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New season, same stupid Amy Schumer Awesome film Wayward Sisters viable now that Supernatural is scheduled to end? The water wheel generators... Status of alternate reality hunters Does the premise make more sense than what's written here? How did the people of Atlantis go from disaster above water to thriving underwater? No projector bulbs anywhere... Not a good film. Avoid. View all posts >


Indeed. It makes absolutely no sense. The double 0 designations are 100% individual. Can you imagine reading a report "007 met with X contact in Paris and established a solid relationship allowing us to get an introduction to Y" "Errr, which 007 was that?" It would be utter chaos. And only a good idea in the heads of these plebs writing this film. The whole thing reeks of desperation. I don't know exactly who is pushing for these established characters to be changed either by gender or race but it's just bloody lazy. For instance, if you want a female spy, put some effort in and fucking write an original one. I for one loved Atomic Blonde. There's no reason that couldn't be a franchise to rival Bond. Or at least try. I mean, it's basically female Bond anyway. With skilled writers it should be easy. Just look at John Wick and what it achieved in terms of world and character building in ONE film. 007 is James Bond. A man. To just swap in X minority/whatever is just plain lazy to me. I don't know. The last three were crap and got a lot of hate before release despite Bale starring in 4. Indeed. I don't want to think how many times I've re-bought Alien films in various formats/editions etc over the years. Sadly we live in a time where it's pretty much "Like our shitty film or you're racist/sexist/etc" delete as appropriate. Do these morons think that people are actually "scared" by strong female characters? Utter nonsense. People just hate their beloved characters and franchises devolving into to shitty, politically driven bullshit. Make good films and they will be well received regardless of whether the leads are men or women. He could have at least bought some proper rope for this little stunt. What an absolute whiny bitch. Supposed to be a stun gun but the audio wasn't great. From the brief interaction we saw between them and Strand on the other end of the radio "you should have been flying it" or something. I gather they're implying Strand gave her a crash course (heh) on how to pilot it just in case he couldn't be with them. That is the only explanation I think. Not LSD. Mainly coke and various sleeping pills and a bunch of alcohol. Yup. I tend to look at the RT audience score, Metacritic and IMDB. I don't give a monkeys mate. I'm 5000 miles away. View all replies >