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Synopisis sounds a bit like Crank How did the goons escape at the end? Poster with the coloured smoke is bad "There hasn’t been a ghost sighting in 30 years" Was having his ID on him when confronting the Mexicans intentional? Why no backup plan? These morons wouldn't last 10 minutes in a zombie apocalypse, let alone 10 years If only there was someone in the group that has been through the infection and can recognize it... Why go the party in their smelly sewage clothes? TWD, where nothing means anything View all posts >


Give her a break man. She's not going to look like she's attending some red carpet premiere 100% of the time... It's possible to own handguns in the UK legally. They have to have certain features depending on the caliber but they're certainly easy to get on a firearms certificate. Yup. Renewed for a 6th season. They're going to flog this dead horse for as long as they can. I seem to recall Howard did open the doors at some point but I can't remember if it was a key/keycard or pin. It would make sense to use a pin on a number pad. If key, they could just take it off his body I suppose. A shame people that buy it/watch it for Harley Quinn will get some bastardized version of her. You've forgotten the god awful Sam Smith one? Just in case you're not trolling, it's referring to the black opal that the entire film is based around. When they come out of the Earth, in their natural state, they are uncut. When they are processed for jewelry etc, they are cut. Jesus. This Scott Mendelson guy is an absolute bitch. I'm glad he's run off crying to his safe space or whatever snowflakes do. When will these losers understand it doesn't matter the age/sex/race of the characters. It matters they are well written. You will go nowhere forcing your BS understanding of equality on the audience. I don't know why more women aren't outraged at this sort of thing. Expecting women to carry a bad film just because they're female... Never underestimate the perceived need for those with lots of money to have even more. Huh? View all replies >