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Anyone else like "Reaction videos"? Rasmussen poll Today's date is palindrome Thief. Usurper. "Once Upon a Time" Reminds me of McRib is back today Happy Thanksgiving to all! 🎈🎈🎈 hownos 60,000 🎈🎈🎈 How the State Department explained Ukraine electoral fraud in 2004. Notice a few things? View all posts >


Eve must be a transwoman of color. You're heartless. Imagine being forced to live in this dump I hope things turn around for those poor kids soon. Nope. Master manipulator. Harry got played. Never liked this band. To me, their music sounded like amateur retakes of Nirvana. Story time: Way back in 1996, I was working as a security guard at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square, NYC when Bush did an in-store concert. The "backstage" area was the store's book department. I caught Gavin loading up a bag with anything he thought looked interesting. Knowing that the area was 100% covered with recorded video and listening to that inner voice that told me to not confront him directly, I just reported it immediately to my superiors. I was told later that the record company cut a check for $2k without any questions. Apparently they were used to this kind of behavior. True. The Butterfly Effect was a good movie and was more coherent as a narrative, but Donnie Darko was something really special. Incredibly impactful performances coupled with a very unique atmosphere. Lightning in a bottle. Sadly, Richard Kelly was never able to match it afterward -- including his "Director's Cut" of DD, which I recommend skipping in favor of the original. On Deadly Ground (1994). Obviously. It checks out. Dogs love the water. I despise Cuomo but his MeToo charges are not hanging offenses. No reason for him to resign. View all replies >