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Questions about her...


I am not exactly sure what she was?

Was she a demon resurrected figure that slowly morphs back into a human as the story progresses?


Was she a molested child that survive her murder attempt and withdrew into the woods, killing everyone in her path and for some reason surviving by eating their flesh? And once she stopped eating rotten flesh, her body (and soul) slowly healed itself?

Was her scared face, a representation of how she saw herself? Or was it actually just insanely scared, and somehow healed rather perfectly as the movie progressed?

The lady with a gun specifically commented on her Halloween look, making me believe her demon face was real and not just a representation of her tormented situation. However, in the end, as she drives away her face is normal. I am confused? What was she?


Just watched the film. From my understanding. She was dead. The mom's boyfriend bashed her brains out with a snow globe. You can see she dies as she's buried alive.

She's undead. This is shown in a few scenes. Her hands are icy when she touches Alex. She has no feeling of pain when she burns her hand with the lighter.

I assumed things would go in a slightly different direction. I thought that Alex would slowly turn (you can see his darker side when he kills the lady) into a demon as they slowly switched roles.

Kind of glad it didn't go that way...

As for why she turned... Pet Sematary? :P


Thanx, I think you are right.