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Great concept, bad execution... SNL Why do people... Turned it off... Carnival of Souls. This movie makes no sense... Alan Ruck worst music... So when Monday came... View all posts >


Obviously, they favor Trump. They only do that for Trump. I am sure the OP wastes hours online, so him complaining about losing an hour of his or her life is hilarious. Burton obviously can make a good movie, but some of them are quite bad while others are great. I agree, Ed Wood and Batman Returns are great movies, while Sweeney Todd is very good and Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice are good. The rest were quite disappointing, especially the Alice In Wonderland movies. Really his worst. People weren't as uptight as they are now? I don't know...maybe. I don't think it is going to happen. By the time they go through the process, he will be gone anyway. It wasn't unusual for a person to call their in-laws mom and dad. Things were different in the 70's. More family oriented back then. There are 12 days of Christmas. It ends on Jan. 6. Nothing can change a dullards mind. You are bastard people. Something like that. View all replies >