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I like the idea 3). It surely fits. Obviously no. 2 is not the case since we see a witch, or more of them, multiple times during the film, alone, or interacting with the world. The subtitle sure can give a hint. As for ambiguity, there's a decent amount of it, so we can come to our own interpretations and/or discussions, which I like. But enough material to dismiss no. 2. Up to interpretation, but I believe he called his buddy to let him know he’ll confess everything tomorrow. I agree. This movie's theme had potential. A nice, feel-good movie could be done. Rarely does the shaky cam work. Yet it's being overused and abused. Plus when they zoom in it makes me feel sick. And this is on a 24" screen. I think I would throw up in a theater. I agree, 6 as well for me. It went downhill for me when the love story started. Otherwise great potential. Nice. Although I cannot find any connection with this movie. Totally agree. The Conjuring 6/10, Insidious 7/10, Babadook 8/10 for me. This movie: 6/10 but mostly due to good acting and good camera/cinematography. The movie is a good example how to tie loose ends and finish up with a story and still leave a lot of room for interpretation. I too thought the roofied girl would let her go with the plan and then report to the police she was drugged which could have at least give her a room to fight for innocence. However, we're often told by her she doesn't have feelings... so I'd say it's very likely she admitted to the cops right away. I don't know what the procedure is, I guess the forensics and police should do their job and let the proofs tell/confirm the story first. But one can argue, this is an upper-class house/family, cops are busy/don't care, so why bother with what seems to be a straightforward case. Also, the main protagonist seems to have developed a thick shell by the end. Of course, we should assume she cleaned herself, hid (and burned later) the clothes, and made the scene when calling the cops. Also, we don't know with certainty the main protagonist has or has not improved The Technique, so we don't know if her tears are real in the kitchen scene (I'd guess yes) but towards the end of the movie the main protagonist is getting progressively emotionless. So we need to take that into account when we imagine her report to the cops. Or maybe she let her mother come and do the report. I like the way we have options to fill in the gaps, without the movie forcing us into a matrix, but still completing its job of wrapping up the story. It only shows us the "facts" what the characters did or did not, but doesn't tell us what to think about them. Ending, kind of a disappointment for me... seemed like rushed (esp. compared to the rest of the movie). - How did the teen girl know where to run to on a basis of a single picture? Ok, maybe she recognized the girl. - Why would the teenage girl run directly to his house? Wouldn't a typical teenager (and for the teen girl character we aren't shown she has special skills or thinking process - only ordinary), first run to (a) school principal/staff (b) police (c) parents? - How did they unlock the door? There's a box with passport and other stuff broken on concrete but I don't remember him putting the door key there. - Since Teresa's character had SIM card taken, doesn't the teen girl, once found her, have one? And if so, why not call the police? - Since the ending is so rushed, we couldn't figure out timelines when the teen girl came, box broken, and the door unlocked but it sure wasn't enough for them to get out of the building... You could put it into context and fill in the details for the ending to have sense but it's just too rushed. Also, I respect thought-provoking endings (eg. did she go to the police) but in this case, we don't have enough material to work with. At one point we're shown she, either developing affection towards him or trying to gain his trust but filmmakers make this a dead-end alley. And next step is him trying to get rid of her, then her again trying to escape, and him again trying to replace her. And then, in the end, I'm left with a feeling, filmmakers were like 'ok, this has been dragging long enough, finish it'. View all replies >