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The only plot twist is... Almost as good as Martyrs. MUST WATCH Very good sci-fiction/noir/cyberpunk movie! Pretty good horror, worth the watch. Imagine being inside mentally ill person's mind I genuinely liked it, especially the ending It is VERY good. Must watch! It is quite boring, yet somehwhat original Not very good, but... those who liked infamous Babadook, will like this one too Great sci-fi movie with some neat and original ideas View all posts >


Because as he said, only fire is real. Fire destroys evil all the time. Haha you have poor taste in movies then. This film was classic. Not for the weak minded who love Christmas movies SO? I saw it like 10 years ago but only once and it was enough for me. Still kept thinking about the movie for many years. Spacey did nothing wrong. I'd like he pound me too I think Martyrs will be too much for this guy. He's too sensitive and wants happy endings. you sound like an inbred. it was explained that the faces were blocked from the video, they had some special blocking devices, the black detective said it herself. They could not zoom in what is blocked. But those who blocked faces forgot about other body parts it seems. So STEM found out. The ending is way better than the bullshit Hollywood shits out nowadays with those pussy happy endings which are all the same. Every single one of them. Maybe you are just too sensitive to a good, realistic and at the same time, shocking ending? Some people were so brainwashed that they expect melodramas from science fiction thrillers. And your username is horror-fan? You sound like Disney movie fan Are you autistic? These movies are quite similar in their plot. View all replies >