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Los Angeles has fallen? At least they didn't update it like "Maleficent " Thanks to Endgame.. Smell-O-Vision Terrible name Story would only make sense the other way around Looks like "X - Men: Logan" Why an androgynous terminator? View all posts >


Hopefully you're being sarcastic Bingo And at the.beginning her sister did the self-sacrifice too Yeap And he was a famous actor or something You're an idiot Just because it is a remake does not mean it is bad Yeap, like agents of shield having no influence at all in the movies That moron has a funny laugh Also similar, after returning it, does the next person needs to do the ritual too? See 70 reasons to hate Revenge of the Sith ( **The Shabbiest Jedi** Mace Windu decides, after getting information from Anakin, that he is going to confront and arrest Chancellor Palpatine. He picks as his helpers what would appear to be three of the shabbiest Jedi he could find. >**Saesee Tiin** Saesee dies immediately. He is technically ranked as a 'Master,' though you wouldn't know it the way he holds his lightsaber in the manner most would hold a vacuum cleaner, yet uses it to even less of a defensive advantage. The novelization goes into great albeit unnecessary detail about how he had two horns but one got cut off in combat but had grown back perfectly so that one could not even tell. This makes one wonder why the horn being cut off was even brought up in the first place. >**Agen Kolar** Kolar lasts a second longer than Tiin, but wields his lightsaber even less expertly. By this point, the viewer is wondering if Mace even bothered to find *Jedi* to accompany him to Palpatine's office, or if he just rounded up some panhandlers along the way and handed out lightsabers. >**Kit Fisto** Kit Fisto is everyone's favorite Jedi whose name sounds like a bizarre sexual fetish. We know Kit Fisto is going to put up *some* fight based on his major role in the *Clone Wars* cartoon series. However, while Fisto does great things in the cartoon fighting alongside the Mon Calamari and using his lightsaber underwater his technique in the movie seems to more closely resemble that of a frightened, blind gimp than a Jedi Master. Fisto just holds out his lightsaber with a look of total panic on his face. His notoriety from the *Clone Wars* series appears to only buy him a few extra seconds of screen time before finally being struck down. It's apparent that the intent of this scene was to show how powerful Sidious is. Unfortunately, it fails for two reasons: 1.) We haven't really seen these Jedi do anything worthy of note. Aside from Keep wasting your life praising jebus Lol, nice try View all replies >