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There is no post-credits scene This looks like.... The Flash Portrayal of Steven P Really good movie This film is very average This film is rubbish Spoiler The problem with this movie Bono's daughter View all posts >


I wouldn't say there are epic disappointments. But it's nowhere near as good as Infinity War IMO. I just watched LIT too recently. Yes, ATIHK is much better. And Jamie is much hotter than Scarlett too, which is important. Jess has always been hot. Check her out as jailbait in "Tamara Drew". Don't worry. It's a very funny movie, similar in tone to the first one. Lizzy Olsen by a mile. Scarlett isn't aging well I am afraid. I would have loved Valkyrie in this though. SPOILER!!!!!! Tony Stark doesn't die. Or turn to dust...... No mid credits scene. The Forbes spoilers are all correct. That was the whole point to show how he had erred. This is one of the greatest films ever. View all replies >