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I think it's a little low but not that many people have voted. I generally find that the more votes the more I agree with the rating. But also observing it's not just about Madonna and Arquette. I remember watching this film when it came out and the female part of the audience were extremely attentive of Aidan Quinn. Personally I always liked this film and really enjoyed watching it again recently. For some reason, perhaps it's quirkiness, it doesn't feel old or dated at all. This Knightly is not a teenager - more older brother age. I admit I found this odd but he still had the sense of wisdom and authority of the older versions and after a while the age didn't matter. I don't think that's fair. I suspect we're just so used to seeing much younger women with a lead man that when you get one the same age (or perhaps a little older) it looks wrong. Anyway, I like Jean Arthur in this film. They have never managed to make a decent version of this story that is faithful to the original and personally I doubt they will this time. But it's not because they are trying to be politically correct or whatever - they just cannot seems to resists <i>improving</i> the story to make it less violent and more marketable. Been a while since I read his books but I cannot think of anything particularly objectionable about the London's stories themselves - though they do often reflect the general beliefs of one hundred years ago that we would not accept today the stories and characters themselves stand. You don't need to bowdlerize them to film them. I agree that Meg is not the most interesting character but for me one of the strengths of this film is that Gerwig was able to give each sister space and depth. I thought Emma Watson did well as Meg and I particularly enjoyed Eliza Scanlen as Beth. It's an old fashioned British expression when someone or something is just hopeless and usually muttered in a good natured, slightly exasperated way. The sort of thing Stanley Holloway or Jack Warner might say in a 1950s film. That's how I would recognise it anyway. Actually when I saw the title appear I assumed it was an old British film I'd not heard of so I was surprised to see the American cast. Yeah, make you realise how much IMDb had on their message boards - and then they chucked it all away. First - please note - I meant no offence to the OP. I just thought it a little funny that the suggested preparation only included film and TV adaptations. But is reading retro? Seems to be for some people. But given how many people are happy to state 'haven't read a book in years', maybe retro is the wrong word? umm, read the books? Too retro perhaps? As I remember the film that is true. It was a very unsympathetic role for Streep and I thought at the time she was a selfish cow - plus the tactics in the courtroom turned us against her. But I've not seen this film since the 80s and I'm wondering how much older me would see it now. View all replies >