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Yeah I did like that, thanks. Looks like an interesting channel to explore. Nikita, Leon, Angel-A and I liked Valerien as well. Plus some others as a writer and at least he has style. Not such a bad record really? The main reason I watch this particular film is Rosanna Arquette. But I do have a lot of interest in the background of older British films from the 1940s-60s in particular, before everything started to change so quickly - so perhaps you're right. I like it as it is. Also, I'm not sure what a functional green park is but the plot is too small for anything that might give a sense of open space. Nia Roberts. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0731457 Obviously works in English as well but her best roles are in Welsh language productions - Solomon & Gaenor, Y Pris, Patagonia. I agree, and thanks. Because most of it is rubbish plus we westerners think cartoons are for kids. Having said that I personally like the Anime that filters through to a cinema release in the UK - though they are very few and far between. I'm not sure even a Google AI could unpick one of his questions - I usually get lost in the 2nd paragraph. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glossary_of_Japanese_words_of_Portuguese_origin#:~:text=It%20is%20often%20suggested%20that,%22%2Dsound%20change%20of%20arigataku. which is a long link. I just googled "arigato obrigado origin" and this was the first return. <blockquote>evidence indicates arigatō has a purely Japanese origin, so these two words are false cognates.</blockquote><i>Wikipedia</i> But when you Google it's surprising how many times this question has been asked. View all replies >