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OK, but why was the *spolier* so different to guy that actually *spoiler* I wonder if the script writer has ever heard a drone before Nice M249 SAW, got anymore? The tower. Did I miss something? So the talking zombies... A few questions... Is a character ordering "a pint" or "a beer" and inside joke amongst film makers? Some interesting ideas... When you want to set part of your film in London... Synopisis sounds a bit like Crank View all posts >


Wow. I just looked at the track listing. I only recognize one of the artists. Not a good sign. Well done to her. Not that it matters though. No one is going to watch that shit anyway unless they take stock of their attitude and make something that appeals to more than a tiny percentage of people. I would have stashed it somewhere safe. Not had it on my person. RT scores have been compromised for a long time now. Best to ignore RT and look at Metacritic. Die Another Day is one of the worst Bond themes so no, not Oscar worthy lol pepetoony is merely mocking the absurdity of Twitter and the mentalists that call it it home. It might not be male. It might be female. It might identify as a potato. By assuming it's gender you are clearly a white supremacist male cis nazi /S The best $5 I've ever spent The only people that have an issue with RDJ doing it in Tropic Thunder have shit for brains. Yup. Cancelled way before it's time. A victim of the writers strike sadly. The Killer is phenomenal. Definitely worth a watch. View all replies >