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Oh dude. You are going way into details for tv writers. You have your gay people, and your straight people. Of course gay women don't really exist in tv land, they're all bi (as in turn to a man the minute they get too threatening to the audience), but men who are into guys, are just into guys. You don't want to scare straight America with subtleties, do you? Talk about jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire... "The comic version of Ego was never exactly a nice guy. Granted, I don't recall him ever committing genocide, but there have been plenty of stories in which he was an antagonist." Most God-like characters in Marvel comics are villains, and for a good reason. If Ants were making movies, we'd be antagonists too. If you have the power of a creature like Ego, in the big scheme of the universe and billions of years, what's one man, or a woman, or a few dozens or even thousands? I read that complaint in other forums. I don't think the problem is with his acting. I think it's just that people were buying the loving father act so much that they were disappointed when he revealed his true self. To me, he was very good and the character was interesting as well. Now David Hasselhoff... talk about "not awesome". He's so bad in his 1.5 seconds on screen, he almost single-handedly ruined the last act. Duh. They didn't use the Ipod because the joke was that Zune was *never* a thing. It was a massive failure that didn't even get the chance to raise to the Ipod level of fad. That's what makes the joke funny. "Strange thing to say. My friends and I are all 33-40. No one laughed and the theater was all people around our age and older. In fact, there wasn't much laughing at all during the entire film'" Classic case of people not getting the jokes because they are not flying low enough for them. When he said millennials, he referred specifically to that particular jaded self-centered generation who has the culture of a goldfish, nourished by viral youtube videos and commercials, and anything else that their limited attention span can accommodate but they are not the only morons in the world, unfortunately. Plenty of idiots who don't know enough to get a joke if it is above the waist, in the 33-40 generation as well. It's like saying "oh no, not *another* love interest" What makes movies is not the action or the number of special effects crammed into one scene, it's the characters and their humanity. We are who our parents make of us for better or for worse, and our interaction with them, as well as the way it carries into our interactions with others is one of the very foundations of our personalities. If you have too many daddy issues to deal with seeing movies that mention them, maybe you should just stick to the Transformers. You won't risk running into anything that might challenge your intellect. "Lots of screenwriters who were raised by single mothers, it seems!" If they were raised by single mothers, why would they be having daddy issues? Most men have mommy issues from being raised by their mothers. Not the other way around. Maybe you should give up on pop psychology No she hasn't. In the first season, she's back at the DPP and in subsequent seasons, working on Crime Commissions (probably to get rid of those ridiculous wigs and make the show more watchable for the international market) And thankfully, despite the creator's claims that it was "just like Crownies", it's really really not. It's a dark intense character drama to Crownies' Melrose Place. They really got rid of almost everything that was wrong with Crownies except that ridiculous idiot Richard. UGH Having low standards doesn't make movies you enjoy "underrated" Most of the movies, no sorry, ALL the movies you list are total crap but hey if you like them, nothing wrong with that. It probably means you'll enjoy movies way more than most people will in the future decades, considering how crappy it's all become, but it's not a flaw. View all replies >