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Question about friendly monster-werewolf? Just saw it...and noticed something... Steve Trevor and other questions.. Younger boy of the first siblings... his final scream of death is the best I have ever seen Question about the mother? Batman knowing Billy Question about the final ultimatum ? Betty Gilpin does the character oddly, and yet that's what works question: what was in the vial the tv producer accidentally broke with his bag? who was that girl (spoiler) View all posts >


Imagine your groceries would come knocking on your door from time to time. You would invite them in, let them get comfortable... “hey, feel free to hang around in my fridge, and get comfortable”, .... and hence come dinner timer, you would eat it. Similar thing here. He was driving a fancy car.... perhaps they changed something mid production or something... Of course, we can say his girlfriend was well off, and it was her car. Solved. One answer - true or not - could be that we see her envisioning his reading. Thusly the notebook Noah looks nothing like real-life Noah. Once she realizes she and he are the characters from The Notebook, we do not see the young couple again... I was thinking about just this. I haven't seen it in ages. And upon watching it just now, I realize the Kong is a monster in the movie. Sure he doesn't really harm her, but she never connected with him as the remakes make her... To her, and everyone else, he was just a monster, causing deadly mayhem everywhere he was. I wonder if it was an accident that we, the audience, ended up rooting for him and not the humans? Truth be told, the reason for his success nearly a hundred years later still, is that we want him to win... I wonder if the original storytellers wanted to portray a mundane monster or the antihero he has become? I don't think, though, that he had been a teacher for a long time. I remember the movie is telling us he lost his job at the time of his divorce and got this teaching job instead. The killer price was not a share. It was a fixed amount. So to get the largest share for themselves, the family (and wives) had to go. And that is what they did... As I remember it, she is shot the very moment she stabs her boyfriend in the eye- killing him. So, if we imagine a police officer looks through the window just then and there, and he sees her knife-hand in motion a split second away from stabbing the poor guy... Calling freeze or anything wouldn't save the “victim” as she was already in motion to harm him... However, action might? In such a case, if he only just sees the thrust... then, IMO, he should shoot first. It is the only way to potentially save the guy. .. Alas, she was still too quick. Perhaps, but this still leaves the question unanswered. Why did a seemingly normal family dad, a trusted member of society, become a monster? Who knows, but that dialogue just before his end and how the frogger acknowledges it by saying he didn’t care (not that it was an untruth) gives us an answer.... or kind of an answer. Exactly. It doesn't have to be so damn unbelievable. Movie fighting can be made well... we know this. Like in Atomic Blond. Wow, yes John Hillcoat would be a great choice too. View all replies >