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Creepshow 18. Andrea Riseborough. Oblivion to Mandy vs.. Footprints in the snow...(spoilers) Lost a whole rating point..... So...Thanos is Al Gore? What's with Kurt Russell channeling John Wayne? Started out OK.... By the creators of Food Inc. Very little technical information. View all posts >


It's 6.2 with 102k votes. I predict it will fall below 6 by the end of summer. Not bitter old men, experience men who've seen it all. It takes a lot to impress the wise. You have to ask? It's pretty much "in your face" the whole movie. I mean Liberace gay. Just her boobs. Yep. Exactly what I was thinking while watching this movie. "Its like saying Transformers 5 is better than Transformers 4. They are both bad. 1917's gimmick is that its filmed in one shot, which it isn't." ^^^This^^^ 1917 6/10 Dunkirk 6/10 LMAO LMAO Reminded me of Chicago winning Best Picture. Just blows my mind these people are allowed to vote. I wouldn't have made the reference if I hadn't seen it. Since you couldn't make that connection on your own, I'm going to take your post as meaningless. View all replies >