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tell us what you really think none of those charges will stick because there was no intention to murder, just negligence of human life your stats are wrong, & what exactly would you be fighting for? i see latino cops, i see black CEOs, we had a black president for 8 years-- elected by the people, i see many latino politicians.... brown cultures are already "inside the system," in powerful positions, so what would you be fighting for? good video, i remember watching it back then, but facts, logic, & rational thought have no place in today's climate dude, it doesn't matter how many times that's pointed out, you will be called racist for stating facts, you will be hated because you don't kneel down to the black supremacist organization BLM, these loud & vocal liberals cannot understand logic or accurate data, they are blinded by virtue-signaling, entitlement, & emotion his death is worth at least 2500, as the man was a saint & he flew to heaven with wings of gold 15 minutes after that video was recorded is already liable, it's just that no one outside of this movie nerd realm cares about the opinions expressed here does she know what it feels like to have a gun pointed at her pregnant belly & be robbed in her own home alone? does she know what it feels like to be fucked on camera for online porn so she can make her rent check? maybe she's high on fentanyl & feeling really good right now she is pretty, i forgive her he must have been antagonizing the clerk or other guests & they edited around it View all replies >