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I see I’m very late to the post, but whatever...Oh, the music, lol, it was something else. It’s beautiful, but still feels out of place in this movie in my opinion. I could’ve sworn too that I heard it from one of those Italian cannibal movie, can’t remember which one, it had to be the Jungle Holocaust maybe. I actually liked hearing it here, for to me it was more of a homage at this point since I’ve only just seen Mark Of The Devil now. Moreover, the music was just overused a tad too much. It was melancholic to me, but not sad enough or erie, bad choice in any case. Agreed. This was totally misplaced and overused too. It made me laugh out loud on hearing it for like sixth time. And indeed it was in Hobo movie too, at least it was only one time there in the opening credits. I just watched it for the first time on Tubi. I love Tubi. Sometimes you can find there some hidden gems and it’s free. Not a bad film, but not great either. The direction wasn’t good here, but plenty of gore. Witchhammer which is Czech film is much better film with a serious tone and better directed with minimum gore. I’d give this one solid 7/10. But there’s a better witch hunt movie Witchhammer. Check it out on Prime if you haven’t seen it. I had no idea 🤷‍♂️. But the movie is great indeed, probably better than the 51’s The Thing that I haven’t seen, but can’t say the same for Carpenter’s version - it’s like comparing apples and oranges - both movies are great. To me Horror Express is a horror classic. The music, atmosphere, the claustrophobic setting. Great plot device to have that “alien” being loose on the train. It all made work. Great British horror thespians together Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing that all added to this masterpiece. I just watched it and it’s unintentionally hilarious. I liked it. Yeah, this film was fun. I’ll definitely be coming back to it from time to time, it’s worth repeated views. That’s a good review Oratia! I’m only here two years later ))) Consider yourself lucky seeing it on Netflix because we here across the pond didn’t get this treat. I’ve been waiting to see it since it came out, but only got the chance now on Amazon Prime. Yeah, I agree on all points you said. The film is definitely good, entertaining, beautifully shot and deserves more popularity. I also like Ray Stevenson, he’s a good actor. Loved him since Rome series. I find certain charm in such isolation movies like this. They don’t come like dime a dozen but thankfully lately there have been a few of such movies released. The other ones that I watched were The Vanishing and The Lighthouse which I recommend seeing. No, would’ve never guessed. I liked her ...ehh... performance in this film. Wow, I had no idea he’s such a douche. I gotta check out this commentary. View all replies >