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I wrote a review of a Japanese film. One thing I'm glad about movies being released today. Petition to have samoanjoes removed from moviechat for his puns. Her real last name is Gajew. Atheism is a sham. Guess the Sabbath song with this image. I hated high school but sometimes I really miss it. She's gotta stop doing her cringey dancing. Under appreciated actor. Use one word. Guess the movie title. View all posts >


It was only one guy. I'm with this guy. ^^^^^ We have a place called Dildo in Canada. I hear the winters can be long and hard. People would miss my SamoanJokes. Happy Gilmore? Nope. And I've only seen one movie in LaserDisc. I went to a friend's house and for some reason they had Disclosure. The movie sucked but it was memorable for being the only movie I saw on LaserDisc. I would have just crowed. Hook. I hate that movie but I saw it so many times as a kid. Congrats on 1000 posts. Sounds like a place I'd visit. View all replies >