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The police came to my house today. Apple is designing a new flying car. Two interesting and related facts I learned today. Doctors have found a cure for Dyslexia. I asked my girlfriend if I was the only one she's been with. I can't wait for the sequel "Ur Giving Me 2 Much Hate. I just finished watching the cinematic masterpiece known as "Cats". All of these cancellations and social distancing is allowing me to rewatch movies. Turn a movie title into something related to a virus. This whole quarantine thing is making me use my right hand more. View all posts >


They already have. Twice in my life. Look at that blatant assault. To the pound they go. I read about this. Shame on you for having Hello Kitty pajamas. Let's just say that I hate dogs. I hate the arrogance of it. People leaving their houses with an "I don't care attitude." It's not about you, it's about someone else letting sick because of you. Definitely. In "The Matrix Reloaded" there is a scene where Neo, Morpheus and Trinity are looking for the Keymaker. Long story short, one specific line sets off a 20-minute action scene after they find the Keymaker. When I saw it I was scratching my head on why they decided to write the line in. It was so incredibly lazy and it was only written because they decided to write something else in that they shouldn't have. I hope I'm your favourite asshole. He doesn't get made fun of enough. Sounds more like a porn to be honest. This one is too hard. View all replies >