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Gaga + Bradley Being pushed in the media a lot, the replacement for JLaw I think, same type Left Murdoch Mysteries, where did he go? What do you think the real P&A (marketing) budget on Black Panther was? Disappointing, overhyped, special effects were terrible, story was bad Can't stand Lin-Manuel Miranda Called his African-American wife a whore in front of Lionel Ritchie & others Laura It was more about P Stewart & H Jackman's interactions Grateful you're here View all posts >


Hey Pal, Efron in "The Greatest Showman" was pretty great. TY for your kind reply. TBF, Efron surprised me in "The Greatest Showman", he was great in it. He might have done a great job in this as well. Thx! BTW, I love love love "The Greatest Showman"! Totally agree. And she's an average actress. BTW, why is moviechat deleting comments? I mean we can all go to gab, parler, and minds if we want to. Small sites like moviechat should be grateful we're here. I'm for #FREESPEECH not against it. People can block whom they wish to, this site has the controls. Yeah, you're wrong as usual. [url][/url] Thx for your reply. Just saw the trailer for MCU Captain Marvelous. Her acting skills in it are terrible & she's flat voiced and without emotion in a lot of it. JMHO! Have a nice day. Thanks for your opinion. It's sad that you don't respect mine & have to resort to disparaging epthets against me personally, when in fact you don't know me. That is what is called a straw-man argument. If you have anything intellectual to say, it was missed in your diatribe. However, have a nice day. Please learn that people have differing opinions than you. BTW, my grandfather was supposed to be a Disney. I like Disney. In fact, I belong to the Walt Disney Family Museum in SF as a contribuing member. Was just there to see "9 Old Men" as a mater of fact, which btw, is fantastic and is leaving shortly. Just re-upped my membership. My grandfather was not hired by Disney though he was promised a job (he was an AMAZING ARTIST btw) because there was a strike. I talked to the people at the museum about this. I was in tears, I called my mother about what happened. My grandfather moved his family to CA to work at Disney btw, because of the PROMISED job. They went completely flat broke after that. My family survived. I've been in the original Batmobile as a child, my FATHER knew Roy Disney & I met him as a child. As a kid I went to Disneyland every year. Have a good day anyway. But the marketing for BP was seriously overwhelming & overreaching. It literally said if you don't like this movie you're a racist. That kind of stuff then triggered every SJW out there, and BLM person out there & it's hilarious it's up for several Oscars, or there's talk about that. This ad campaign was offensive. The movie was not good. And that was sad. Why is it "bitter" to you if people dislike the movie? Just looked up Dafne Keen, she's Brit-Spanish. Her British accent is lovely. It's just her American & Spanish one is hard on the ears. No to previouslytv. The owners are awful. Stay here at View all replies >