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It was a favourite when it first appeared on TV and I probably watched it several times. Then for many years it disappeared before turning up again - and it's great! Takes a little while to work it's magic but a pleasant accompaniment to a glass of whisky. I must get a copy so it's not so long between viewings. Agreed. In many ways it's a pulp movie - nothing original or clever but entertaining. Reminded me of a Hammer Film at their peak. It's funny that when they finally got together I thought - too soon, something is going to go wrong - and it promptly did. But the fact I was aware of the time showed I wasn't totally engaged and I'm not really sure why. It's a film about a film and has many favourites and there was nothing wrong - maybe I'll like it more the next time I watch it? Oh she'll definitely keep on working the only question is at what kind of level. It's interesting that she appears to have 7-8 films already lined up after Star Wars which may be wise planning by herself and/or others. I'm thinking there's a good chance there will be a successful post breakthrough career. Bogart - when they were both stars. Ah! So that's where she went. Damn yanks! At least we still have Honeysuckle :) Not the same fate - possibly a different one and possibly worse financially - which is what really counts I guess. First Man was a brilliantly made film about a man the whole world knows who did great things whilst apparently struggling with great loss. I liked it very much and I think the people who condemned it for not being yet another flag waving exercise missed the point. I have no idea who Fred Rogers was and I suspect no one outside of North America and perhaps of a certain age does either. I suspect it's returns depend entirely on the USA cinema going public and I'm guessing it's not the kind of film that will draw them in. Gee, I dunno - is the film really that bad? OR, was he about to expose how he faked the moon landings from his secret studio - on the moon? Thanks. I guess you get used to big films being released world-wide in the same week - but it must kill the momentum when they stagger the release. That's very true. I thought Mickey Rourke was very good in this but Cusack would have been good too. View all replies >