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Pee-Wee's Big Adventure is this watchable? Links dont work Ain't got a chance Even worse than the first Aint this just the same thing Same old Same old Great Film Gawd Awful View all posts >


Mel Brooks, 94 E.T. ? Iron Giant , a personal fav I noticed this years ago, it seems over 90% appear to be smokers. Sometimes it looks like they have non-smokers in the mix just holding cigs but not pulling on them. It makes you think Phillip Morris is the true sponsor of the show This is the only ep that really frightened me watching when I was 7 That terrifying scream gave me nightmares for weeks. For such a cheesy show they could show scar a kid Agreed, so advanced it’s timeless. Still being covered today Pa-Tot-Toe Throw pillows, there were always loads of throw pillows on that sofa Actually that was a pretty good jam by The Dirty Mac, ignoring the vocals You mean Napoleon's?, yeah I heard everything was Blown-aparte John, when he actually cared about product George, such a wit Ringo, how can anyone not like Ringo Paul, best talent, great musician, but selfish, inconsiderate and condescending View all replies >