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I liked the movie! (contains spoilers)

I just watched the movie today (2 pm screening in a mostly empty theater.) I enjoyed the movie and thought it was pretty fun.

Things that come to mind as I write this:

-I like the idea of a Terminator growing a conscience as it ages. Although I think this concept should have been further explored...what it means to be really "human" is a thought-provoking theme.

-Speaking of humanism, I also like the idea of an augmented human (i.e. transhumanism). But again, I think this idea should have also been explored more.

-All the actors and actresses had great performances. I liked the interaction between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. I really wanted to see Gabriel Luna's REV-9 be destroyed (like all the other enemy Terminators!)

-It was full of action that put me at the edge of my seat!