page 234 people think marlon was the best actor ever, i wouldn't go that far i worked in television with his sister Jocelyn. She thought i looked like him. Its the main reason i grew a mustache page 286 I've done more than a hundred movies. I'm proud of maybe five of them. after warren and jack passed on godfather i was up for it. marlon threatened to quit if i came in in 1977 when i was the top box office draw francis ford coppolla said he wanted me for the title role in Tucker. i flew to san francisco and over a long dinner we made plans for the film. The next morning francis showed me seven different endings for apocalypse now and asked me which one i liked a few days later someone called from paramount and said they wanted to make Tucker but not the five other projects francis had pitched them. He was using me to bootstrap his other films. We never spoke again. page 287 i was the first choice of john mcclane in die hard but i passed. i dont regret turning down anything that bruce willis took page 288 i wanted to call Peter and ask to play the cop in Witness (1985) but couldnt bring myself to do it page 289 i had to pass on the kevin kline part in Soapdish because Loni would have poisoned me page 294 i always wanted to go down swinging I'm old but i feel young and there's one thing you can never take away.. nobody had more fun than me page 221 and the oscar goes to robin williams. as robin ran towards the stage i saluted him. He claimed i flipped him the bird That night i locked myself in my hotel room and shut off the phone. Jon Voight called to commiserate but per my instructions the switchboard wouldn't put him through. Jon being Jon he came to my hotel borrowed a waiters uniform and carried a room service tray into my room. i was in bed reading a book and didnt notice him.. He threw himself on the bed and kissed me square on the mouth. We spent the rest of the night laughing. Jon can always make me laugh page 234 people think marlon was the best actor ever, i wouldn't go that far i worked in television with his sister Jocelyn. She thought i looked like him. Its the main reason i grew a mustache page 238 Bruce Dern's an amazing actor, he can do it all he should have won the oscar for Nebraska page 245 Ryan O'Neal was dating farrah fawcett and i had a crush on her. I have to admit i was kind of hoping they would break up. When they did and i finally went out with her i turned into inspector clouseau page 251 even though Duke won the oscar for true grit i dont think he got the respect he deserved. i was at a meeting of the Screen Actors Guild and i said we should do something to celebrate duke waynes career and they all laughed page 255 Cary Grant's fans used to send a few bucks in cash to cover postage for an autographed picture. Every day when the mail arrived Cary would come out and hold the envelopes up to the sun. if they contained money he'd take it out, put it in his pocket and throw the rest away he told me "Burty be yourself and have a good time. When it stops being fun walk away" prometheus1816 has been ignored absolutely disgusting :( goodfellas is bullying from start to finish directed by a polanski enabler did you know marlon brando sexually abused his own daughter ? dustin hoffman molested Rachel Weisz not to mention he bullied streep he did his best work while married to jolie i voted yes in the (gay) marriage referendum my country had 2015 but philadelphia is totally one sided and heavy handed Philadelphia is a film where a man lies to his friends colleagues by hiding a disease with no cure and make no mistake.. there is no cure for AIDS Andrew's immune system was his body protecting him in a natural way that stopped working as a result of unnatural behavior Andrew had no right to bring AIDS into the workplace no wonder pierce brosnan pushed him away .. do you know what brando did to Jo An Corrales need i remind you what he did on set Last Tango in Paris During the filming of One-Eyed Jacks, he had an affair with one of the actresses. One evening, Marlon invited the woman to his house. Unbeknown to her, he phoned her husband before she arrived, telling him he had been sleeping with his wife for months. When the husband refused to believe it, Marlon asked him to come over - he would leave the door open. When the husband arrived, he found Marlon and his wife naked in bed. That was the end of the couple's marriage, though Marlon regarded the incident as nothing more than a joke cheyenne brando 1993 cheyenne: I have been sexually abused by my father. My first memories go back to age seven. reporter: Did you tell your mother about it? cheyenne: No, I never told anybody about it, not even my mother. reporter: How would you describe these "sexual abuses"? cheyenne: My father acted in a strange way toward me, frequently touching my breast or giving me, on my bed, some massages, bouncing me on the bed as if he wanted me to mime for him the gestures of making love, like I'm having sex. He continued touching my breast even when I already was with Dag. To a certain degree, it was also a game on his part, and as a child I didn't always understand what was happening. He was also nice to me, taking walks, talking to me, but I was also very angry with him, because I remember now what he was doing to me reporter: Yes, people see him as a leader who has helped the Indians, black people, the underdog . . . cheyenne: Well, they should see him walking around in his pajamas with a hole in his pants, a hole that is not supposed to be there. They would see that he just doesn't care when he comes and knocks on my door all the time. He is a hypocrite reporter: How do you think your father will react to this interview? cheyenne: He will probably kill me attacked by John carney google cheyenne brando pyjamas ewan supports roman polanski i love thewlis and MEW but i honestly cant watch ewan anymore he makes my skin crawl i thought the elephant in the room is Ewan McGregor is a pedo supporter Bret Easton Ellis loves tarantino who **** on the cops Lena Dunham is a pedo Barbra Streisand is so far up her own ass it is un****ingbelievable Meryl Streep is a pedo supporter