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Adriana Why Chalamet? Wow Good CGI? Probably lots of boobs... What a waste of time. Another DC flop? So is this a bigger flop Some dummy... View all posts >


Maybe. It just always looked like that to me when I would see photos of her. It always looked like she was sucking a lemon. The movie is leaving a massive amount of theaters after today, so what do you expect? Over a movie? I gave my opinion and you decided to use foul language. I am surprised your sibling lets you hang out with their kids. I also wasn't talking about people who watch Star Wars packing it in, but Disney and anyone else who wants to continue with the saga. No need to respond, since you are going to be put on ignore. Bye. Yes, this is the worst. Enough said. Really scummy dude. Hope your nieces and nephews never realize how disgusting you are. Please define "cheesy" and how it pertains to this film. Your original post did not cut it. What is wrong with the OP? Why does he ask a question that is pretty clear? The Force Awakens sucked. What are you talking about? I will agree that Rogue One was pretty good though. The rest of the newer movies are trash. If if wasn't for the Ewoks, ROTJ would be a perfectly good SW movie. The Empire Strikes Back is the last great SW movie. That is going back 40 years. Time to pack it in already. The Force Awakens was awful. I hated it. View all replies >