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No interest in seeing this Bullock playing a much younger woman... Loved in the 70's, not so much now... Frasier's Status Farting woman... Deserves more than a 5.8 I could have seen First Man or Venom... This season is worse than Roanoke. The chicks behind me... What was wrong with that bus driver? View all posts >


There were parts of each movie I liked, but neither one was satisfying as a whole. Inland Empire is my least favorite Lynch film, btw. I guess it depended on where you lived. I think in more urban areas, disco was still listened to and danced to. People still listened to Donna Summer in 1984. Just because it was a 1977 song, doesn't mean that people didn't listen to a song that was only 7 years old. Amen, it was the beginning of the end. What a lovely age. I guess you are correct. Seeing she has such young children, you would think she would be in her early 40's at best. Bullock is 54, so she would have been close to 50 when she had the children. It could happen of course, but is less likely. Also, her sister was young, so I thought that to make it more believable, Bullock would have had to play a younger woman. I guess it doesn't stretch credulity for her to be 10 years younger in the movie. Oh well... Yeah, I wasn't impressed either. There are lots of better gay films out there than this one. This is a stupid discussion. Men have their parts on the outside and women have them on the inside. I mean really. View all replies >