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Was okay. but couldn't get past differences in physical attractiveness

A poor Jon Favreau is not going to receive affection from a wealthy Sophia Vergara. Also, is not going to bed a Scarlett Johansson.


It was in the dialog -- it was made very clear that she wasn't always rich-- she got her money in the divorce from the Rob Downey Jr character

And...Carl wasn't always overweight. It was right there in the whole thing from the critic. We're actually told in the script that Jon Favreau's character had gained that weight since the divorce.

In real life too, Jon Favreau didn't always look like that. He was quite sexy back in the day.

This stuff combined with the fact that yes women DO look past physical looks to other attributes that appeal. Sorry but that can and does happen. It's not just a fat middle aged Hollywood filmmaker's wet dream.

There are ordinary couples like this. I wasn't thought to be too far off goodlooking as a young woman, and I dated guys where other people were actually rude enough to take a look at me, take a look at my guy, and ASK me: "What the hell are you doing with that ugly schmuck?" Seeing nothing that I actually saw in the guy. (And no not money -- I've actually never dated a well-off man in my entire life. I've always gone for the artistic losers, lol).

I've been in love with a man twice Favreau's size in this movie. We had tons in common, he made me laugh, we were best friends and he was great in bed.


life isnt like this, it doesnt happen


Have you seen Jon Favreau's wife, Joya Tillem? He doesn't have any problem attracting hotties.

But I loved John Leguizamo's impression of Sofia Vergara: "I want your beeg plantooonnnnn..."


You are correct sir!