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No matter how good it is... This show... Hope it gets a hard R-rating this time. Who cares? Season 4 is happening? Thinking of seeing this tonight? Pleas bring back the draft... Just awful for the most part. So Dreamy, but so ugly... View all posts >


Exactly, but Hollywood isn't able to come up with new ideas for movies, so they recycle them over and over again. They figure that if they recycle they can make money off of it. Not true with Terminator. Even though I don't completely understand the urge to walk out of a movie due to a particular scene, I do understand how unsettling that scene is. The young actor was incredible in that scene, so you can say that his performance was probably part of the reason for your reaction. I thought he carried the movie. Not a great movie, but I was never bored with it. It has been almost 30 years since we had a decent Terminator movie. The franchise was wrecked long ago. I get that it was real and upsetting. I suppose the only thing about your post that was an overreaction was that you almost walked out. The only reason I would ever walk out of a movie was if I felt that there was an unsettling scene that was there just to shock the audience. It would have to be really over the top though. Recently there was a movie I saw called The Nightingale where there is incredible brutality in the beginning of the movie. It goes far beyond whatever was in Doctor Sleep. Again, with The Nightingale the two acts of brutality propel the story and gives the story its reason for being. Now on the other end I remember a movie called Fat Girl that I liked all the way up until the ending. The ending has a scene that still leaves me scratching my head. It is incredibly brutal and just horrible. If that scene came earlier in the movie and provided the viewers with a reason for being there, I would possibly be OK with it, but to have it come out of nowhere and for no reason was strange. Maybe the director just wanted to shock us or maybe she just felt the characters deserved the ending they got. Not sure. I know. Some people just shouldn't go to movies if they are going to be so upset over it. Like I said, I have seen much worse, but isn't real life much worse too. Oh please, it is a movie. I have seen so much worse and even though I didn't like seeing the boy suffer, all of the pain was significant to the plot. It wasn't exploitative or overly cruel. I at least finished Cult. I bailed out on Roanoke, Apocalypse and 1984. I only watched the premiere episode of 1984 and I was out. I at least watched 3 or 4 episodes of the other two I stopped watching. 1984 could be the worst, but I don't know since I only saw one episode and didn't like it at all. I live in that area of Connecticut and I must say that even though I don't necessarily get why the people are all so miserable, the depiction of people here was fairly accurate. Nonsense. View all replies >