saga? Big twist left out Rank the Terminator Saga Tim Curry or Bill Skarsgård How the hell can Cameroon let this happen? View all posts >


Because people, man. Simple I think this movie is quite fantastic, it has everything. Fantastic input, mate. Really a great read. Thanks! If you are still here, there are three that gave me the similar vibe: Like Crazy: 10.000 Kilometros: Before We Go: Good post But the question is really this: when did we see the last big title movie where the characters act intelligent? I really cannot remember a single one, but then I see that they are making Fast & Furios, what number are they now? 8? 10? Maybe they are making the movies because, sadly, 90% of the audience are really dumb. Ripley really had a point: Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away? It looks like it did. The same goes with Covenant also, who make the cast of Prometheus look class. I just don't get the mess around this and what did Scott actually do to the sequel. The story builds something, good or bad, but has something. Then Covenant comes outand brings everything down. Script, direction, cast, everything is a mess. It really seems on purpose they are trying to end this. Read something at some point, no idea if it was true, but read that Scott signed a 3 movie deal and after Prometheus and the calamity around it from the studio, he wanted to kill the saga by doing Covenant the way he did. Good post. To be honest, I disliked it when it came out, but as years passed I've watched it differently. The story is really good has a fantastic potential. The problem, from my point of view, is how 90 % of the cast acted. Noomi and Fassbender where really solid, from my point of view, but the other were in a teen comedy/slasher. Taking their masks off, acting like spoiled brats, super horny. I reckon that might be from the pressure of the studios to make it "watchable". It seems that directors get less and less of what they want. I am thinking of Scott and at Prometheus and Covenant, who are, like everything now, a CGI marathon, instead of what it was in Alien and Aliens. He did yes, but was he ready at that time for a saga of that magnitude? Nice, thanks for that! But really, looking back, it changes a lot my perspective on things. Always wondered what happend to Dallas and somehow I was thinking he might had escaped somehow. It was a really big reveal for me and sets up what the marines will find later and also, offers a closure with Dallas and shows more mistery around the alien. My problem with Dark Fate was that it followed the PC problem that you find in this time and area. There were a few good moments, I liked the ending and how got me a bit nostalgic after T2. View all replies >