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Inquiry about the pop gun scene (spoiler)

-After Linda had been traumatized by very recent events, why in the world would she sit in her room and shoot a pop gun into a dark closet. What purpose could she possibly have. She tryin' to reel in a devil?

-When Mr Mullins asked Sister Charlotte about the figure in her picture, why did she not wonder why there was all of a sudden, a very eerie 4th character in a photo that had never been there before. And btw, why was it there and what did it have to do with her.

-In the end, what did these girls tell those unqualified cops to get them to go into a room to look for a girl that was possessed by the devil. Or did they even tell them?

I enjoyed the movie. I thought all the girls did a great job with their acting. It's just little things that sometimes don't seem plausible.


With regards to your second point, I suspect they’re setting up something for another film. There was a lot of information (Romanian nuns, cloistered, etc) that didn’t really mesh with the A:C storyline. It wasn’t a huge distraction for me personally, but I marked it as something that they might come back to in another film.