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Casablanca 2? cocaine aspirin So tell me ... Jeremy Portobello Road Just my imagination? Bill's sister This profession may not be reputable but I am. Peoria? What the? View all posts >


Aren't they evicting palestinians? Someone in Detroit called me a blue-eyed devil. I just passed by and went about my business. Suspense "Where There's a Will" with James Mason. My cousin was born in 1945. His dad was in WWII. I never understood that either but was hesitant to ask. There are a lot. One was "R. W. Collins" who stole money and parachuted out of a plane. Any resemblance to D. B. Cooper? And then there was one about a foreign leader who came to the USA for hospital treatment, kinda like the Shah of Iran? Just like Monk, Murder She Wrote, but not "Columbo" since Columbo WAS the inspector. I was a maximum of 17 in the 70s (Born Jan 15, 1963). It was a good time. 80's too. Lol, I entered a year ago. I forgot what this is in reference to, or the movie ;-) btw one of the people in my facebook friend's cousin played her. Not on Enterprise I think but in one of those shows. I asked to be introduced but no such luck. Oh yes, inded Enterprise, but at a different time period. Different actress. Younger. Most Excellent View all replies >