Guy Pearce ...........

should have played the cop. a casting error.


Except he'd never be INNOCENT enough for that role that COLIN had -- due to GUY having been in LA CONFIDENTIAL -- (where he also had the same kind of a part as COLIN had -- where he was also an INNOCENT COP who fell in love with the same girl as the other cop (Russel Crow) was seeing).


His character was probably meant to show a brighter future for Mare whenever she was ready. Liked him but was not happy he chose to ignore her instead of ease out of a conversation with the ladies chatting with him upon her arrival. Loved her putting the pate in the sofa seat while she waited for him to come see her at the party. Show did have some comedy in it, especially Jean Smart.


Yeah the way he treated her by IGNORING her after inviting her to be there was EXTREMELY RUDE.

But she also got even with him for that by going out with Colin instead of Richard on his birthday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If this show gets RENEWED for a 2ND SEASON the same way as BIG LITTLE LIES did, then I could see them back together again one year later after his contract is up.

And I could also see him promoting another Best Selling Book again, this time one called LADYHAWK.

The problem with his character is how they say Guy wasn't suppose to have this role at all and was only in it because someone else had a conflict with doing the part because they were also doing something else.

So if the show gets another SEASON, then maybe they could also create a more COMPLEX character than the one that we've gotten this season (someone's who's basically just there for a supporting role or as a way to make her life brighter and not as depressing as it would be without him)???

Because it also seems like his talent was wasted by having him portrayed the way that he was in the show???