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I kinda liked it; worth one look at least

Just watched it here for the first time in full. I’m 45 and a big fan of John Carpenter movies, but never seen this movie completely, only saw bits and pieces before because of its many negative reviews. And now I see why it was panned down, yeah, it’s pretty bad, but I still liked a couple of things though. I liked the narrative structure, it was kinda original for an action movie to tell a story from each character’s flashback - that didn’t hurt the movie in my opinion, because it was simple, but effective tying up the loose parts.

There was one big action scene towards the end of the movie that I liked. When heroes face the “horde” of bad guys and how they mowed them down - that was actually fun - that reminded me of the zombies in World of War Z game (not the movie) mindlessly attacking the survivors.

But yeah, sadly the movie is still bad no matter how you cut it. I can get it that everyone’s expectations were much higher knowing that it’s John Carpenter’s movie.