The Coroner
First Love

When a teenager is found dead at the foot of a tower, Detective Sergeant Davey Higgins believes it was a tragic suicide, but Coroner Jane Kennedy thinks there is more to the case than meets the eye.

typical stupid western tv show (even movies) that teaches kids to fight against the parents, and this stupid modern behaviour is promoted to the world that even other cultures are starting to adapt this corrupted behaviour

1. slut daughters gets pregnant and wants to run away leaving the dad by his lonesome self, SLUT!!

2. STUPID western show as always having sex and drinking at a young age, just like in america, eg. house m.D a teen boy says "french kissing is where you stick your tongue in a girls mouth and run your tongue up and down her teeth like you're painting a fence"

3. stop sexualising kids in western culture by promoting dating, kids SHOULDN'T be dating, dating equals sex

"duh no it doesn't, kids can go on movies you know" then thats not bf/gf now is it, thats just "FRIENDSHIP" in general, the point of being a bf/gf is to take the relationship to the next level i.e sex

4. useless cop gets punched in the face and only could handcuff the possible assailant due to the wife smacking the husband in the head (she thought she killed her son) PATHETIC!! are british cops stupid??

5. father of the pregnant daughter says "i wanted her to abort the pregnancy, it'll ruin her life" stupid cop replies "now thats not your decision is it now"

THE FARK!!! yes it is!!! she's HIS daughter, he raised her since she was a tiny thing in his arms. STupid western culture is always like "you can't tell the teen what to do, all you can do is let them do their thing and if they get in trouble be there for them" i.e let them live their own life

NO ITS NOT!! the point of the parent/ADULT is to GUIDE the child down the right path, to use YOUR life experiences in growing up, morals/ethics and passing that on to the next generation.

What is wrong with you people?!?! this is why your kids are having sex as young as 10, getting in fights EVEN with teachers (where the teachers AREN'T allowed to fight back) then upload it online


Someone needs to get laid...


I sympathize with your rant. I'm appalled at the parent-child relationships on TV shows, especially cop shows. Are kids REALLY that snotty and rude to their parents in real life? Actually, I'd rather the shows be strictly procedural and leave the families and boyfriends out of it. But that's not gonna happen.

I also agree that there's too much sex, although this show is far from the worst offender in that regard.