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Why are actors so bad at playing news anchors on TV? Never seen an episode. Terrible band. She's too hot for Elon Musk. Will I understand this girl if I didn't see the first 9 Ana Mulvoys? Alec Baldwin accidentally kills a woman on set. This is the first time Villeneuve has disappointed me. Girls with 3 arms are hot. Humble Pie. Funniest clip I've seen in a while. View all posts >


1. Cat's Eye (1985) 2. One Day (2011) 3. The Blob (Various years) It's the leaning tower of cheesa. Spain or pain? Are you looking through peoples windows again? Before, trans people would transition to a different gender and that was it. But the problem now is that after they transition, everyone is supposed treat them like they actually are that gender. People can't get on board with that. Have you tried those creams that warm your face? I found that when I use it, the shave is so much more smooth. I find that it pulls hair often instead of trimming it. Call out rap music and you're racist. Stay silent about rap music, it's hurtful to women. Catch-22. Tip Torn hits Norman Mailer with a hammer as they fight. There's video of it: I've only seen: "Kes", "Sorry We Missed You" and "I, Daniel Blake". I liked them all. View all replies >