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It has been said that there is a little wanton in every woman. And another thing, men don't kiss whores on the mouth for the obvivious reason. Too mousey! You are correct sir! "Capt. Rickson is an example of the fine line that exists between heroes and psychopaths!" Several Semitic or Jewish actresses were pretty and cute when they were young, but aged badly. Bacall, Ina Balin, Janet Margolin, and Debra Winger come to mind. They were mostly Canadians! So am I. I think she is hot! I think it's at Patriots Point, Charleston SC. I flew from San Francisco to Hawaii in 1967 in a C-54 which is the same as the DC-4 while in the Nacy Reserves. Flying time was 12+ hours to and 11+ from. 4ucking aye! View all replies >