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Hillary was leading in the polls and look what happened. Polls mean nothing and the virus, BLM and being racist and sexist can't stop Trump. Trumps backers don't care and the Democrats hate Biden, so Trump will win once again. Get back to me on November 4th so I can have a laugh at your expense. No sense explaining it to you. Maybe because it isn't an Adam Sandler movie. Could be...I just don't fucking know. Why are you asking me this? I don't know you. It's about taste in movies and I don't know your background or what you like. And why are you asking people you don't even know why you don't like it. Jesus Christ. So the rest of us who enjoyed it can scratch our asses? Sorry dude, the world wasn't just made for you. Maybe next time you could read a few reviews so we don't waste our time having to listen to a regular guy whine. It doesn't have anything to do with her age or gender, but the fact that it occurs and is directed toward a child is a problem in my view. I guess we just see it differently. If this was happening to my daughter, I would be pissed like there is no tomorrow. Also, I am sure lots of these guys have daughters and would feel the same way if things that they say were directed toward their child. It's been dead since 2001. Certain episodes were still good after that, but most were not up to the earlier 90's episodes. The problem is that many people commenting aren't talking about the issues, but are discussing her looks, intelligence and personality. That is what is concerning. Why would you be interested in a child's views? That is the perplexing part. Middle ground? I agree. But why do you care? She has no power. View all replies >