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Why did Rocketman cast a black woman for Bernie Taupin’s wife? The real Maxine was blonde & W Marvel Studios think Brie is wooden & are planning on adding more stars to CM2 Jason Blum (gay) producer of this film who worked for Harvey Weinstein & pretended he didn’t know Brie’s extremely wrinkly for just being 30 Lots of plastic surgery for Brie Larson She was leaving the USA bc everyone is racist but she just came back with her W husband How short is John Cougar Mellenacamp? Photo enclosed Baumbach (dir & writer) is a hack author, movie is literal crap Black gossip blogs say her husband DeWade is “suspect” aka gay She’ll be tossed out like Prince Andrew Wants all guns banned, makes a movie featuring guns (CA) RUFKM? Do we think Brie slept with Harvey? Wig wig wig & she's losing her hair in front too Career is careening off a cliff Looks terrible, like a Lifetime movie George RR Martin vs JRR Tolkien epic rap battle Since it has Jim Carrey in it, the SJW & incurable STD giver...... Whoa! 1st post? Ok what happened to all these people? Box Office Bomb - Budget was $60m