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If you're going to rip off Godzilla..... Woody Harrelson was horrible No Xiaoming Huang? An hour of walking through the snow.... Many may be in shock right now, but come on...(spoilers) So we now know it's 1999? Bane? Seriously? The Rookie...Why??? (Spoilers) Does anyone know why she never came back to the Mission Impossible franchise? View all posts >


Try a little more research before posting. The egg didn't need to be pre-cracked. Crushing an egg in your hand takes no effort at all. I'm assuming the previous poster was confused by the one way it is hard to break an egg and that's squeezing solely on the ends. That didn't happen here. Robert Mitchum simply crushed in in his palm. A child could do it. Regardless of any past experiences, she clearly has mental issues and sees things that aren't there. The story doesn't work, since New York City has an abundance of squirrels. 8 of the remaining 9 were just released. The only one missing now is Scooby Doo meets The Addams Family/Wednesday is Missing. I'm guessing we'll never see this one. Not only was it the worst Archie Bunker impression I've ever seen or heard, his acting was atrocious. What was with the arm and wrist movements? He looked like he was making fun of someone who has Parkinson's disease, or someone who has brain damage as a result of oxygen deprivation. The fact that Indy survived a nuclear blast by jumping into a refrigerator is enough to make this one of the worst movies ever made. The rest of it was the bitter icing on the crap cake. That said, tastes are subjective. You just happen to be in the very small minority. That's not to say you shouldn't enjoy the movie. To each their own. I don't think that was Alfred. I assumed it was someone either like, or related to, Lucius Fox. I could be wrong, but I hope I'm not. They did the same thing to Supergirl. It's unwatchable now. They even have to constantly immasculate Superman in order to highlight female power. It's pathetic. Batwoman will do the same thing by minimizing Batman. It's beyond sad. It has the opposite effect. It just makes women seem insecure and fragile. Why not simply shut up about gender and just tell a damn story. This crap is why female superheroes will never be taken seriously. At least not in the CW universe. Christian Bale is also from the UK. Did you dislike his Batman? View all replies >