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So the Titans are all... Dear Americans... New season, same stupid Amy Schumer Awesome film Wayward Sisters viable now that Supernatural is scheduled to end? The water wheel generators... Status of alternate reality hunters Does the premise make more sense than what's written here? How did the people of Atlantis go from disaster above water to thriving underwater? View all posts >


Did you spot the white guy that seemed to take ages to get Chappelle was talking about Smollett when he's starts talking about this "famous French actor" and then butchering the name each time. His confused face is hilarious. Kind of meh. They have a problem because anything that's not a T-800 is kind of lame really. Sure, T-1000 was OK but they're trying to keep on improving it and there's only so many times to can tweak it. On the other hand, if they just repeated the T-800, they would need Arnie to do it justice which is unlikely considering he's getting on a bit. Rotten Tomatoes is lost to us now. It's under the control of fucking losers. The scores mean absolute nothing now. Sounds about right. I believe it was originally planned to be a trilogy so as they made money, it's more than likely that they'll be a third one. Instigates discussion on forum, doesn't want responses... Your problem is being on Social Media. It's an improvement for sure. I still don't think the base song is any good though. It just doesn't flow for me. Shout out to maggot/worm zombie from Zombi 2. Ha ha. I bet he drove there in his new Lambo. View all replies >