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Don't forget this; "I'd give it zero stars if I could". Having a beautiful kitchen and a beautiful coif is worth all the misery inflicted on yourself and others. That's the way people think today. America at its worst. I guess because people don't usually get shot in the head and killed when you settle. The show was quite authentic in the first two years, but became silly and stupid in the third season. Never cared for the changes and really didn't watch it much after the third season. I was a very young teen at the time, but I knew the show lost quality after the second season. It's a shame, because those first two seasons were quite good. They don't make as many great movies anymore than they once did. Maybe he would have made a few. It is hard for an actor to break out now and show his acting chops when most movies made are superhero flicks, action movies, bad horror and dumb comedies. When it stays with reality the show shines. Adam was the first misstep because it was so out there. Adam was unbelievably annoying also. Couldn't stand him. I always think the same thing no matter how much time goes by. I don't think so. The Leviathans were great because Barnabas was once again evil. Nice Barnabas was boring. Adam and Count Petofi were the worst storylines by far. So much CGI looks like animation to me. I am very visual, but for some reason most CGI doesn't impress me. Weird. It was an adrenaline rush for me after first seeing the movie. I love seeing things that make me actually think and feel something. Most movies don't do that anymore. View all replies >