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Creepshow 18. Andrea Riseborough. Oblivion to Mandy vs.. Footprints in the snow...(spoilers) Lost a whole rating point..... So...Thanos is Al Gore? What's with Kurt Russell channeling John Wayne? Started out OK.... By the creators of Food Inc. Very little technical information. View all posts >


"GARFIELD IS WORSE". I second that. Lol. "Did they actually refer to the lawmen as 'highwaymen' in the movie?". Yes. Well that didn't answer their question. Lol. It's actually defined within the film. When they hired Hamer and told him what his salary was. Hamer and Gault were the Highwaymen. Which is basically a Highway Patrolman. They were no longer Texas Rangers. They weren't Government Agents. They didn't even get badges. All this information was told in the film. LMAO. 5/10. Nothing to write home about. 👍 Hawkeye's haircut. I thought I stumbled into one of Bryan Singer's pool parties. Hawkeye's haircut represented them pretty well IMO. Same here. 7/10. "No one" is two words. View all replies >