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Yep. Very long time since I've seen the original which I remember as a better film but I didn't particularly like that one either. It's not a question of aging - it was pretty awful at the time. Admittedly less than the first film but not bad for the times we live in? Then again if the budget really is twice the original they've got a long way to go. May be ego. Could also be about protecting the brand. These guys make the big bucks in certain types of films within a narrow range of character type and need to meet audience expectations. Also, with the possible exception of Jason Sratham, I suspect most of these guys are very limited in what they can do on screen so there is even more need to protect the brand. This looks like another dumb unadjusted list - where is Gone With The Wind or The Wizard Of Oz? Well, two movies so far, not quite everything 😀 But a heck of a jump start to a movie career - good luck to the girl. Probably kill me off too but I'd love to experience that landscape. Like others on this board it would start with a large amount of shelving to get my books and DVDs organised - and probably finding I no longer want half of them in the process. Then a series of quietly scenic holidays - around the UK would be fine to begin with - so I can add to my heap of thoroughly mediocre photographs. Near the top of the list would be walking across Australia, as in the book & film Tracks, and a season in Antarctica. That's interesting, thanks. It's surprising these kind of complaints started so long ago and yet cartoons a little like this were on Saturday morning children's TV when I was a kid - admittedly a long time ago now. Day to day pretty much the same as now. But I would take time to work through my modest bucket list. View all replies >