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and that's astoundingly reflected in the entertainment landscape going on 30 years by now where did you learn how to read? he's not complaining about minority-led shows at all, do you just assign a poster's own narrative before even finishing reading their posts? so that you can foolishly argue a point that was never made? yep, no exceptionally-attractive humans in Hollywood these days, they've all lost their looks or the up & comers are just barely above average attractiveness they just aired an episode thematically about racism, very funny but definitely trying to force some stereotypical "white people-isms" down our throats while portraying the POC as good, normal humans merely observing the absurdity of whites caught up in their white people world bubbles 1:00:39 sooooo hot how many Americans did Obama leave dead? go play with your gi joe figures & hot wheels little boy so inspirational they were just rasslin View all replies >