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So Dreamy, but so ugly... Laughable Why are these Superhero movies... Director's cut Anal Beads Just imagine... Looks like something... I am in the minority... We all know... How is there a rating already? View all posts >


Number 3 for me also 1. Jackie Brown 2. Pulp Fiction 3, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood 4. Kill Bill 5. Reservoir Dogs 6. Inglorious Bastards 7. Death Proof 8. Django Unchained 9. The Hateful Eight I did find it scary because it dealt with characters that I could relate to. I could put myself into the situations which made me very anxious. If you find jump scares frightening then this movie is not for you. Funny how people actually cared what this dope thought. Maybe I think they have become a little too slick. I don't know, but I just don't get the same feeling I get when I read the comics. Something is missing. Maybe these movies are tailored for the less imaginative, because they all seem to be very constrictive in their approach. I feel boxed in. It's all or nothing. You like it or you don't. All I am saying is that they could be better. I like some of the superhero movies, but others are just not as good. My favorite superhero movie lately was Spiderman: Homecoming, but Far From Home wasn't nearly as good. The first Guardians of The Galaxy was awesome as well, but the sequel was really disappointing. I am not talking about plot. I am talking about the feel of the comic books. They are just so different from the movies. I really thought that Ang Lee did a great job with Hulk. It felt like a moving comic book. Many people would disagree though even though I loved it. I thought it was a terrifyingly great scene. I won't forget it. You are so right about the rudeness. They don't want to be bothered by this. They want it to go away. This is a new way companies treat people now. Over the past two years I have complained to companies(mostly about food portions and additives or products that have changed ingredients that no longer do what they once did) and time after time I have gotten the response that I got from Netflix or a very hollow one. These companies do these things to save money and think that no one will notice. The bottom line is profit and s companies have figured out that if they just save money by changing a product, offering smaller portions at a the same price or just getting rid of a product they can dupe the consumer. When a consumer figures out what they are doing, well, they just don't like it and can become quite condescending or downright rude. I have gotten this same response over and over again. They just don't care about their customers anymore...and don't have to. Someone stopped counting. lol I know, but this isn't my first time complaining about a show being cancelled. With all the complaints I have lodged over the years, I don't remember one of the cancelled shows I loved ever coming back. I guess I will have to hope for the best, but with Netflix's hollow response to my complaint, I still don't see anything happening. Sad to say. View all replies >