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You make me wanna see this movie again, lol. I remember there was another crazy looking dude who was dressed as ninja. In the very beginning of the film during the hunt when he takes his mask off he looks crazy. Yeah, I agree. I just finished reading the book and it’s much better. They needed to make a longer movie, like at least 3 hr long or turn it into miniseries. Well, I only go by imdb page. Production Status: In Development. That’s all I know. I realize it’s not much info and it’s been like that for years, but at least it’s a sliver of hope. That’s good to know. Thanks. Great underrated movie. Need to get the blu-ray then. This is too bad. Someone need to do interview with Sly about this movie while he’s still alive. I bet he’s got some more interesting stories to tell. This movie is kinda overlooked and deserves more or we will lose all those moments like tears in the rain. There’s a similar movie and also set in gulag. Called “Lost in Siberia”. Highly recommend it. It’s on Youtube now, you’re in luck: It’s been a long time. The movie seems to be still in production though. Hopefully it will see the day of release. Yeah, true, but still beautiful though even without the makeup she looked like the girl next door type. Just watched it and was wondering myself. I guess it’s a body double. They didn’t show her face only her backside so it could be anybody. Yeah, saw it when I was like 12 years old and it was scary to me back then as well. Didn’t notice much goofiness or dodgy sp.effects. It was pretty atmospheric. View all replies >