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Life will find a way. Maybe. It would be interesting if they put the Silverado cast back together with a good script - always liked that film. Despite everything Waterworld worked and made money. Perhaps it would have been better if it hadn't if that meant The Postman was never made? But it's funny how quickly an a star can appear to fall out of fashion. Also, as I remember the book, his brother was a complete psychopath, brilliant but uncontrollably dangerous. In the book the Brother had a much bigger role carving out a path to power on Earth. I think this is one of those films where everyone who loved the book hated the changes they made. Several years later, and several more since I read the book, it doesn't seem too bad a film. I meant it in the sense that the actors were to told pause, hold a dramatic stance and declaim the line. It was my impression that (1) she was committing the unpardonable son of growing up and talking about serious things and (2) had deliberately stepped off the treadmill to ... (see (1) above). But I don't really know - I saw her for the 1st in Passengers which I really liked but apparently most didn't so I missed the whole ascent to stardom phase. I thought it was an excellent film - though I think it's more about Armstrong as a man than Apollo as a project. I've also seen In the Shadow of the Moon and Apollo 11 recently which are also excellent but in completely different ways. Our genes are not affected and changed over our lifetime - except when they are damaged and the resulting cancer kills us - which somewhat lessens our chances of passing them on. I would suggest that we see more 'masculine' women because lifestyle and acceptability changes within society and they <i>allowed</i> to be more physical - and that has zero to do with random changes in DNA between one generation and the next. I always thought of him as a stalwart, dependable kind of leading man - which is perhaps another way of saying he did all the basics well but never did anything flashy? It seems to me that actors like this are simply there for much of their career and it's only in the latter stages when they suddenly step out of character that people suddenly say - wow, this guy can act, give him an award. Also this quote, “I didn’t care about the movies, really,” he said in his 80s. “I was tall. I had curly hair. I could talk. It was easy to do.”, perhaps indicates he didn't take it terribly seriously. Alias was must watch TV when it first ran and Bradley Cooper is an actor I enjoy watching now. But I never connected him with Alias until rewatched the first episode this evening. When I look at IMDb there were a lot of roles between Alias and his current stardom that I didn't see and maybe he didn't make that much of an impression on me at the time - though it would be interesting to ask the distaff side of the household if they have a different memory - so maybe my lack of connectivity is not too surprising. But as other have observed it interesting to see the different career trajectories over time. I know there are many interesting actors I've noticed who apparently fade away - guess I'd make a lousy talent spotter for any film organisation? View all replies >