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Finally got around to watching these films back to back - well, consecutive evenings - and enjoyed them both equally well. Inevitably there are differences and a film student could probably write a decent compare and contrast essay on these. But perhaps the most interesting difference is between the German and American trailers on my Mostly Martha DVD. The German trailer gives an honest expectation of the film. The American trailer chops scenes from all over the film such that the end result could be any generic romcom, and I wonder if that did the film a disservice. If this film got made, with this cast and style and story, and I got to see it, then I would enjoy it whoever was at the helm. So I don't agree that it's appreciated just because it's a QT film - but I do suspect only QT could have got it made. I find this film poor I'm afraid. It's very wordy and Burton is very stagey and the action scenes are rubbish. I think Claire Bloom and Frederick March and a lot of the supporting cast do good job but it's such a hurried trot though history it leaves the centre of the film empty. It's a pity, I remember quite enjoying this film as a kid. About the only good thing is that I got to the end which is more than I can say about the Oliver Stone version. Naw, great film - perfect Sunday afternoon matinee movie. Well I'd heard about it and it's often given as the reason he remained a bachelor - so not exactly a suppressed factoid. What is utterly baffling is why people found him attractive - probably not a question that can be answered when viewed from our point in time - unless you can find a committed Nazi to ask? Neither do I (apologies for extending thread). Reminds me of a young Melanie Griffith. Well I cannot find the tweet now so I'm wondering where that went. Maybe I'm slipping between alternative realities without noticing? His wife, Alice Evans, posted a little arriving home video on twitter a day or so ago - looks like he made it back. Possibly because he wrote the book? I read the book and really liked it then saw the film and didn't love it. I think having Steve Martin in the cast unbalanced the story. But I watched it again recently and liked it a lot more. One of these days I'll have to reread the book just see if that changes my opinion. View all replies >