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Wants all guns banned, makes a movie featuring guns (CA) RUFKM? Do we think Brie slept with Harvey? Wig wig wig & she's losing her hair in front too Career is careening off a cliff Looks terrible, like a Lifetime movie George RR Martin vs JRR Tolkien epic rap battle Since it has Jim Carrey in it, the SJW & incurable STD giver...... Whoa! 1st post? Ok what happened to all these people? Box Office Bomb - Budget was $60m View all posts >


Batwoman will fail. So, Carrey bought a great legal team, that's all that proves. Money buys you justice, and so does being a celebrity buy you justice. Ask OJ. She's only beautiful bc of that nosejob though. She had her nose done when she was a teen. It was really wide previously. But her mother was a stagemother...and apparently, a murderess.... By women. She's pretty dykey, even with her terrible nosejob TY wow, ty for that video. No, it's why his ex-fiancee killed herself Jim Carrey gave her 3 incurable STDs [url][/url] "The dogs bark but the caravan goes on" [url],_but_the_caravan_goes_on/[/url] All the China box office numbers are fake, so that was $100m spent by the marketing dept. Always beware of those. The BBC said that Chinese movies theaters are 100% EMPTY. View all replies >