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Yes, I found that as well, also 8/10. Quite possibly. When British filmmakers talk about their work it often includes the struggle to pull everything together and find the money. If it means anything, after three months or so The West Wing is now in fourth position and to perhaps answer my own question the audience is at least partly old The West Wing addicts because I succumbed and watched the whole damn thing again. I remember that - the one with the guy from 30 Something. Showed up in a late night filler slot in the UK but I'm surprised to see there was only 13 episodes. It seemed very good at the time. To be honest, 8 months later, I can't remember the film. But I'm guessing I meant he looked far to old to be believable in the part. I'm a little surprised to realise when he did that film he must have been around 62/63? I thought he looked older than that. I would label it a romantic drama or a kinky love story - and it's much better than my description sounds. Julie Newmar. But I suspect this is an age question similar to, who is your favourite companion? The correct answer being Katy Manning as Jo Grant. Interesting link, though as stated above it doesn't tell you anything about the original script. Which is a pity because (a) someone else mentioned they'd re-shot the last scene and I wondered if the movie originally ended differently, and (b) Garafalo apparently disowned this film because it was so different from the little Indy story they originally wanted to make. Personally I'm sorry to hear that because I really like this film - though I'm sure the other version would have been interesting as well. It does mention that she, Audrey Wells, was partly inspired by 'Cyrano' which I was actually wondering about as I re-watched the film this evening - so bonus point to me for noticing that and an extra half point for referencing Steve Martin's 'Roxanne' as well. Yes. I was a lot older when it came out but even so it's a melancholy, romantic, quirky kind of story where you wonder 'what if'. Even though I don't think there is anything that can be done to change the outcome and perhaps we shouldn't even feel particularly sad about that? It was her decision, bravely taken and I believed carried out. Found it on YouTube after your post. I like Garofalo too (even though I can never spell her name properly) and I think you're right - this film is going to be stuck in my head for a while. I shall have to dig out my copy of The Truth About Cats & Dogs as an antidote. View all replies >