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dvd Yvette Vickers: Died in her home and nobody missed her A hit in Japan? METV is airing the series Midnight (Eastern) Saturday nights Early episodes Chevy Corvairs? Quinn? Her Blue Bloods character killed off? Forbidden Planet/The Tempest I am astonished: View all posts >


It wasn't clear but I think they said "Akron". There was a lot of small talk between the cast members. If you have not read the book, you cannot understand the movie. If you have read the book you will have a better understanding of the movie; but you will find yourself asking "what the hell did I just read"? In the book, the woman whose name is Isserley lives on a farm. Another alien manages the farm; both have been surgically altered to appear human. The farm is a slaughterhouse, processing humans into meat for sale on their home planet. It is not clear how many staff the farm or if there are other locations on Earth. Horror movies don't stand up to basic questions. Think about the Creeper standing in line at MVA for vanity tags. Folks, we're just having fun here. So Gina Phillips (Trish) has no actual role in III? Thank you. You just saved me from wasting 2 hours. When Jennifer Esposito left the show she had a final appearance. She told Danny she was burned out, cleaned out her desk, hugged Danny and left. And Esposito had been fired from the show. We fans deserved a more graceful exit for Amy Carlson. Thanks for posting, wheelin. I thought I'd gone crazy. Jennifer Esposito (Quinn) is leaving? She's the only reason I started watching this show again, although the writers never seemed to know what to do with the character. I hope the dumbass writers don't kill off the character as opposed to letting her leave; they should watch her last appearance on Blue Bloods. Caterina Murino (Solange). I bought the Casino Royale DVD because of her. I'd guess that 90-95% of the IMDB users never knew the boards were shutting down. And how would they know this one exists? I think much of the NCIS content was transferred. View all replies >