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How accurately would you say this famous athlete was portrayed? I can't believe I'm the first one to post on this board. Creepy and disturbing episodes Lard Ass Community (friendly party thread) Kindness Good feelings and happy thoughts Love is a wonderful thing. Why can't people tie for an Oscar? View all posts >


Wow... thank you so much for your support. I will gather my thoughts, muster up some courage and post away soon... [i]"Alice, Greg told me he saw you counting money in the kitchen."[/i] Nice... do you have a link? Thanks! Either way, there's another thread aboot this so you might want to check it out. [i]Mona, Angela's a grown woman and you're creeping me out like you did with Soap.[/i] [url][/url] She's the #1 result when searching Lard Ass. Programmers have a sense of humour. There's another thread aboot this. [i]"Tony, I know what you and Angela did and I already told Sam."[/i] Wow, they cannot even explain what a movie is??? Someone here can tell you, I'm sure. [i]"I'm so glad they put a traffic signal on the ground so I can walk and text without looking up."[/i] View all replies >