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Good music, fun little movie Dunkirk meeting Saving Private Ryan and Titanic Fun movie Lauren Lapkus (Missy) looks a bit like young Uma Thurman Fun little movie with good performances Richard Norton Pleasant surprise with two actors from American Ninja. Great first name Pamela Anderson cameo I fast forwarded to thee 59th minute to see Maria Conchita Alonso View all posts >


Haha, I’m watching this movie right now! So far so good. I like it. You can watch it too if you have Amazon Prime in the US. It was good silly movie. Made me laugh quite a few times. I’ve seen worse. I’d give 8/10. Glad that it wasn’t too long. Good thoughts there Shounenbat. I agree we don’t have many movies about antiquity. They come rare these days and the trend will probably go on as scarce since usually they don’t do so well at the box office. This movie bombed because it’s not for an average viewer. I don’t even remember having any ads running during its theater release here in the states. I missed it. But now watched it with great pleasure. Damn sad ending though. Yep. Very memorable scene. Especially if you’ve seen it when you were 12. The music reminds me of some old exploitation Italian horror flicks and band Goblin. Yeah, I don’t like this either. I think Wahlberg would’ve been more suitable to play Sam Drake ( Drake’s brother) at least than Sully. Wahlberg is not suave and not gentlman-like to play subtle Sully. Leviathan(1989) Nice. Interesting story. Kinda ironic that the movie is dealing with the machines and electricity and you got the bulb burnt out :) I saw it in the movie theater too, and it was fine. I saw it in full and quite enjoyed it. Good movie. Now just revisited it again and the sp.effects still holding up good. I agree it’s underrated genre. I just rewatched it and after 20+ years it’s still holding up well at least in the sp.effects. I don’t understand while it was not critically well received at the time of the release. It suffered the same box office demise as Deep Rising a year earlier. Leviathan from 1989 was also the box office bomb, but the sp.effects sucked in that movie so I can understand. This is a popcorn flick and in retrospect had it been released in the summer of 1999 I think it could’ve done much better. It could’ve competed with Deep Blue Sea handsomely. These two movies would’ve complimented each other drawing people to the movies. I’d say it was a bad marketing decision releasing it in the dead of the winter. Exactly. And what the hell made him scream and lose his balance? What the hell did he see in there? Another mermaid? xD View all replies >