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Dragged out for 10 episodes.... Is she going through some type of self loathing mid-life crisis? Where's the First Blood theme? So the mystery figure at the end of episode 5 was..... Great premise, great characters, great acting, garbage execution.... 8 hours of nothing.... Why is no one defending macaroni and cheese with hot dogs? Why does Luke have a metal robot, Terminator-like hand? View all posts >


Wasn't Halloween 5 a direct sequel to Halloween 4? She was mentioned again. At the end, when they were arresting the VP. It was stared she found well kept records made by Danny Huston's character, implicating the VP. At least I assume that's who they were referring to, when they said "prior to being killed". I don't know how she could have found them though, and I could be mistaken. I'm truly sorry, you're so lonely. Don't give up hope. Maybe someday you'll know the touch of a woman. Just tell him to have it lanced, if it feels weird on your tongue. Yes....... Dude.... I hope you're right. Nonsensically laughing your ass off, in all caps, and twice in one sentence. All I need to know. By the way, "its" is possessive. The conjunction "it's", means "it is". You're welcome While I agree 8 episodes is a short amount, I'd almost accept it if they told an actual story, instead of a portion of a story that goes nowhere..... The fluff is stretched out as a result of hiring incompetent writers ... Thanks, that's exactly what I was asking. Yeah, but the point is there's no logical reason for it. His hand looked normal. What happened to justify this look? View all replies >