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,I I like Blunt too---she's one of these actresses that always seems to take challenging roles in interesting films,like Wind Chill,Sicario,The Huntsman:Winter's War,and I really wanted to see her in this film,since I liked the book. I missed it in theatres,but definitely see it as soon as hits DVD. She's a good actress,though,who doesn't just play the pretty girl roles she could easily fall back on,and that's why I've come to like seeing her in anything she's in recently. Yeah they are---that's already a known horror movie trope, and a good and scary one. The antagonists who put up a facade are simply more terrifying because they lull the protagonist into trusting them. Then that's when they finally drop the mask and began to show their true evil selves,lol. Yeah,he made this interesting action flick called The Fifth Comandment (2008) which he produced and starred in himself,and it's a pretty good tough action pic worth watching.He's currently playing a role as a drug addicted prisoner in the newly rebooted Prison Break series,which is an excellent action-packed series worth watching---check it out sometimes. Plus he still looks good,too. Uh,she's had a good career long before she met her co-star. She certainly doesn't need anyone to "propel" her career at this point in time,as long as she's been in the biz. And she still looks good too. I agree that she shouldn't have been so quick to defend Cosby,but to be fair,she wasn't the only person willing to defend him when those accusations first came out,either. I'm sure she's changed her mind since then. Actually,Crawford was a pretty good actress,especially when she got a part she could sink her teeth into. Davis usually owned whatever role she played,whether it was heroic or a villainous role---so they both were good in their own different ways. You don't respect anyone who doesn't think exactly like a stuck-up,self righteous right-wing idiot such as yourself? Get the hell over yourself,please. The whole damn world dosent have to think exactly like you in order to operate. Plus the fool currently in office is right-wing, and he's nothing but an ignorant fckg fool. Enough said there. Adams actually reminds me of some '40s era actress (probably because I saw in a period film where she was really good---can't recall the name, though) and she also has what used to be called girl-next door looks---fresh and clean-cut, beautiful in a down-to earth way, and all that. I've only seen a couple of her films,and she does have a fresh presence,and is likable. Id have to see more of her films to make a definite statement on her acting,though. Loved the hell out of this show back in the day because it was so damn weird,plus all the crazy,eccentric,offbeat characters on the show made it worth watching. It took me a minute to get used to the humor but it gradually grew/crept up on me like a fungus,lol. Glad it did. Not hard to see why it lasted so long,because it was a unique comedy classic in its own right. Loved the funky-as-hell theme song too. Very few shoes nowadays have memorable theme songs at all anymore. It comes on the digital channel Laughs now. Also liked the judge---thought he was cute and the fact that he was a magician made him even more intriguing (and funny too.) I really liked this show back in the day because the leads were so appealing,and the show was so funny. I always thought it was better and funnier than Friends---I've never gotten why that show was so damn popular. I was in the demographic for Friends but I just could never muster up enough interest in it. Interestingly enough,when the names of classic '90s shows are brought up,Mad About You's title doesn't come up much. The same goes for other shows of that period I really liked,such as Caroline In The City, News Radio,The Awful Truth,Ned and Stacey,Wings, The Steve Harvey Show,Moesha, Picket Fences, Living Single,In The House, and a number of others. I honestly didn't recall Mad About You being on that long,probably because I watched the first couple of years of it, then lost track of it after finding other shows I liked. View all replies >