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ATM: Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) Movie discussion group. Let's discuss! Amazing. The hype is justified. My review. How would his skills compare to the best actors of today? What did you think of her American accent in Blue Jasmine? Is it really better if we do not have secrets? Rocky's relationship with his coach What happened to her career? Rank the great songs in this film! View all posts >


I have some discussion questions below which could orient your comments if you want, but how you want to discuss the movie is [b]completely up to you[/b]. You can answer as many discussion questions (or none) as you want when you comment. [i]Please note that there is NO correct answer for any of these discussion questions. [/i] We just want to hear from your perspective on any aspect of the movie that interested you. Discussion questions (optional; focus on as many [or none] as you want): Q: The movie sees various characters realizing themselves. There seems to be one pivotal moment for each character that symbolizes a change in each character like: a) the eldest daughter hooking the speaker to retort to her annoying neighbors, b) the father realizes that he can taste food again, and c) the second daughter deciding not to go to Amsterdam. What might these these actions really symbolize about what's going on in the minds of these characters? Q: Why is this movie called "Eat Drink Man Woman"? Q: Emma Thompson said that she decided to approach Ang Lee to direct "Sense and Sensibility" after watching this movie. What about "Eat Drink Man Woman" might have prompted Emma to make the (excellent and very successful) decision to approach Ang Lee for S&S? Q: Do we still see flashes of Ang Lee's current style (evidenced in recent movies like "Life of Pi") in this film, or has he changed completely? Again, there are no "correct" answers to these questions. Your opinion is just as good as mine. Feel to ignore this and discuss any other aspect of the movie. See my response to keybored On further consideration I have decided to choose "Eat drink man woman". Will post the thread after watching the movie. Ok, then I will stick to Wild Strawberries. Will get the thread up within a day or two. :) What I had in mind is a double-feature in which we review two movies exploring the theme parents alienated (by trying to reconnect) with their children. The two movies are: Wild Strawberries (92 minutes, 1957, Sweden, directed by Ingmar Bergman) and Eat Drink Man Woman (120 minutes, 1994, Taiwan, directed by Ang Lee). The latter was likely influenced by the former, but has a different story altogether. Both movies can be viewed online with subtitles. But before I post a thread for this, do you honestly think that two movies of this length will be too long for such an exercise? Give me your honest opinion, and if you feel it is too long, which movie would be better all by itself? If two movies is too long, I guess I would choose Wild Strawberries as a stand-alone, but do tell me your opinion. Hi Movieman, Just give me a day to locate the movies that I am interested in. Can I pick a double feature? Two movies in two different languages both focusing on the same theme and have us compare and contrast the two? Hey Movieman, Sorry for not responding for a long time. I was laid off some time back and have been a wreck ever since. I could see it coming and tried my best to prevent it but was not successful. Yeah, I would say I would say I will remain inactive for some time (most likely till I find a new job and am settled in it). Sorry for being MIA and thanks a ton for handling things! I really love this group and hope to be back ASAP! Thanks Allaby! "The other was how quick the town fell apart as every one became suspicious of one another and becoming an unrulely mob. I can see why the town would be in hysterics as the killer was at large, still how far can society push it's limits or burn bridges for justice. I think the killer had points in a way they were a society in decline from sex, gambling, criminal behavior ect, but willing to caste the first stone upon the insane. They could stop at any moment to make their lives better as they were normal people instead of looking for a scrape goat to justiy their actions. I'm not saying the killer should be let go, but the town was not a shinning city on the hill it tried to present itself as." Brava!! I agree with everything in your post! The greatest movies and pieces of literature are timeless because they document patterns of human thought and behavior that are also timeless. View all replies >