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Is opera worst than metal? Something feels wrong First high speed chase on the moon McGregor kind of.... Could use a little less violence What a mess I may be in cognitive decline Maybe will give this one a third try What did he tell the wife? Amy Ryan really good View all posts >


You're not the real Trentin Quarantino No, Trump cares about Trump. He's a bad actor and that's on full display for anyone to see. That being said, I'd take Trump over the current corpse in the white house all day long. The ones in "Ferrari" were not fat. They transformed their voices though and make them sound unnatural, much like some of vocals in a few metal genres Ah ha which one? I was never into Pantera myself, will always feel like music for bullies Ahem.... SLAAAAAYEEEEEERRRRRRRR Right now? My neighbour's fucking kizomba Yeah, it's all over the place, this one, totally forgettable Please post your bitcoin seed phrase so we know you're human I think you took a few liberties there, but hey, whatever floats your boat OK that does it 😂 I'm firm on my opinion of this title now. View all replies >