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Yeah. Hacksaw was definitely more evil though. I had no prior knowledge of their crimes before watching this movie and it hit me like a ton of bricks once they revealed their wrongdoings. Some slick filmmaking there from Mr. Stiller. I think the actor only nailed his looks, but not his voice. Whenever I heard Lyell speaking it sounded as if Adam Sandler was doing a skit on SNL. HELLLLOOOO!!! :) I remember specifically not wanting to see it, because I thought it would be stupid or boring so I skipped it, but now realizing after seeing it for the first time that it’s not so bad and actually would’ve been great seeing it at the theater. Same mistake I’ve done with Deep Rising movie. Thanks. That’s nice to hear. That’s great, lol. How old were you when you saw it? I must have been like 10 or 11, but I saw it at home on VHS. Lucky you seeing it at the theater. Yes, indeed. I just watched it and also was also entertained thoroughly. A well made documentary. Some crazy stuff, and it all happened in not so distant past. I thought how many similarities or references ran across my mind as I was watching it like GTA Vice City game and Scarface movie. It’s like reality is stranger than fiction. I think it’s just a matter of time until this story will be turned into a full-feature movie. I guess i’m too late to the party. Just heard that line in the movie. Funny. Nice marathon you had and good movie selection. Makes me wanna own them all on blu-rays. I only got The Perfect Storm on DVD and just rewatched Poseidon again. Poseidon was still a lot of fun even though it was lacking in character development, but that’s what made the movie’s pace quick, it didn’t spend any extra time on yapping, it was all about action and that’s why it’s good in its own right. I know it’s an old post, but still. He did it finally! Who would’ve thought that he would do it. Even he himself was doubting about another Rambo movie. But I think Sly’s competitive spirit took over him and once he saw Arnold preparing for another Terminator film. So now it’s coming out in less than three weeks! Psyched! Just saw the movie. This scene is well choreographed and more importantly well shot. It’s nice to see that they put in some real work and avoided all the shaky camera and quick edited shots that plague cinema so much these days. That’s what made it more enjoyable to look at. View all replies >