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How the hell can Cameroon let this happen? One of the very best shows ever made The real ending Is all of their careers over? Terrible cover song A mess Did Sam could ever give up? Adonis is really an... What's wrong with the serie? Looks terrible View all posts >


This looks absolutely pathetic. I liked the original one, had comedy and gore, with Bale really strong as a support actor. But this looks like it was made by Honey-Boo-Boo. I am just amazed how something this stupid had those ratings. I gave it a go for 6 seasons, at first found some episodes quite funny, but it became beyond absurd. I somehow understand that they need to link this with the new audiences, the younger ones, but getting Peabo, Celine and Regina for a remastered and improved version of the old ones would had been amazing. Those songs really had soul in them, not some autotune crap that will be forgotten. Those versions were eternal. Fair points. But why at: 3. "evil government mind control experiment with clones that were abandoned and the subjects all just went insane." - but if it was abandoned, how could all of them (that was the sensation of it) could give birth? Adelaide had kids, somehow makes sense if she was the 'normal" one. But what about Kitty? Or the others that had kids? What I liked was that didn't eplained what Jeremiah 11:11 ment. That was cool. 5. I've seen that at the start, yeah, but why? I reckon Adelaide saw it when the movie started, but still made no sense why they did that. I thought the goal was to replace all of them, but looked at some point they stopped and made that chain. Also, they said they were americans a few times, so that was only on US soil, not worldwide? [SPOILERS AHEAD] 1. How could she forget who she was? Leaving that place she became the person she was not and acted like it was the other way around? 2. How did the original Adelaide stayed there and ran away? Of course, she was a kid, but no one could stop her from leaving the place, looking who the look-a-likes were. Red left the sewers without any problem so Adelaide could had done the same. 3. Who created them? And after that weird explanation, how come they kept on appearing as they did (see the kids of both families as shadows). Red said that they were abandoned after they couldn't replicate the soul. 4. Who did explain to Adelaide what was happening there and the origins of the shadows? 5. Why the human chain? What was the reason behind it. Sadly, I agree with this. The Punisher saga had huge potential and ways to build it. Instead they went and made a copy of the young and the restless. I think this is spot on and the keyword there is CG. Many of the audiences/critics are millennials their comparance levels are based on what they grew up with. It all comes down to that example of the Thing remake a few years ago. They created the creatures with props and mechanics like they did in the original, but half way into filming, the producers decided to go CGI because of many focus groups statistics they made and the audience prefered that, rather that the original version, that made the movie great. It was the same thing with season 1. I liked the movie, however the lip syncing at their final performance on Wembley was really, really poor. Out of sync, like a really bad playback band from the 90s. View all replies >