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"What ever happened to" actors. "The worst movie I have ever seen." Only one thread for this legend? I don't care if you're liberal or conservative. One of my biggest fears. Schwarzenegger vs. Stallone vs. Van Damme vs. Seagal IMDb really needs to change her picture. IMDb's top 250 from 2010 was so much different from 2020. A girl called me ugly until she found out how much money I make. I got called a transphobe today and I gave a response that left the person without anything to say. View all posts >


There's nothing riveting about closing credits. In that case, you might have missed the ending. Both films end with white text scrolling upward over a black background. The text showed the people who were in it, the characters they played as well as the cast. Quite riveting stuff. Had to look that up. Can't say I'm a fan of this Zeke & Brody you speak of. Nick. Greg Kinnear gets the odd bad movie. I remember when he went missing a few years ago. I can't name the last movie I saw him in. I don't really watch many TV shows and when I do, it's certainly not going to be that. I looked her up on IMDb. I only saw her in The Fall. I don't remember her. I only know it because I saw a commercial with him in it and I was like "oh, it's Skeet Ulrich." Pretty much all of them. Rose McGowan is only relevant now because of her activism. EDIT: Skeet Ulrich is in Riverdale. View all replies >