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A message for Christopher Nolan fans

I am one of you. But don't kid yourself. Look deep within, bypass your desire to tell everyone you know that this is his best one yet (we both planned on doing so before we even saw the film), and take solace in the fact that you know the truth. The one truth. That this movie sucks.

Truly, if you are one of the surprisingly many that enjoyed this film, I can deduce that you would also enjoy 3 hours of paint drying if directed by this man. You'd see it in 70mm and would persuade anyone else who will listen to endure the same pain for the coming weeks. Let's cut our losses. It's ok, we'll get em next time.


It doesn't suck. But Nolan adds nothing to it. I feel like the same movie could've been made by any other director and be as good... and maybe 1 hour shorter.