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How did they know? Damn it. Well, at least she's honest Sure to sweep the Oscars. Japan asks China to stop anal tests on its citizens. Name a fake movie that was in a real movie that needs to be made. He wanted to take over the World but did not get around to it. This movie is nuts. Get rid of the visuals and there's nothing great about it. Why would anyone watch this? View all posts >


Depressing movies are the best ones. <blockquote>I don't have any long running series that I really find bingeworthy. They tend to be a little inconsistent over time with some episodes better than others. </blockquote> Pretty much why I <i>almost</i> completely avoid TV shows. The Pawnshop Chronicles contains a long scene where a bunch of nude women are in cages. One girl exits the cage and is completely nude for the the remainder of the scene. It was really gratuitous. This is the best movie (of the ones I've seen) in the MCU. And I hate the MCU. I mean it wasn't a movie. It was just something Ricky filmed. No. I've never turned off a film after 5 minutes. I usually stick around for at least half an hour. But even that is rare. I hate not finishing a movie I started. That's more of an informercial though. Doesn't count. I thought that was a real movie. View all replies >