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But how do you live? If you are supposed to be dead, what can you do? Can't drive, use an airline, go to the doctor. You would have to assume someone else's identity. And whose body did you use for the suicide? Agreed If it was a remake, they would have the captain a black guy with the white girl and some type of gay crap thrown in. Just a movie. A very, very bad movie! No way! I thought it stunk! If the worlds were in parallel, they would have left for the other Earths at the same time. If Rhoda 2 had gone to school and was successful, she would have no reason to visit Earth1! Most men don't want a woman who jumps into bed the first date. If you do, don't be surprised if she cheats on you later. Why would Rhoda2 come to Earth1? If there was no crash on Earth2, Both Johns would want the same family. That would never work. View all replies >