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How short is John Cougar Mellenacamp? Photo enclosed Baumbach (dir & writer) is a hack author, movie is literal crap Black gossip blogs say her husband DeWade is “suspect” aka gay She’ll be tossed out like Prince Andrew Wants all guns banned, makes a movie featuring guns (CA) RUFKM? Do we think Brie slept with Harvey? Wig wig wig & she's losing her hair in front too Career is careening off a cliff Looks terrible, like a Lifetime movie View all posts >


Perhaps you should. I’m not an MCU fan. She is but as of today, they’re negotiating. We’ll see what transpires in “As the Meghan Markle Turns” Tune in tomorrow for the next installment. Lord, no! Then she’ll be forever martyred! That would be worse I’m afraid. I think if she really [i]cared[/i] she’d live a middle class life and give her millions away to help others. but she doesn’t so that makes her a huge hypocrite Thankfully, Vice lost a ton of $ at the box office, just like this will True but neither would Charlize “America is a racist country” either. I mean Charlize should bugger off back to South Africa. What was her last “blockbuster” though? Atomic Blonde? F&Furious is an ensemble cast. I think she’s box office poison and her shelf-life is done She’s 17 now. And 14 is actually the Age of Consent in Sweden. I think they did IT or at least Greta wanted to do IT. Did you see her face with him? OMG. She had that LOOK Batwoman will fail. View all replies >