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All the China box office numbers are fake, so that was $100m spent by the marketing dept. Always beware of those. The BBC said that Chinese movies theaters are 100% EMPTY. Agree 100% with this comment. See Luke Cage! So much better IMHO! I actually loved her in the United States of Tara. And the TV show she stars & directs looks somewhat interesting, somewhat way too Disney for me. Captain Marvel - this is not her strong point. Thx for your reply! Gal Gadot is also the most beautiful woman in the world. Brie is nothing. I'm a straight cis-gender female. I really loved Brie in the United States of Tara. She was GREAT then and super beautiful. Since then she's become just "cute", average cute. I did notice the movie poster really inflates her breasts but in real life she's pretty flat chested. Also< i'm kind of not fond of her SJW pronouncements. But again I did love USOT. I searched and there is evidence of emptier theaters. There's also a youtube video showing tons of people on twitter who have pix of the empty theaters. BOM says that to date CM made just $320m in the USA but almost $600m overseas? The big ODD clue to me was that in China, $89m was made the first weekend. The reports about empty theaters in China are also everywhere, it's a marketing scam My thought is that like Black Panther, the marketing budget was about $700m or more. It could have been $1B. We all know that movie accounting is complete utter bs. Black Panther BOM The interesting thing is the Chinese theater earnings on these movies because I think they are completely fake as far as people going to the movies. As the BBC says, sell out theaters and no people. BP's China earnings the first weekend was $65m <<---part of Disney's marketing budget. Here's BOM on CM The actual story written by James Baldwin was supposed to take place in 1974 according to Wikipedia. But the movie looks like late 50s or just 50s to me via the trailer I watched it with my husband. Frankly I would have turned it off much earlier on husband is a "to the end of the movie" person. I'm not. Yes, it's sad, and agree it's a huge decline. But, LBH, the Oscars aren't giving out awards for best...whatever. There's so much virtue-signalling going on. Halle Berry beat Judy Dench!!! Let that sink in. That was for 2001 Best Actress nominee. Halle is not that good of an actress. She also beat out Renee Zellweger & Nicole Kidman! Disappointing. But, virtue-signalling. Like Black Panther & that whole marketing campaign. Sad because LBH, Luke Cage was way more awesome, way better looking of a film, way better scripts. TY for your reply, though we may disagree. Have a great day. View all replies >