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What character should have been a regular? No interest in seeing this Bullock playing a much younger woman... Loved in the 70's, not so much now... Frasier's Status Farting woman... Deserves more than a 5.8 I could have seen First Man or Venom... This season is worse than Roanoke. The chicks behind me... View all posts >


The comedy was out of place. It just made the situation seem not as dire as it actually was. Very strange indeed. I liked the movie and the message. Very thought provoking for sure. They screw us now and there is supposedly competition. The only people who are for this system are politicians and people who have great insurance. The rest of us are getting shit on by insurance companies. It has to stop. I agree. The system in the US does not work. More money for less care. I am tired of fighting with insurance companies and it will only get worse if something is not done. Another thing I have notice recently is white contestants say an answer after the buzzer and it isn't taken, while black contestants do the same thing and their answer is accepted. This is unfair. As I said before, I don't care who wins as long as there isn't cheating involved. It is so blatant too. Hell no. There is enough cheating that goes on with Family Feud. We don't need Jeopardy to become the new show for cheaters. I agree, the second movie wasn't very good. Different strokes I guess. Nice to see you froggy. I tried to rewatch the 3rd season, but I didn't get past episode 2. I will try again sometime in the future though. Talk to you soon. Yale for instance is a joke. I know so many people there who just shouldn't have been accepted. It is all about money and status there. Most of the students cheat their asses off during their years at Yale. Actually achieving something isn't held in high regard anymore. True, there were lots of bad things about season 2, but most of the first half was pretty good, then it turned bad, but once Windom Earle came in the picture, I thought the show found its legs once more. Season 3 The Return was very mixed also. Lots of greatness, but also a lot of filler that went nowhere. I loved how the season ended though and still hope for more to come. View all replies >