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Not just newcomers. Do you remember Dazed? She left Moviechat years ago unfortunately and deleted her account along with many of her posts. The last one was talking about exactly this situation. I didn't get it at the time. Now I do. It also seems that the sewing circle has been circulating my name as being the moderator. Pretty funny stuff because I think BillHicksFan was Mod5 last month. Though it does explain a few things I had been wondering about lately. Time for me to take a little break. Fun times! Glad you got out, and Happy New Year. Happy New Year They must have a manual override for the gate, so I'm sure she is out. Ok...I don't think the line workers handle that but maybe they can give it a shot after they free Otter and her colleagues. 😂 Free Otter!! swim? yes ice skate? yes ski? no change a car tire? yes play a musical instrument? yes speak a language besides english? no complete your income taxes? yes crack your knuckles? yes use a compass? yes play charades? yes play chess? yes Happy New Year Amateur. How many arrests? View all replies >