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About as talented as a walnut. Julia Roberts was suggested to play Harriet Tubman in the movie. No, really. Very ironic that the new "Cats" trailer gets released on national toilet day. Is Zack Snyder a good director? Who is your favourite "bird" in Hollywood? What's your favourite moviechat feature? Danny Elfman used to be such a good composer. Do you ever find yourself agreeing with an old post and then realize you wrote it? Paramount is planning a remake. Don't you hate how making one little criticism about immigrants suddenly makes you racist? View all posts >


I just noticed it a few minutes ago. And I'm Canadian. Thanksgiving was done last month. I love the tracking shots in There Will Be Blood. They're more subtle than how it's done in Boogie Nights. The first shot in Boogie Nights was very showy. I love the dolly and tracking shots on it. The shots seem planned out better with it's use of symmetry. I'm not taking away anything with Boogie Nights, it's still well directed. Well, you could sterilize it by putting rubbing alcohol in your toilet. I hate the way his movies look. Everything looks too filtered and fake. I like Boogie Night better than There Will be Blood except on the technical level. You're right, I did underestimate it. I just assumed because there were other days where we celebrate stupidity, that this was another one. I know some people run it in the shower but that's just nasty. What I do is after it's unclogged, I flush the toilet so that it has clean water and I put a lot of cleaning liquid in the toilet and stir the plunger around in that. As long as you do it right away, there won't be any smell. Please don't mention "Cats" in the same sentence as that brilliant piece of artwork. "For once..." View all replies >