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Looks terrible, like a Lifetime movie George RR Martin vs JRR Tolkien epic rap battle Since it has Jim Carrey in it, the SJW & incurable STD giver...... Whoa! 1st post? Ok what happened to all these people? Box Office Bomb - Budget was $60m Trailer looked like a ifetime movie Terrible but Mads Mikkelsen is great in everything Becoming way too SJW in the plot lines Gaga + Bradley Being pushed in the media a lot, the replacement for JLaw I think, same type Left Murdoch Mysteries, where did he go? What do you think the real P&A (marketing) budget on Black Panther was? Disappointing, overhyped, special effects were terrible, story was bad Can't stand Lin-Manuel Miranda Called his African-American wife a whore in front of Lionel Ritchie & others Laura It was more about P Stewart & H Jackman's interactions Grateful you're here