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Box Office Bomb - Budget was $60m Trailer looked like a ifetime movie Terrible but Mads Mikkelsen is great in everything Becoming way too SJW in the plot lines Gaga + Bradley Being pushed in the media a lot, the replacement for JLaw I think, same type Left Murdoch Mysteries, where did he go? What do you think the real P&A (marketing) budget on Black Panther was? Disappointing, overhyped, special effects were terrible, story was bad Can't stand Lin-Manuel Miranda View all posts >


The actual story written by James Baldwin was supposed to take place in 1974 according to Wikipedia. But the movie looks like late 50s or just 50s to me via the trailer I watched it with my husband. Frankly I would have turned it off much earlier on husband is a "to the end of the movie" person. I'm not. Yes, it's sad, and agree it's a huge decline. But, LBH, the Oscars aren't giving out awards for best...whatever. There's so much virtue-signalling going on. Halle Berry beat Judy Dench!!! Let that sink in. That was for 2001 Best Actress nominee. Halle is not that good of an actress. She also beat out Renee Zellweger & Nicole Kidman! Disappointing. But, virtue-signalling. Like Black Panther & that whole marketing campaign. Sad because LBH, Luke Cage was way more awesome, way better looking of a film, way better scripts. TY for your reply, though we may disagree. Have a great day. TY for saying this. Disappointing because of the endless hype. I was like, who is this unattractive Indian woman? But just learned it's her. Yeah, blah. Hey Pal, Efron in "The Greatest Showman" was pretty great. TY for your kind reply. TBF, Efron surprised me in "The Greatest Showman", he was great in it. He might have done a great job in this as well. Thx! BTW, I love love love "The Greatest Showman"! Totally agree. And she's an average actress. BTW, why is moviechat deleting comments? I mean we can all go to gab, parler, and minds if we want to. Small sites like moviechat should be grateful we're here. I'm for #FREESPEECH not against it. People can block whom they wish to, this site has the controls. Yeah, you're wrong as usual. [url][/url] View all replies >