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She's turned out to be a disappointing human. Always seems to post look-at-me! pics. Seems a little whore-ish, frankly. Halt and Catch Fire was a great show, especially Season 1. I actually have S1 on Blu-Ray, and it's very rare that I buy TV shows. The pilot episode is one of the best pilots I've ever seen. This is quite surprising. 71 is not young, but these days it still feels a little young to die. I am also surprised to learn she was that old. I would've guessed she was somewhere in her early-to-mid 60s. I agree. In the age of corporate behemoths and multinational conglomerations, it's nice to see the success of a little start-up that's just trying to sell some retro Christmas lights. I avoided it specifically because of everything I heard about it. It sounds like they completely wrecked Dickens' work and that it's not at all a faithful retelling, nor does it possess anything approaching Christmas Spirit. If you look at some of the comments on the ad I linked to, where the company replied, it gives the impression that they are a very small company who is kind of figuring things out as they go. It sounds like they may be having trouble keeping up with demand. I know in the interview I ran across with the owner he said he was thinking this might just be a nice side business and he totally underestimated how many people would be interested in these lights. Sounds legit. I do recall reading that about the camera. I'm sure that helped. Out of curiosity I looked to see how much that camera goes for now. Looks like you can pick one up off eBay for right around a thousand bucks. You may be right about Goddard and Matt Reeves, though I have enjoyed other projects they've been involved in, like Let Me In and The Batman for Reeves, and Cabin in the Woods, World War Z and The Martian for Goddard. As for JJ, come now, isn't that being a little harsh? The "only" good film that he's ever been involved with? Just looking at his director credits, I enjoyed Super 8 and Mission: Impossible III. And he was also a producer on M:I Fallout, which is one of the best action films of the current era. Strangely, he also write the script for Regarding Henry. That's odd to me, but there it is. A lot of low-budget films did very well on VHS. People would run across them in the video store, like the cover, and rent them. Also, the fantasy genre went through something of a boom period during the 80s so people were gobbling films like this up. Personally, I loved martial arts films growing up and I watched plenty of low-budget straight-to-VHS karate flicks that I rented from Blockbuster. I usually wouldn't have heard of the films before. I'd just go straight to the martial arts section, which existed at that time, and find something I hadn't seen before. That's nice. It's can be fun and rewarding to keep things around from the past. I actually haven't seen a string of these old lights in many years, at least not that I recall. It makes me wonder how many are still hanging around in decoration boxes and still get used every year. So you are saying then that you don't believe it really was the kid's idea and he took it to Todd? They are just lying about that? I only consider traditional adaptations when ranking A Christmas Carol films. Films like Muppets' Christmas Carol or Scrooged are fun, but they belong in their own category. Both make a lot of changes to the story. Your experience seems very similar to mine. I remember them from my childhood but eventually they faded out of our decoration collection and were replaced entirely by the modern small, colored lights. Personally, that's fine with me as I like the look of the small lights much more. It seems there is a market for these retro lights, though. The guy who created them said he intended for them just to be a small side business but he totally underestimated the demand. Cool. I would probably have to say that Cloverfield is the best found footage movie I've seen. The only one that potentially rivals it, for me, is not Blair Witch but Chronicle. Now that I think about it, is it just me, or does the found footage genre seem to be dead? Seems like it's been years since I saw a new one. As for Pacific Rim, remember, the giant robots were only built because the kaiju started attacking! Check it out and see what you think. Like I said, it's not a masterpiece, but it deserves better than 16% or a 5.6. I remember I would always use a V. As in: Fvck! I actually would put it ahead of Blair Witch. Blair Witch was fun in a gimmicky way, but once you've seen it you've seen it. There's no replay value. Cloverfield on the other hand is still fun the second time around. As for it being "the ONE good kaiju movie ever made in this country," well, I liked Pacific Rim. (The first one at least. The sequel was garbage.) The first half of you was correct. It's a good movie. It's well-made and imaginative. The filmmakers basically said, "Let's make a serious movie told from the first-person perspective of someone who was in a city when it was attacked by a giant kaiju." It's actually a pretty interesting premise that was well-executed, in my opinion. Well I don't think they should change the characters stated origins. The creators said he is Spanish, Castillian to be precise. Raul Julia was a great choice. The Bond/Rock video I'm referring to is this one: Genuinely good stuff, even though the presentation needs a bit of work. (Get rid of the penguin!)