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So yeah... 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days I heard it is terrible. The OA is better A knock at Stranger Things. Will this bomb? Horrible trailers tonight... The jokes... What character should have been a regular? No interest in seeing this View all posts >


Hmmm, having fun? That is what having a gas means to me. Ha Ha. Yes it was. Quiz Show. Not sure what that means, but OK. lol, Is watched the season in 2 hours. 8 episodes, 15 minutes each. Wasn't a waste of time. Moved along fast. There can be new cast members mixed in with the older folk. Other shows have done it, so I don't know why Twin Peaks can't. Is it getting another season? OK, but the OP was talking about when it first came to theaters. Also, if you were old enough to see it in theaters, you would know that there was not that much hate for the movie back then. It made over 100 million dollars and that would not have happened, because word of mouth spreads fast. The hate for it has only increased as years have passed, due to the increase in these types of found footage films. People 20 years ago were more open to new and different movies, but millennials aren't that open to anything that might challenge their idea of what a movie should be. Clear and simple...Diane. I agree. Actually after Diane left the show started to slowly go downhill, but it was still good. Season 10 and 11 were really not good. Should have ended it with season 9. Oh come on. Were you alive in 1999? If you were, everyone knew what they were going to see. The hype for this movie was incredible. Just because of the found footage concept, people knew that it wasn't going to be a traditional horror movie. Also, the hate for this movie has only come about as the years go by, probably because there have been so many knock offs since. I honestly don't think there was a witch, so I don't know how we could have seen something that didn't exist. The movie is more psychological in tone. That is why I like it. View all replies >