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Old suspense movie, a woman pretend to be the wife on a train

Old movie, between 1930-1970. perhaps black and White?

A man and a woman is planning to kill (or already had?) the wife of that same man. The wife was going on a planned trip with train and The woman took her place and was to pretend that She was the wife. She weared the wifes clothes and luggage and got on the train. She had a hat of the wifes that would cover her face. They wanted everyone to see her leave, that was really important. The luggage was going to her Mothers place, i Think.

Also a fake letter was sent to the man from the wife, it was not from the wife but they wanted it to look like it was from her. Something happened and She, the woman, raised suspicion among some passengers on the train somehow i think. She was not the real wife and someone Who knew the wife was on to her, i Think.
The investigation of the missing wife started, and soon the man was suspected having a finger in her disappearence.

Any clue which movie this is?


I suppose there's no news on this one?


Probably not it, but I found another one that I didn't see before (I think):

No Man of Her Own (1950), with Barbara Stanwyck.


Sorry, not the one, but thanks.


Could it be Rear Window? James Stewart watching his neighbor Raymond Burr?



I love that movie though.


Still no news, eh?

Two more possibilities:





Nope :/

I Will check out undercurrent, thank you!

I havet seen The other one you mentioned and it is not it. Thanks anyway.


Ok, this is going to drive me nuts, too. I swear I saw this on TCM within the last year or two. I'm picturing seeing the man and woman who's pretending to be the wife from the back, walking on the train platform before they board, with the man's arm around her waist. We may even see that as a flashback later, to explain what happened? I'm picturing a movie with the look/feel of "Laura." Film noir. Also picturing the woman was wearing a wig, blonde maybe, to look like the wife? Could it be a movie with John Garfield? Could it be Postman Always Rings Twice? (John Garfield, Lana Turner) But that was in order to kill the husband, not the wife.


Thank you for your reply. It is Nice to hear that someone other than me do recognize it!

The woman could have been wearing a wig, yes. I am certain though that she was wearing a big hat which covered a bit of her face.

Yes, The man said goodbye to her at The platform before she got onto The train.

Do you remember something else? Was it in colour? Can we decide if The spoken language was english?

It is not Postman always rings twice.
I have watched so many noirs and old crime movies and mysteries these last couple of years That it is really weird That i have not found it.

And it is not a spoof or a comedy, I am certain about That.


Another thought... is there any chance this was from a spoof, like Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, Cheap Detective, High Anxiety etc?