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Matt Taibbi: "We're In A Permanent Coup" Members of Previous Generations Now Seem Like Giants Not good - 4/10 SPOILERS An Inspiring Act of Grace Stratego, are you safe? Barr and Durham must be getting very close to the truth. World is ending at 4:44, but they're still delivering Chinese food at 8:44? Delta won't let pit bulls on airplanes PEACH MINTS Songs for Mr. Dewey View all posts >


We were caught between two allies in this case. Extricating ourselves from this part of the world, whether it's Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, was never going to be a clean and easy process. He shouldn't have allowed the Mattis resignation to delay the withdrawal. It should have been done earlier and it should be happening everywhere U.S. forces are currently deployed in the Middle East, except for whichever air bases are deemed strategically useful for the long-term. I was sure Bolton had a hand in this from the beginning. His reaction to being fired was a good clue that something along these lines would be coming. It would have been a great storyline for Thor 2 and Ragnarok. Instead we got dark elf TIE fighters shooting frickin laser beams for Thor 2 and The Kiwi Comedy Hour for Ragnarok. Posting on the Trump board will get you banned? Are the discs made out of gold? I want all of our troops out of the Middle East beyond whatever skeleton force is needed to maintain a few heavily fortified air bases. In that respect, Trump hasn't done enough for my liking. I liked the first one but got sick of it halfway through the second. Overkill, literally. In the early morn when mine eyes are bleary That's the time for Dunkin' Donuts coffee! 🍩☕️ No, he’s going make a woman out of Rey and give her the final power boost she needs to defeat the Emperor and all the other villains you <i>only thought</i> were dead— Maul, Zam Wessell, Jango Fett, the three lizard monsters from the attempted stadium execution on Geonosis, Dooku, Grievous, Greedo, the garbage compactor monster, the Wampa, the Rancor, Boba Fett, Jabba, Vader and Snoke. View all replies >