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It's close, and we understand each other reasonably well. A stranger example would be Portuguese from Portugal to Portuguese from Brazil. The accent makes it wildly different hehe I'm PT-PT but I do recognize that PT-BR sounds way happier. PT-PT is heavier and "sadder" You're right, we're cutting ties right now. Change the channel? What is this 1995? Yes I actively avoid super hero movies, I grew tired of the genre long ago. If some tells me I need to watch Deadpool or guardians of the galaxy I instantly turn my back on them Nailed it That would be Portuguese, my native language There is such a thing as objective beauty, and Taylor Swift is objectively beautiful. As far as the "hottest" ever, that can be subjective. Off the top of my head, I can't right now think of someone I'd find more beautiful than her OK guys, I'll give this one a try 👍👍 Damn, you in the matrix son Wait, there's a season 2?? Just to make sure, season 1 ends with the main character flying away in the plane, right? Really? One of my colleagues has a dual screen setup as well, I unplugged the second one every time I have to take his place I've watched the godfather twice just to make sure it means crap to me I've seen them pictures before, and honestly I don't find her very attractive. I like her colours but thats about it He's been politically persecuted. If you don't see that, you're either dishonest or just very dumb. The child was drugged to sleep. The parents had to be some derivative from trailer park material He's an attack on our sacred democracy. This is why democrats can never leave power, it's in the name. Come on Jack, I got hairy legs Yeah, very likely, those dance moves and the repetitive groove in the background. I can tell he's been exposed. The ladies around here love that shit 😂 I've learned to tolerate it, otherwise I'd go insane Portugal has been plagued with that since the 90s 🤣 every club would every now and then insert a kizomba between tracks to slow things down. In my latter years of clubbing it had completely taken over the scene. I knew then, it was time to move on and start living in the woods He says if Trump wins, he will never leave, this would be the end of democracy. Sure Robert, don't forget to take your medication Can't argue with that Thank you for your enquiry. Your question has been submitted to the circular cabinet and should be answered sho... Never.