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Wow... thank you so much for your support. I will gather my thoughts, muster up some courage and post away soon... [i]"Alice, Greg told me he saw you counting money in the kitchen."[/i] Nice... do you have a link? Thanks! Either way, there's another thread aboot this so you might want to check it out. [i]Mona, Angela's a grown woman and you're creeping me out like you did with Soap.[/i] [url]https://moviechat.org/search?name=lard+ass[/url] She's the #1 result when searching Lard Ass. Programmers have a sense of humour. There's another thread aboot this. [i]"Tony, I know what you and Angela did and I already told Sam."[/i] Wow, they cannot even explain what a movie is??? Someone here can tell you, I'm sure. [i]"I'm so glad they put a traffic signal on the ground so I can walk and text without looking up."[/i] [url]https://img00.deviantart.net/c6a8/i/2015/123/2/e/lara_croft_tomb_raider_cosplay_by_kaoshoneybun-d244yz8.jpg[/url] Here's a nightmare at 26,000 feet. [url]http://www.shallowgraves.org/rainbow-valley-the-darkside-of-mt-everest/[/url] And this IS true, after all. [i]"Sam, if Robin calls, tell him I'm at Cliff's house in a way that makes him jealous."[/i] That's why people get fired for saying "no can do" while their coworkers get away with saying "ching chong" all day. [i]"The mom in the car next to me just told me to stop texting. How rude! I wasn't texting, I was on Instagram. She needs to mind her business!!"[/i] Horror movies sometimes cross paths with television episodes. Pet Cemetery was the name of a Season 5 episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. It was also the name of a horror story written by American novelist Stephen King. There was a movie called Pet Cemetery as well as that Everybody Loves Raymond episode by the same name. I hope that helps. [i]"I aksed the bus driver to text me when she gets close."[/i] The house across the street from the in-laws. Are you sure it wasn't an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond? [i]"Can't wait to have REX when you get home?! That had better be auto-correct because I am NOT grilling the god damn dog again. Text me back when you get to the next traffic light."[/i] Danny hates acting the same script twice. They wanted to remake TWiNS costarring him and Peter Dinklage but Danny outright refused. James Woods is a Republican like APK. [i]"I'm at a 4-way stop. I'll text you at the next light."[/i] Ever imagine finding something like this? [url]http://www.topdrawersoccer.com/the91stminute/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/soccer-moms.jpg[/url] [i]"The light's changing. I'll text you when the traffic lightens up."[/i] [url]https://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/turtle-hatch.html[/url] [i]"Dime save, you're almost gnome! LOL! Sorry, that was auto-correct again. I'm saying drive safe, you're almost home. We'll probably pull up at the Sam tame. Hey, did yo ever fine boat what oh I"[/i] They're taking over, and it's their technology that's going to give them the advantage. [url]https://i.imgur.com/yTQieqs.jpg[/url] Our only chance of survival is to petition the world's leaders to stop bickering and settle on an ambassador (I elect America's Jim Brewer). [i]"Everybody does it, but I still got a ticket, which is not fair!"[/i]