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Witch Pelle killed Dani's family? Lots of people were turned away... Complaining about artsy movies. She's Free To Be... Great start to season 3 Biden Biden Better than I thought it would be... Looks like a flop View all posts >


This guy makes me laugh. All this vitriol about a poster. Too funny. Me too. Maybe it was meant to annoy certain people, just like the intent of the movie I suppose. Says you. I like it when people are annoyed by such innocuous things. It's funny. Then don't see it. I've heard more good things than bad. I guess it all depends on who you listen to. All the HS kids on Riverdale are in their 20's. They still have adult actors playing kids in a lot of movies and television shows today. It isn't just an 80's thing. I agree. Homecoming brought out Parker's personality more and the other characters had more meat to them. When it comes to characters, everything here is very flat. It is all about the action and there is no emotional investment in characters. I think it all comes down to a very mediocre script that focuses too much on flashy visuals with occasional one liners. Not as good as I thought it would be. This is true. View all replies >