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George RR Martin vs JRR Tolkien epic rap battle Since it has Jim Carrey in it, the SJW & incurable STD giver...... Whoa! 1st post? Ok what happened to all these people? Box Office Bomb - Budget was $60m Trailer looked like a ifetime movie Terrible but Mads Mikkelsen is great in everything Becoming way too SJW in the plot lines Gaga + Bradley Being pushed in the media a lot, the replacement for JLaw I think, same type View all posts >


TY wow, ty for that video. No, it's why his ex-fiancee killed herself Jim Carrey gave her 3 incurable STDs [url][/url] "The dogs bark but the caravan goes on" [url],_but_the_caravan_goes_on/[/url] All the China box office numbers are fake, so that was $100m spent by the marketing dept. Always beware of those. The BBC said that Chinese movies theaters are 100% EMPTY. Agree 100% with this comment. See Luke Cage! So much better IMHO! I actually loved her in the United States of Tara. And the TV show she stars & directs looks somewhat interesting, somewhat way too Disney for me. Captain Marvel - this is not her strong point. Thx for your reply! Gal Gadot is also the most beautiful woman in the world. Brie is nothing. I'm a straight cis-gender female. I really loved Brie in the United States of Tara. She was GREAT then and super beautiful. Since then she's become just "cute", average cute. I did notice the movie poster really inflates her breasts but in real life she's pretty flat chested. Also< i'm kind of not fond of her SJW pronouncements. But again I did love USOT. I searched and there is evidence of emptier theaters. There's also a youtube video showing tons of people on twitter who have pix of the empty theaters. BOM says that to date CM made just $320m in the USA but almost $600m overseas? The big ODD clue to me was that in China, $89m was made the first weekend. The reports about empty theaters in China are also everywhere, it's a marketing scam My thought is that like Black Panther, the marketing budget was about $700m or more. It could have been $1B. We all know that movie accounting is complete utter bs. Black Panther BOM The interesting thing is the Chinese theater earnings on these movies because I think they are completely fake as far as people going to the movies. As the BBC says, sell out theaters and no people. BP's China earnings the first weekend was $65m <<---part of Disney's marketing budget. Here's BOM on CM View all replies >