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holi $hit... Mads Mikkelsen rocks. Question about how Thanos came to the present Question abort Donna (spoilers) The chicken that could do math Poorly executed movie, let us be honest the movie has so many hints to the other movie monsters.... Great show, did not like the ending What a delightful movie Johnny Knoxville and his stunts The ending... how would you explain that? View all posts >


okay, thank you for your contribution. This clip explains it well: True, by that comparison indeed. However, when I think about the Mummy, it always takes me back to Boris Karloff and his rendition. And here horror was in the high seat. I suppose it all depends on the reference. But still, I wouldn't say this Mummy is not outright scary... when it is surrounded by lighter comedic shenanigans, it takes away the impact of the scares. Tau? Is that you? This. Yep, Forbes Magasin frontpage; Thomas Alexander Upton... TAU. They should have gone for a different fighting style (there is only one Wick, or so we thought). They were mirroring him too much, even that the dogs were cool as fuck. And used a badass actress that would scare you by her left eyebrow alone... not this petite sexy gal, who just can't deliver lines believably... Linda Hamilton ? Michelle Rodriguez? Noomi Rapace? Helena Boham Carter? .... they all act and kick ass. Halle does neither. ”now we are even” ”we are less than even”.... Christ, her line deliveries are bad. Thanx, I think you are right. Arhhh yes yes. I remember now. Thank you It was on himself:) View all replies >