More Ari Aster. Good.

One of the few young directors whose work I’m excited about. Hereditary and Midsommar were a powerful and surprising one-two punch to the gut.

His shots are fantastic, the actors always smash it out of the park, he goes to very dark places, he’s done his homework and is clearly taking inspiration from the masters of horror, and his movies are mercifully woke-free.

Much like The Shining, Beau looks like elevated horror built around a great performance from one of cinema’s finest actors. Apparently it’ll break new ground using de-ageing and ageing tech to take Joaquin from the cradle to the grave.

Benjamin Button tried something similar but that was a rare misfire from Fincher that was a bit too light and dull. I’m hoping Aster’s take will inject a good dose of horror. Apparently Beau’s overbearing mother will be a frightening presence giving birth to all manner of supernatural demons.

For the first time in a long time, I might actually buy a cinema ticket…


Agreed. Aster made two really good movies and I'm looking forward to his next projects. Although the "comedy" aspect of this makes me worry. Also not a big Phoenix fan.


As long as it leans towards horror I’ll be happy. A pinch of comedy can really elevate horror, as in Scream and The Cabin In The Woods, even The Shining can be pretty funny when Jack’s losing his shit.

I actually preferred Phoenix in smaller roles like Max in 8MM, his Oscar-bait showy centre-stage roles are a bit too ‘look at me’. He’s a talented actor though and I trust Aster to do something interesting with him.