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Was she gay? The idle Rich Too P.C. Blood Convoluted – that was the title should be! (Spoilers) Natalie and David Topless Scene Women The "TNs" Unrealistic The Actual MASH Unit. View all posts >


She doesn't do anything for me! Good for you! Taking a bite out of the feces in the pool! I know a guy from the Navy who told me everyone was getting sex in high school. He went to a Christen university and said nobody was getting sex at the school. So what! That was the way it was! I agree. I couldn't keep up with it! The other guys were the communists. Asians are the most racist people in the world! Why is it mostly black man and white woman? Are black women inferior? A draft dodger is positive? It is all BS anyway. If his brother was killed in Viet Nam, they wouldn't send him too! View all replies >