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No air conditioning in Amazon facilities... Time constraints... This looks bad Guys hate him... Disgusting... Didn't know that it was so bad. Who is she? He looks like a jerk. How did Walt poison Brock? A good movie... View all posts >


All in the Family paved the way for a lot of shows. The first few seasons of both shows are the only ones to watch. After season 4 or 5 of both the shows changed and the quality dropped. I give All in the Family the edge, but both were quite good in their heydays. If it wasn't for those workers Amazon would be nothing. Maybe they all should get better jobs and put Amazon out of business. I'd love that even though it would never happen. Corporations have learned that they need to keep certain Americans down so they can oppress and benefit from the lower class. I've said enough about the issue. Just remember Karma is a bitch. Too bad Amazon wants to put their workers back to caveman times. I figured you had some connection to Amazon. Nothing else to say... I don't think anything I said to you was nasty. Not sure why you had to be. That is how people are these days I guess. Not all movies have to be entertaining. I thought the movie was an interesting, albeit depressing character study. I like all kinds of movies... whether they are entertaining or thought provoking. Everyone has a different idea of what movies should be. I love all kinds of movies, but some are more interested in a certain genre and don't care for any others. What works for some, doesn't work for others. Thank you. It's cool to deny the fact that the rich make work miserable for their employees. The people I know who told me this have no reason to lie about it. One of them is a Republican too, so it has nothing to do with politics. You existing is fake news. Actually Twin Peaks did capture the audiences attention in the first was big...really big. 36 million people watched the premiere episode. The problem with the show happened during its second season when people didn't care for the fact that Laura's killer wasn't revealed. The first season had great ratings and a lot of buzz. You might be too young, but I was in my late teens when Twin Peaks premiered and remember that it was a sensation in the first season. View all replies >