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Aint this just the same thing Same old Same old Great Film Gawd Awful Save The Kids Are Alright Actors over Acting Last EP 5/21 Goodbye The Middle Losing Spencer Dinner with The Goldbergs View all posts >


How, if the kid who stars in it was born in 2009? same, gave up on this show last season but this show has run it's course, same old formula week after week. Now some lame wise -ass is gonna respond "Then don;t watch it" Scrooge (1970) The musical with Albert Finney, it was an annually traditional viewing at my house You All Yes I know the whites are on the show, they keep calling them "whites" The most racists show on TV, but that's OK cause their only racist against Whites Keith Morrison, It would have to be Keith Morrison Theresa Knorr, what a disturbing person she was, just recently passed in 9/2019 I believe Too bad Peter Thomas is no longer with us, his great voice made the show Now if they could only get Liev Schiebner Here is something you may not have thought of, don't read or reply to posts you can stick it up your bum, but you're probably already engaged in that. Loved Split Second back in the 70's View all replies >