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I agree. He does not have this much debt in the play. And the fact is that the movie wrote in his disapproving wife, who does not appear in the play, for no other reason than to give him more debt. His journey in this movie ends up being the best of the lot, and it was never (I dare say) the intention of William to make him appear more than a fool. But the movie did the character right. Now when you mention it, I don't recall what his agenda was? Naturally she recovered, but if the flames consumed her it explains why she never tested your machine :) And a good witch fire, burns like it is nobody's business.... While I agree it is not explored, it is heavily hinted that their existence is somehow divine, and if so, it stands to reason they can't be destroyed no matter the level of creativity. So given the source of their powers, it is not a natural mutation we can manipulate or play with or destroy. It is a divine power, destined by an otherworldly agenda. And deadly-ingenious-machines can never be a match... Anyway, why do they think they wanted to kill themselves? The lab cut little pieces from them, and they remained just that... so I don't think so. I think it is heavily hinted their purpose is somehow divine, and if so, it stands to reason they can't be replicated. There can be only one Andy, for example. And whatever happens to her, in whatever creative way it may happen.... she will return/regenerate somehow until her time is up. So again, given the source of their powers, I do not think the OP has a point or even the villain of the movie... it is not a natural mutation we can manipulate or play with. It is a divine power. Andy says she has been burned, so assuming flames consumed her, she was split up in lesser bits that your device, and she still returned. He puts all his victims in the freezer. Her body is the first in the freezer. Ergo, she is the first in his serial killing. Business is business, Winnetou. Big business is always and constantly on the edge of the law, where its gotta be.... bigger business is on the wrong side of the law. But it is all business. The difference between a gangster and a businessman; The businessman knows how to play the game legally. That said, the movie projected the half-billion investment would become up to 2 trillion, at frequency..... rules blur when the big T is on the horizon. And it was further assumed weed would soon be soon legalized, and having the fields and production capability would give him the first-mover advantage. Idk man, I liked him. He stole every scene he was in... though you do have a point. In T3 we see the aircraft is designed by humans. So if we can use that as any reference; when the Legion AI takes over, human military equipment looks more or less what we see. And if so, it is the other way around; the AI adapt so they can operate our equipment. View all replies >