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nah, she was an opportunist who became viral over ridiculous claims years ago, only to fall away into obscurity, reduced to a podcast that gets a couple thousand listens every month, she's voicing up about Gina to reclaim a few more of her 15 minutes before normal people forget about her again it's funny that you refer to your Suzuki Sidekick as a "truck" unless they're a fan of AotC im triggered!! & Ben Hur his testosterone is hella low bruv pedro will pay for his crimes pork barrel futures are on the rise, just you wait you mean you think that the nazis were rigth and the jews were wrong?? my mom uses parler he was just your average bloke in this flick & it really works the white debils stirring up trouble once again mos def, Dave's funniest shit in years was talking about George Floyd did you watch it with your shirts off? v creepy excuse me? Robin got paid so it's still a win for her is this not imdb.com? you just seem lost altogether bro exclusivity & specials rights has always been the priority & agenda