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What was its budget? Surprisingly still holds up well. Good memories. Love the opening credits What was priest sick of? Has some moments Happy birthday Thea! Great show Good documentary First! Your favorite fight from the movie? View all posts >


Because Ruthie is a slut? It went to my local discount “dollar” theater here in the US. I went to see it today and could barely sit through it. What a heap of steaming garbage! They screwed up so bad on so many things it’s embarassing. That’s actually a pretty neat idea. Someone needs to get on this. I played Dino Crisis 1 and 2 but never passed any of those games. They were hard. Omfg it really did! I hated it! I was thinking before maybe it had something others had missed or has some redeeming quality, but no. I couldn’t believe that it was that bad as I was watching it. I think I realized half way through the movie. It was just doing so many things wrong. There was nothing that we haven’t seen before and even that was done better in other films. Just a lost opportunity. I think a better seasoned director needed for this one. As much as I hate what Anderson had done to the franchise but at least his movies had certain style and flare. They looked good at least. Oh, alright, thanks for the reply. A good question. I wonder too, but I think even the creators of this movie don’t really even know it themselves. (Maybe check out the commentary track?) They just passed the buck onto us so we would scratch our heads. Thanks. Well, I just watched it and there was not enough shit in it for me to enjoy it. Lol. Wow, you make me wanna check it out! I have to agree with you. Very good miniseries indeed. I’m almost done watching it and to my surprise I don’t even want it to end yet. Feels a bit short, but only because it’s so good. Oh, yeah and Colon Ferrell was great in it. He embodied that character so well that I was forgetting that it was really Farrell and not somebody else. Yeah. I watched it and liked it too. Also a good documentary. View all replies >