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Yeah, but it was a cute, funny, self-deprecating scene (from a Disney POV) - I liked it. I think a big attraction for this program was the alternative history approach - but as it diverges further from our reality it gets less interesting. a human coding error. I'd be curious to see what kind of error leads to -> Nuke LA. I liked it. There were liberties taken with the story and a hefty dose of modern sensibilities but I thought it was fun. Yes. Every now and then there will be something silly that people who like to be outraged will get outraged about but generally it's for the greater good. I like ballet & opera & Shakespeare and if it takes extra funding to get those out to the sticks and into schools then I think it's money well spent. It also supports the small stuff - which even if it looks amateurish and bit rubbish could well be the first steps for some peoples career and is a satisfying community activity for the others. Plus, every now and then someone produces figures to show that as an investment it returns it's value several times over in the UK's TV and Film industry and the tourist attracting Theatres - so you can justify in purely economic terms. It's one of those films that's always been around - at least it was on TV when I was growing up and there were only a few terrestrial channels to choose from. 1. John J. Pershing https://moviechat.org/nm0675434 2. Bernard L. Montgomery moviechat.org/nm0599728 3. doris miller https://moviechat.org/nm1181944/Doris-Dorie-Miller 4. Desmond T. Doss https://moviechat.org/nm3691984 5. Hideki Tôjô https://moviechat.org/nm0865692 6~ George S. Patton https://moviechat.org/nm0666567/George-S-Patton 7. Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller https://moviechat.org/nm0700424 8. William Tecumseh Sherman https://moviechat.org/nm8813200 9. idi amin https://moviechat.org/nm0024907 10. King George VI: https://moviechat.org/nm0454377/King-George-VI I liked the cast well enough but the script was just a list of contemporary tick box tropes - all of which are laudable but they forgot to add an interesting story. Maybe they are just not very talkative and most of the time recording something as watched is all they want to do? It looks a bit odd but does no harm and personally I'd rather come across Slimone's posts than the click-bait phrased, wannabe contentious ones that litter the boards. I'm guessing there are several people lined up to try but we'll never really know which was the millionth - they'll just appear at the same time. View all replies >