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Things that ruined it for me. (in 4 points)

This started really good. But it deteriorated right after they start chasing her.

They are supposed to be in the middle of the woods, yet there are these perfect circular spotlight shots right on them. The moon can't give this sort of lighting... the whole forest set looked artificial as fuck.

Jameson is unconscious. And he wakes up.... standing up on a narrow piece of tree stump... is neck in a tight noose... barely keeping his balance, risking falling at every moment. BUT HE HAD NO PROBLEM KEEPING HIS BALANCE WHILE SLEEPING...! UPRIGHT!

And how did he get there? I'm sorry for all the SJW and the wokes out there but there's no way this little girl lifted him up there. This is Bjorn from Vikings that we're talking about! Some of you may say it was her trainer but the way the scene was made, he appears just after it's done and says "Good job". He didn't help her with anything.. there's no reason why he would have helped her just for the final touch as Jameson was already out.

Finally, I know it has been said already but you'd think that a girl all dirty, bruised and bloody would a cause a commotion inside a little town restaurant like that.

I found one possible explanation that I don't quite believe myself to explain all this. She too drank a bit of the drugged alcohol mixture that she made the others drink. But I doubt all these inconsistencies where due to that on purpose by the film makers. If it was.. it was poorly made.

I still kind of like the movie but it could have been waayyy better. The fight scenes were not terrible either.