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This show is underrated Awful... The only OZ movie... I liked it... Real Reality Show Will this do as well as the first? No showering... I wish I could find the trailer. Why so long? New Yorkers... View all posts >


The island wasn't purgatory. You obviously didn't understand the ending. Don't feel badly though, because lots of people misunderstood the ending. Because there have been a bunch of new fans since the first season who seem to have lots of love for CW shows. I've seen the posts where they talk about who is going to end up with who and stuff like that. Very soapy CW type discussions. Fan service will ruin this show. Season 3 won't be that good because you have lots of CW fans out there who like their soapy kind of teen shows that the CW is famous for. Season 3 will be less like Euphoria and more like Riverdale. Most of the dicks aren't real anyhow. All the boobs are though. Equality? Should wait until Hell freezes over, IMO. RT did the same thing with The Avengers movies too. Too boring for most people. Not liking it so far. Seems like they are stretching things out. Also, the mystery with Christina Ricci and The Hobbit is not very interesting. This show had me hooked and now I am thinking of giving up on it. I will give it more time. I saw it today. Good episode. Good. View all replies >