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Santa Claus: The Movie (1985) vs. The Santa Clause (1994) Star Trek: The Next Generation - Every Episode all at Once in 8K Worst. Christmas. Movie. Ever! Do some moviechat users have more character limits than others? Rate this Christmas song out of 10 or else Santy Claus won't fit down your chimney. Metalheads, rate this song out of 10 or else Bennymuso returns. She says it's weird Hollywood ever considered her curvy. I went bobsleighing for the first time last night. Do you have any faith this will be good? A clip that was banned in the UK until 2007. View all posts >


Yeah, I play the director who is filming the movie within the porn movie with you banging a blowup doll. Only 7 survivors? We should open a snow globe store and Call it "Wint3r Glob3s." Kowalski's sex tape. <blockquote>So? The premise is just an ultra-condensed summary of the plot.</blockquote> Not exactly. Martin Scorsese said his film "bringing Out the Dead" has a story but no plot. <blockquote>The Christmas party is incidental and very short-lived (it's not exactly a party anymore once you're being held at gunpoint)</blockquote> Being attacked by 3 sharks doesn't change the fact that in "Deep Blue Sea" they were in an underwater marine facility. Having a bomb on a bus doesn't change the fact that they were in the traffic riddled streets of LA in "Speed" <blockquote>You're making stuff up, and your idea that kids would definitely be at a New Year's Eve party is at odds with typical real-world New Year's Eve parties. </blockquote> I didn't say "definitely." I said parents don't like it. There a reason why cities often offer free public transportation on only that one day a year. I'm from Toronto and they do it ever year. <blockquote>But it could have been without affecting the plot,</blockquote> Again, this is "ifs" and "buts". "Your honour, if I didn't drink and drive, the guy I hit would have been hit instead by the other guy who was speeding". <blockquote>"Avoidance"? What are you talking about? I didn't include the word "actor" because it's not important. </blockquote> You agreed earlier that the film was about an actor. But it's fine that you clarified here that you wanted to stress a change on that specific comment. <blockquote><b>They are "moving pictures." The term is self-explanatory.</b></blockquote> And an animated film with a series of still images is considered one? <blockquote>TV series episodes fit the original and still valid definition of "movie," which is all that matters.</blockquote> Tell that to Ingmar Bergman's later films or 2 of the episodes in Krzysztof KieĊ›lowski's "Dekalog" series. <blockquote>Considered by who? It fits the definition of "episode" which is all that matters.</blockquote> Nobody considers "Frankenstein" a TV episode. Literally no one. <blockquote>Strictly speaking, there's no such thing as a "moving picture" to begin with. </blockquote> Earlier you said the meaning is self explanatory. I bolded it for you. So are they films or not? <blockquote>I already said that, i.e., "English has no official governing body."</blockquote> I know you said that, that's why I brought up 2 changes which have been accepted. <blockquote>That's because it's WAY beyond the level of ordinary Hollywood absurdity, mainly because it's an utter non sequitur, which is only suitable for comedies.</blockquote> I find the idea of oil drillers landing on an asteroid in space to be absurd in itself. Even as a kid, I knew this was stupid. Hollywood logic includes one of the Fast and the Furious movies where one of their cars somehow ends up in space and causes no destruction to their car in that atmosphere. <blockquote>The only changes that are valid are organic ones, like in your examples of "awful" and "nice."</blockquote> What makes them organic? What decade? No problems with me. I use DuckDuckgo. Maybe it's a specific browser problem. This is why I don't use torrents anymore. I can only imagine how much their computer was lagging trying to make this video. View all replies >