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I don’t usually pop in here anymore, but I’m still around the ’net. Thanks kindly, keybored! I remember someone else recommended Kenny at one point… There are definitely some points in common with our man, but I don’t [i]think[/i] he’s the one. We have made a bit of progress. We’ve found a ’70s singer who sang Porter in this old-fashioned style–David Kernan ([url]]). And he’s still alive–I just can’t find any contact information to ask him! See what you think: [url][/url] And I’m chiming in here again for this first time in a long while, so another bump. Trying to bump this again, just in case anyone new is interested… The Feinstein thing, sadly, was inconclusive, and we haven’t made much progress on this front. Again, a bump, just in case. Still no news, eh? Two more possibilities: UNDERCURRENT ('46) and SLEEP, MY LOVE ('48) Excellent news, everyone! Several days ago, I sent an e-mail to Michael Feinstein (, and--while he hasn't yet responded to me--he posted the question on his Facebook page, with 362 "likes," 77 comments, and 23 "shares." So now we have even more people searching for the singer...! Link here: Probably not it, but I found another one that I didn't see before (I think): <i>No Man of Her Own</i> (1950), with Barbara Stanwyck. And I'll bump mine again, just in case... I'll bump this one just in case anyone new happens to know it... I suppose there's no news on this one? View all replies >