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Rather, the way it was told is that the kid got disappointed because the toy did not perform like in the commercial. Like they never did, to be honest. Commercials are always unjustly perfect. The toy was fine. The boy's expectations were just unrealistic. And he was Duke, and the commercial was of Duke. Had they used Knievel, we would have gotten the same story, I think. Either they did not have the rights, or they chose a strong parallel like Duke - which, I believe, the Toy Story movies generally did with the several toys they gave life to. No, the commercial made it clear it was Duke Caboom. We know the woman lied. The question is about how much? It think her existence comes from this: AI realizes it needs human contact in its test to create the perfect Mother. It creates a person (we know it can increase growth/biological development of babies) and implant memories in her, and keep her at bay by the beach. Providing her with minimal survival stuff, a dog for company and when the timing is right, make her "seek refuge" and have it play out. This has merits for the following reasons: * She looks eerily similar to Daughter - hardly a coincidence by the scriptwriters. Almost as though they share genetic material (perhaps a failed daughter, with erased memory) * The names Woman mention comes from the same Bible story. It was not merely names from the bible, it was from the same bible tale. Like she just read a story and then used this as her "friends"... something fishy about that. The camera focuses twice at least on her crucifix (made from cotton, it seemed), which leads me to think it has significance. I do not believe it did this to show human still have faith (not really relevant here). It did this to show some deeper meaning in light of the story being told... when she mentions people who happen to have names from the same bible tale, and we see she holds a crucifix ... I think it is filmed/told like this to show us she is making stuff up. * Woman is gifted at drawing. Daughter is gifted at Origami... are the scriptwriters hinting that "Daughters" have creative abilities? They make a point out of both these abilities. Daughter origami things she has never experienced. Woman draws people she had never met. Also, Daughter leaves an Origami dog as their final communication. It was the first time, she had experienced one... * Ending monologue (from Mother) says Woman can't remember her mother (how would Mother know this? and why to emphasize this in the last spoken line of the movie). She was part of the training, and so, logically, she had to be fostered in a way that suited this plane. It seems too big a risk having a stranger come knocking, I feel. IDK. Having Woman be a complete fabrication, just seems more ingenious and sinister. I think there hints supporting a bigger connection. Besides, was she just a survivor, I find Mother's opening sentence in her final monologue misleading to this fact...and I suppose, I just like more the version, where Woman is a fabrication as well. :) Quite a few ask what the ending meant, so yes. It would seem so. Nope, it is all me. But I posted this on other places... But of course, I am curious if someone else worded it similar to me. If so, could you provide a link? okay, thank you for your contribution. This clip explains it well: True, by that comparison indeed. However, when I think about the Mummy, it always takes me back to Boris Karloff and his rendition. And here horror was in the high seat. I suppose it all depends on the reference. But still, I wouldn't say this Mummy is not outright scary... when it is surrounded by lighter comedic shenanigans, it takes away the impact of the scares. Tau? Is that you? This. Yep, Forbes Magasin frontpage; Thomas Alexander Upton... TAU. View all replies >