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I believe we have cracked it, Dr Strntz. [url][/url] I just looked at the clip to get some clarity. And apparently there is this other whole above the one he uses, that had been used before. However, it cannot be an issue as it was the height of the staff that matter in the story.... so I submit this: each hole represents on which date or day you do it - as the sun has slightly different positions. The nazi used the hole for Monday, Indy for Tuesday... perhaps? That whole hole-stone slap was perhaps a calendar. Purely speculations indeed, but it solves your mystery. No? hmmm. A box that kills is not usable? Truthfully we do not know anything about what is in the box. It is clearly an ancient magical force, and we know from the other movies such forces exist in this universe. And not all are Judaic. To me, it did not look like a God of good. Even the flying angles display daemon like characteristics. Though, it doesn't matter much IMO. What we do know that this box holds immense power. And we also know Indy cries to keep their eyes shut to not be vaporized.... why did he say this? I do not know, but it worked and if it worked because of this... ergo it means that it kills indiscriminately, provided one keeps their eyes closed... so truthfully all we know is that the box has destructive power and kills, unless you do not look upon its content. In other words, perhaps all the Nazi had to do was to smuggle it to Trafalgar Square and open it, and wait a few minutes while having their eyes closed... and if it only kills none-Judaic followers ... the Nazi could use it to clean out a lot of Russia, Africa, Middle-east etc. Indeed it did not like the Nazi symbol but knowing how vindictive the god of the old testaments was written, perhaps it just didn’t like anything except its own symbols... and London for one, is not old school Catholic or Judaic so who is to say what would really happen even in "Christian" communities like England ? But again, if less useful here, it would likely be effective in other places as mentioned above... Methodically, we could start by putting different people of different religions and faiths in front of it just to see what would happen when it is opened... that would be one way to learn more about who and why it strikes. To me, it seems anyone who views its content will perish. But again, idk. The scene at the Island would surely have been found by another team of researchers (it was near a Nazi military installation), and they would obviously see something quite powerful came from this ark... and so, I suspect, they would figure out how to use it somehow.... But I am sure glad the Nazi never found out how. I remember another hole that was quite clean, so perhaps they used this instead of the one he used. However, it doesn't really explain anything. Rather, I'd say the sand just accumulate rather quickly. It was after all in the desert and they did it quite a few days before Indy got there. Well, if we agree it kills non-Jewish. We agree it is potentially a devastating weapon..... are we disagreeing then? :o) Yes, if it was only a Nazi killer, the Nazi would want it. And the Allied would want it more. Sadly, in the end, the Allies were too stupid to understand, but that is not the fault of Indy. And yet, it was crucial our good guys kept their eyes shot. Had they not, they too would have been vaporized. I am not convinced it only kills bad guys, and neither were Indy, apparently. If it is indeed religious - we know the Judaic god hates symbols, so perhaps any symbol would have been burned off the crate - then perhaps it targets all other religions. Bring it to Russia, and most would be turned to dust. Heck, even London have mostly none Jewish there... anyway, the movie knew little about it, which is why Indy wanted to study it (or top men).... it was a weapon, pure and simple, that we know near nothing about. Except, don't look at it... keep your eyes shot. But, as I said, I wouldn't risk it. Any single group is inherently corrupt, either by in-the-box thinking like those from the industry, by friendships and polite votes or by mere vandalism, like what you mention audiences seem to be dominated by. And so, I wonder if a sort of mix and a higher degree of control would be a step up. And indeed, outsiders should be invited - for how else would the awards ever learn. How about a bix averaged from industry members, but all members, not just the high-rollers. Critics - national and international. And then perhaps an audience weight too, somehow.... however, corruption on some level, there undoubtedly will always be. Though, as it is now only a select group of industry insiders makes it a bit idiotic to me, and the Statue loses its value. We need some change there... PS: I like Ishtar, schyyyyy. [url][/url] I fell over this clip by chance. Interesting insight into how Miramax plays dirty when influencing the Oscars. View all replies >